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Earth Angel's Avatar Earth Angel 12:12 AM 02-16-2005
Does anyone here work full time and at home or out of the home? I work 12 hours a week (4, 3 hr days) in the office and the rest of my 32 hr work week at home....I don't homeschool now (I have a 4 yo in a Wladorf pre school and a 9 mo ol dhtat works with me) but have always been drawn to it.
My biggest complaint was that there was no homeschool group in our town....and now my good friend has started, now my only excuse is that Dh thinks it would be too much when added to us working full time....just looking for experience with this situation as the homeschooling families I know, mamma doesn't work out of or in the home (aside from mothering and teaching of course!!!!!)

ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 12:17 AM 02-16-2005
I don't have a job outside the home but I can tell you that, esp. in the early years, actual sitting down and homeschooling doesn't take a lot of time. If you don't plan to unschool then a kindergartner would only take about 45 minutes of "school" time. The rest can be used by the child to do exploring on their own. I feel that if you provide children with the proper tools they can really discover things on their own. We do take time out once every couple of weeks to do something with our homeschool group. I don't know if your job would allow for that. And, of course, we spend tons of time at the library but that can be done in the evening.

Good luck!
Earth Angel's Avatar Earth Angel 03:28 PM 02-16-2005
Thanks ekblad7+ I definately agree withthe "on their own discovery" you talk about....for me it is even more meaningful when I discover things on my own!

I feel that with my schedule that it wouldn't be a big deal at all.....but Dh thinks it would just put me over the top...and maybe he is right...maybe there are things I am not thinking about??? I work in the afternoons after Dh is done and only for 3 we'd have the morning and a bit of the Dh is a great teacher and can do things after he gets the kids too (he isn't opposed to this).....The things I worry about are:
Get togethers with others that might start at the time we are getting ready to go to work
What about when they are much time do you realistically spend on "school stuff" especially if you are unschooling (which is what we'd be leaning toward)?
Feeling overwhelmed myself with the kids, the house work AND now do you keep it all together??

Any advice would be helpful...
I feel very drawn to homeschooling/unschooling and will not have my kids in public school. I love the waldorf inspired schoolDs is in now but Nanna is footing the tab on this and when 9mo old Ds is ready for school it would be $1000 plus per month and I hate to ask her for that.....
mom at home's Avatar mom at home 03:01 AM 02-18-2005
oops, double post
mom at home's Avatar mom at home 03:06 AM 02-18-2005
I homeschool (unschool, actually), go to school myself, and work from home. It's a little crazy. I feel that it's not a great schedule for my dd and that my busy schedule isn't really fair to her, but she's okay with it, esp. when the alternative is going to public schoo, which she did for 2 yrs and hated.

She has a fair bit going on herself. She's on a swim team and goes to practice 3 afternoons a week, goes to the gifted and talented program through the public school one morning a week, does dance class one afternoon a week, hangs out with the homeschooling family around the corner and takes various classes at the museum. And this month does a day of snowboarding with a homeschool group at the local ski area. The time she is at home she is very content to read, read, read, which is one of her favorite activities.

She would rather that I wasn't so busy, but after being a full-time mom for going on 10 years, it's time for me to start on something for myself. I'm currently taking the prereqs for nursing school and will start nursing school next January. That will be majorly full time, so I have no idea what we will do at that point. One day at a time for now...

One thing that helps is that she is 9.5 and old enough to stay home for shortish periods by herself. That makes less running around for her when I'm really busy. I also have a 7 yr old dd who goes to school. She loves school and goes to a really awesome one classroom school (K-2), child-directed, with an amazing teacher. So, I only have one to manage hsing with and she's old enough that we have flexibility.
Debraprs's Avatar Debraprs 04:30 PM 04-15-2006
Hello I'm new to this forum but I can tell you that it is possible to work fulltime and homeschool as well. But it is a challenge! My sons are 11 and 13 and somewhat able to do some schoolwork idependently but it also doesn't take more than 2 or 3 hour to cover most topics. They have been homeschooled for 3 years now and seem to be learning well although I have learned to take a more relaxed child-led attitude towards schooling. However I really wish finances permitted me to stay home but my husband makes only a little over minimum wage and if we want to eat, or a place to eat, I have to work. And we aren't talking about luxuries I'm talking about survival. Fulltime Catholic Mom/Fulltime Working!
Elfkin's Avatar Elfkin 05:02 PM 04-15-2006
I have been wondering about this too. We already homeschool. I really need to work. I was thinking about going back to school to become a nurse and I was wondering if it was possible to work and homeschool or homeschool and attend nursing school. My two are still young - 7 and 2. I just don't know. . .
Brigianna's Avatar Brigianna 05:11 PM 04-15-2006
I don't have a job right now, although I have done projects mostly from home, but I certainly don't think having a job is a barrier to homeschooling. As I see it, homeschooling is basically parenting, so I don't think hs'ing is any more stressful or time consuming than parenting a child before school age. What I mean is, if you don't have to quit your job to help your kids learn to eat solid food, walk, talk, use the potty, etc., then I don't see why you would need to quit your job to help your kids learn reading, math, etc. Even if you use a formal curriculum (which we don't) it should only take *at most* about 2 hrs a day.

Good luck.
papayapetunia's Avatar papayapetunia 08:39 PM 04-15-2006
We'll start homeschooling my 7yo soon, and I'll have a newborn. Idealistic, it may seem, but we're pretty determined. I will have some time off, but I plan to work from home as a writer/attorney/volunteer guardian ad litem. It's important to me that I teach my girls that they can do things to support themselves and for the community and still raise a family. The only work I will do outside the home is the guardian ad litem stuff, which involves visiting the children I represent and appearing in court on their behalf. (How do you pluralize "behalf"? Behalfs? Behalves?) I can probably bring the children with me to those things. It may even give me some credibility with the kids who I represent. The writing will be from home, and hopefully, I can successfully open a private law practice out of my home. We'll see how it goes. I think it can be done.
frogguruami's Avatar frogguruami 10:05 PM 04-15-2006
I hs my 5 and 7 year old. I run a graphic design business and and baby wearing and creative playwear business out of my home (the baby wearing business is a partnership with some friends but I do all the sewing) so I guess I can be considered to work full time and plus some. The beauty of HSing is that it is flexible. It also doesn't really take that long. We spend around 40 minutes a day doing "formal" school (math mostly) and then do alot of reading and go on alot of field trips.