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My son is only two so the question of wether or not he will be homeschooled is still out there. I HAVE to work. My DH doesn't have the education to make any money. I'd also be the one who would have to teach.

Curious about your experiences

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Part of the time I worked the family also homeschooled. I'm, as in your case, the more educated, better wage earner. I don't know if you can do this but I assisted in the schooling from work via a fax machine. I made up lessons, drawings, tests, etc. and faxed them to the kids at home. They'd fax answers and pictures back. I only did this a couple of times a week - sometimes I'd come home before they'd finished or before I'd finished my replys. I've later come accross some things I wished I had done back then . The same sky and weather was available to me at work and them at home. We could have both looked at the sky at the same time and then later talked of clouds we'd seen but basically share a sense of togtherness as we both looked at a thing in the sky or distance at the same time.
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I'm a single mom with no financial support from anyone else, so I've always worked and homeschooled. I've done lots of different things... right now I need to get some ebay auctions listed, make some $ off the mountain of stuff in the corner of my bedroom. We barter work for rent and live pretty cheaply.

If you're going to be working to earn money and teaching, what is your husband's piece going to be? Just wondering...


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Dar, today is a penny gallery day at ebay, I think tommorrow is as well. I listed a ton of infant and toddler clothes.
I sell on ebay a little and also babysit to help add to our income. I listed a dolly family, the mom wears her baby.
This is a shameless plug for someone to come bid on my auctions!!

But ~~ I would like to add to the thread that you can work and home school successfully. I know some single working moms in the hs groups I belong to.
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I will be homeschooling, and working. Interested to see how it works out. I have a funky schedule, off for four days at a time, which will work out I think. I've been doing a great job so far!

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Like Dar, I'm a single mom with no outside support, I've been hsing ds for 1 year now. I work as a bartender, I can make lots of tips in a short period of time (I work about 6 nights a month), and the job is not absorbing enough to use up a lot of my mental energy. I've tried doing other jobs, but for me, I've found that anything that requires any mental effort on my part, takes away from the energy I have left for ds. My current job is very fun, very flexible, and I love the fact that for at least one night a week, I get away from parenting/hsing altogether (it's a very youth oriented private techno club, totally different from my daily life.)

So far this has worked for me. I think the absolute most important thing I need from a job is total flexibility (if I can't show up for work because the babysitter has flaked out or ds is sick, nobody is going to be really affected by it, and my manager is very understanding of my schedule, I always get first pick of shifts.)

We're also unschoolers, so I don't "teach" anything, technically, so if my schedule changes suddenly, we can deal with it. I'm around during the afternoon and evening when ds is at his most active, a day job would be absolutely horrible for both of us.

Come to think of it, most of the hsing moms I know around here work part-time. Some of us need to, others need the outlet, others want to keep one foot in their career. It seems to be working for quite a few people.

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I work and homeschool my 5 year old. Fortunately, my husband is my boss (we own an ad agency), so I'm able to work from home (media planning/buying). I spend an hour or so a day with email and paperwork during the times that I'm just managing a client's schedule, but once a year (this time of year actually), when I'm creating plans for the next year, things get a little hectic and I have to spend a little more time on work. When that happens, we just take a break from our homeschooling schedule until things get back to normal.

I find that being more structured helps me to get everything done. I create a lesson plan for the week every Sunday night so I'm sure to cover what we need to cover (it's not written in stone though, we occasionally stumble upon something interesting that's not on the plan that we do anyway, or find that something that IS on the plan just isn't working, so it has to go!) During our "breaks" we become unschoolers and just work on whatever interests us at the time. So far, this seems to be working out.

Lotusmama is absolutely right though: If you're going to try to do both, flexibility is the most important ingredient -- in both the job you choose and the way you homeschool.

Good luck!

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I work full-time with a "flexible" schedule, but I still have to put in face-time nearly every day. I go in at 6:30am, and play with my departure time so that on some days I come home at lunch time and do an hour at night, and on one or two days I work really late -- and I often try to get 4-6 hours of work done over the weekend.

DH is with the kids, but then when I come home, he goes to work (home-based, totally flexible, 20-40 hrs/week). Although he always breaks at 5 so he can have dinner ready by 6 (the kids would never let me cook after being away all day).

It works, but I wouldn't say it's ideal. I'd rather be home more, but we are also in the situation where I can earn substantially more money than he can.
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My husband & I run a licensed home day care business, out of our own home. Business hasn't been so fabulous lately so he's now seeking a PT evening job. Before this, he was working FT while I ran the day care myself. I decided to get my day care license so I could be home with our homeschooled (mostly unschooled) kids.

A friend for whom I provide day care for, is a single mother of 2 homeschooled kids. She eeks out a living by working as an exotic dancer 3 days a week, & is able to be home with her kids the other 4 whole days.

Smart of you to be thinking about it this far ahead of time!

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I work nights, third shift, as an RN. I only work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights which kinda ruins the weekends as far as going out but, hey - I wasn't doing that anyhow! I unschool our 5 year old and 2 year old, so I have the rest of the week for exploring bugs and legos. And Saturday and Sunday mornings my husband takes over while I sleep. Mondays suck as he has to leave for work and we don't put the kids in daycare so they put up with me falling asleep on the pile of legos and while reading Peter Pan for the thousandth time, but for the rest of the week it works out well. I think with some creativity and persistence and lack of sleep it's quite possible to make it work. Good luck!
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