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ryansmom02 02-04-2006 12:42 PM

I am looking at the waldorf art supplies and wow they are pricey... but are they worth it? do they last... will I have to sharpen the color pencils as much as I have to sharpen the crayola brand.... also the water color paint that stuff is Like $6-9 for 20 ML of paint... But if they are worth it and last then it is worth it... Opinions please.....

bean0322 02-04-2006 02:26 PM

They do last forever and the colors are very rich and vibrant. You just need a tiny bit of paint and then add water. It almost as if the colors are so wonderful that everyone can make art that is quite beautiful regardless of "talent". They are expensive but I haven't had to buy my nearly 8-year-old son any crayons since he was 5 and he draws daily.

UlrikeDG 02-04-2006 06:31 PM

Are they worth it? Only you can decide that.

Are they noticably "better?" IME, yes. I totally notice the difference between nice, bees' wax crayons and Crayola or Rose Art brand crayons. For colored pencils, I'll never buy another Rose Art pencil ever again, because the quality is that bad (IME). I like the feel of the Lyra pencils on paper compared to Crayola. I haven't used the nicer paints. I meant to pick some up at the Familia Center while we were still living in Germany, but I never did.

Lillian J 02-04-2006 08:05 PM

The beeswax crayons weren't as popular among childen I knew as Crayolas. They do produce beautiful color and luminosity, but not all children are as interested in those qualities as in the ability to draw easily with crayons. I knew one very artistic little girl in particular who went to Waldorf school for a while, and disliked them. But the PENCILS! I loved them! YUM! We used them for everything, and I found them to be long lasting enough. You can replace one at a time, too, so that helps. Lillian

ryansmom02 02-04-2006 08:10 PM

Well we are finally back on our feet after a rough couple of months and DH said i should spend about $100 on Ryan for learning stuff and well he loves art... I Have decided to just concentrate on what he is interested in doing. So I think I will order some stuff... Now where is the best place to get it..
Man I love Tax season

lula 02-04-2006 08:25 PM

My dd really loves the crayons. She likes the block ones for their variety of possible shapes. The stick ones have also proved popular.We purchased them 2 years ago (when she was 2) and she still uses them a lot! There is VERY little wear on the crayons. She still uses crayolas etc but I find that sometimes the limited color ranges allow for a greater concentration on her actual artwork and not just a "celebration of color."

Related: the beeswax colored sheet stuff can be pretty fun if your child is into alternative materials for sculpture. It also helps that dd likes how it smells!

Oh, random note: My brother and sister are both artists and they introduced dd to actual canvas for painting. (something I likely would not have thought of) It is a really fun treat and you can get the pre-done ones fairly cheap if you keep an eye out. I have found it is easy to display the art this way and dd likes to give the small ones out instead of cards etc. Even the cheap ones that basically have "canvas" streatched over a posterboard type thing have proved useful!

Lillian J 02-04-2006 08:36 PM

Originally Posted by ryansmom02
Now where is the best place to get it..
Here are some links to explore. I don't know who has the best prices, but please let us know what you find out. These are just pencil leads below, but the first two would carry the crayons too. Lillian

MilkbarMom 02-04-2006 11:06 PM

We have both Stockmar and Lyra beeswax crayons, and We WAY prefer the Stockmar. We have Lyra "people" colored pencils, but prefer Prismacolor for colored pencils. You can also replace one at a time with Prismacolor. Just my 2cents!

famousmockngbrd 02-04-2006 11:12 PM

Originally Posted by MilkbarMom
We have Lyra "people" colored pencils, but prefer Prismacolor for colored pencils.
I was just going to post this. Prismacolor pencils are great. They're very easy to draw and color with, and the colors are rich.

wonderactivist 02-05-2006 12:11 AM

The main difference I think with Waldorf supplies is that I encourage my kids to put effort into the work they do and not to consider them throwaways. That said, just look over your budget, decide whichj supplies you can afford,and don't feel badly substituting on the rest.

The Waldorf crayons LAST so you don't have to worry and they really don't break if you use the blocks the first year and switch to the sticks for 2nd. With my eldest, we followed the whole progression - Lyra blocks - Stockmar sticks - Lyra Little Ferbys (relatively inexpensive and for just a year), then the Lyra Rembrandt Polycolors (which I got on sale) and we LOVE.

If they lose or overuse one color, then Paper Scissors, Stone will sell you just that color. The quality is superb; and when my kids are someplace that has cheap supplies, they notice the difference to the point that I've had to teach them to not ask about why the crayon keeps breaking or the pencil barely works.

We use the watercolors only in homeschool, but have cheap little watercolor palettes for their free time; the wet-on-wet technique cannot be done with cheap paper or paints, and the results are SO easy and incredibly rewarding.

Ask your store to send along the Stockmar booklets that give ideas on how to use them free - or download them at Mercurius.

Also, Mercurius does allow sales to homeschoolers with a minimum $150 order, so you can get a group together and buy at school prices (not quite wholesale but MUCH better than retail).

Each year I buy paints just once, except when my DH threw away "all those yucky baby food jars in the back of the fridge" - he almost died when I told him he tossed a good $35 in paint. We also use a lot of watercolor paper which Hobby Lobby stores put on sale at the same time each year - call your store to ask for the dates.

And we draw in lesson books or on just plain typing paper, which I know is considered a no-no, but the cost savings is a lot and they DO have great qualiy paper for the special drawings in the lesson books.
We also use crayolas, beeswax (I like the Stone sheets), cheap finger paint, window crayons, and inexpensive colored chalk. I am NOT a blackboard artist and I'm afriad that buying the good chalk wouldn't make any difference. And do buy some kite paper in the small size for making all sorts of translucent art and craft projects.

But I wanted to add that when you buy supplies, try buying a bag of felt squares from the sale page. They are one of the most useful art supplies I have found - or go to Joann's stores and get the Rayon/Wool felt by the 1/4 yard fairly inexpensively.

You also only have to buy a couple of new things a year, so I found Choirs of Colors by Alan WHitehead to be a great guide to matching Waldorf at supplies to the child. It is pretty Anthro, so I'll just send you to this page with lots of art book choices:

So my answer is YES, they are so incredibly worth it.

Best wishes,


Artsupplies31 07-15-2014 03:15 AM

Art supplies
Yes, Waldorf supplies are little bit expensive, but they last for a long period of time. Before buying art supplies for kids always try to buy toxic chemical free art supplies and buy what they actually needs at that point. You can buy it from online stores very easily.

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