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Does anyone use Explode The Code for phonics AND spelling??

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I have been doing this.
I don't like it.
I have to do so much work, and I often write down the same word two or three times! Dd thinks it's funny, but I am getting frustrated, and considering buying a spelling program.
With ETC, I really have no idea what level she is spelling at. She is spelling at the ETC 5 and is using ETC 6 for phonics(which is actually too easy for her)...I will probably rush her through to ETC 7 next week.

Any suggestions,advice??

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We use ETC off and on. Why are you using 2 levels at the same time? That would drive me bonkers.

My 8 year old isn't doing a formal spelling program at this time. She does copy work and dictation; her spelling words come from her spelling errors. I've heard good things about Spelling Power and we may try something like that at some point.

If your DD doesn't really need the ETC for reading, but they work well for spelling, why not just stick with the one she needs for spelling and drop the other one? Once kids have the basics on phonics, you really don't have to keep studying it. It is a subject with an end point.

I think ETC is a great first spelling program! I think for my DD she needs more practice putting it all together right now, rather than learning to spell more and harder words.
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I guess it does sound funny that we would be using 2 different levels at the same time.

It came about when I switched to a classical curriculum......I was doing the same before....copywork and dictation.

Then dh thought we should do formal spelling with her, as it would also improve her writing and reading. I was about to order a spelling program, when I read on this thread(I think) that ETC could be used as a spelling program.

So I went back(oldest child syndrome I guess) to make sure I hadn't missed anything with her. So! Even though she was *doing* ETC for phonics, she was levels ahead of where I started her with spelling. Dh and I thought it would also improve her reading and writing by going all the way to ETC level 8. She *loves* ETC, so it isn't her issue.

It is always so vague with spelling/phonics programs as far as labeling a grade. So if she is doinf ETC 5 for spelling, is that considered 5th grade? If she is now using ETC 6 (7 next week) does that mean that she is doing phonics(and reading?) at the 7th grade level?

It is too confusing. I talked to dh about it, and he felt that we should go ahead and get her a spelling curriculum....costs a little more, but my time is worth more than it takes to write out all those words!!!

Thanks for replying,
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ETC is not lined up to grade levels. The only place I've seen it assigned levels was in the Sonlight cat. They use ETC 1-3 for first grade and ETC 4-6 for 2nd grade. So I would say that 7-8 would be about 3rd grade.

I agree about buying what ever makes it easier for you. What spelling program are you thinking about?
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Thanks Linda,
That makes sense to me. The program I am looking into is "Spelling Workout" by MCP. I've heard it is a challenging program, so I will have to check into how to go about getting her the right level.

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okay, now I am looking at Megawords:THe Multisyllabic Approach to Spelling. It is the next *step* to ETC. And It continues phonics. I could drop phonics at any time. Dd is a very strong reader. But she enjoys ETC, and I ahave a feeling that she would enjoy the spelling program that follows it! It starts at 4th grade, but I think dd is ready for it. I'm going to have her finish the ETC 5&6 for spelling, then add in this program.

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