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Martha27's Avatar Martha27 04:25 PM 06-03-2014
I want to start buying work books and supplies for the kids to start homeschooling in August/September. Can anyone recommend some good sites that offer a variety of curriculum and different books?

teastaigh's Avatar teastaigh 04:57 PM 06-03-2014
Rainbow Resources is one of the longest running ones, and I still like them.

I order a lot from Oak Meadow and Chinaberry too. For math, I get the best prices from Amazon.

stormborn's Avatar stormborn 05:24 PM 06-03-2014
I've had great luck on ebay and craigslist. Prices are usually cheap enough that if we try it and it doesn't work for us I can just resell.
Don't forget the library!
Momma2Merrell's Avatar Momma2Merrell 04:52 PM 06-08-2014
Zaner-Bloser has good materials for language arts. We also use an online program called 'time for learning' and I'd recommend it to anyone that wants to utilize the computer. Allot of people like saxton math. Amazon has good prices on saxton, just be sure you pay close attention to what you're getting. You need a teacher guide and students books. We also ordered some stuff from National Geographic that has been great for map skills and geography. I've also picked up stuff here and there. I have not used Oak Meadow, but I've looked over their selection. It looks like they have a great curriculum and programs
Good luck on your homeschooling journey
AAK's Avatar AAK 10:34 PM 06-08-2014
If you have a list of things, it sometimes works in your favor to use Rainbow Resource because you can get free shipping. For my oldest, I use Amazon a lot now because she is using high school level texts and they are often available used (and least expensive) on amazon. I get my science from REAL Science odyssey (Pandia Press) and I order that directly from them when they have a sale. They just had one (30% off) and they usually have one at the beginning of the school year.

Homeschool buyers co-op sometimes has great deals; I usually check it out before I place my order elsewhere just in case they are having a special.

Homeschool classifieds is ok. Usually people try to get too much for their stuff, but the prices usually include shipping and if you know how much you would pay elsewhere, you can be a savvy shopper and get it done there.

Barnes and Noble offers homeschoolers free educator cards. This gets you a 20% discount on most things.

ayme371's Avatar ayme371 12:14 AM 06-09-2014
Before I ever buy anything I look for the book and then I search for the specific book on one of the sites that you can buy super cheap...books for pennies, used books cheap and similar sites and can get awesome deals for literally pennies.

The are also sites you can download from that are run by teachers and they put out some great stuff. , there is an eBay store called Academics Store that has record keeping aids and stuff. - great spot. , www.Maria' , , , , ,

Those are some good places to get started. You can also go onto many of the websites that have free teacher resources that you an print out. I also use the app Pintrest. You can find some awesome ideas there and then there are tons of links to can get overwhelming. .almost more than you can use. I would honestly start with pintrest and go from there. You might find one stop shopping that's free.

Have fun!!!
Martha27's Avatar Martha27 07:50 PM 06-10-2014
Thanks for the helpful replies. I have most of the books I want to start with all picked out and just need to deal hunt now! I had heard of the Rainbow site and found they had good prices. I will check out some of the other sites mentioned and thanks for the tip at Barnes and Noble, that's good to know