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anythingelse's Avatar anythingelse 12:16 AM 07-10-2002
That is what the sign hanging over our heads said as we walked into Walmart. My kids then had to find a calendar, and double check to see the number of days, debate on who would care and why, then ask the poor customer service lady about Walmart's customer comment policy because they were planning on writing a letter about the lack of school supply in the summer. (Ds #3 had wanted some color pencils they were out of.) As we left, the kids were making up a song about 51 days of personal freedom left for young americans. All this for a pack of Crayolas.

ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 12:17 AM 07-10-2002
That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 01:05 AM 07-10-2002
That is just too funny.
Kylix's Avatar Kylix 01:44 AM 07-10-2002
51 days of personal freedom for young americans... :LOL

breathingmom's Avatar breathingmom 04:03 AM 07-10-2002
I love it! What a great story!! Jill