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Just curious, would anyone like to post what you do for a typical day as far as structured/un-structured activities, etc.? Do you follow a schedule, plan your days or weeks in advance, etc.?

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A typical day, hmmm...... let's see.....We get up, eat breakfast....well, I guess that is about where the typical ends.

Maybe we are a little too un-structured to have anything typical. We do manage to get in all the mundane stuff like laundry and dishes, most days. Some days we spend a lot of time outdoors and other days we stay in. Some days we get up early and others we sleep in. Some days we feel like we acomplish something and other days we don't. Sometimes we spend weeks on end with acedemic persuits and other times we barely crack a book.

I guess the only thing that is typical of all our days is that we are always learning and loving life.

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We have a regular housework routine (ie first thing in the morning I empty the clean dishes from the dishwasher, put the laundry in the dryer and make the beds- sometime during the day I put the laundry away and clean one room, etc.) Right now, I am having my son (nearly 7) do some printing and play a therapeutic computer game each weekday. The rest of the day is up for grabs- we do a storytime/reading program at a petting barn on Tuesdays, go to homeschool skate every other Wednesday, hit the library every week and try to make as many Thursday parkdays as possible. We try to do a field trip once a month at least. Academically, we sound a lot like barbara.
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It is so refreshing to read about other people's life. I feel so much better. I have such high standards for our HS family. We do have to have some sort of semblence, I would go insane with too much chaos. I am a neatnic. But try being a neatnic with a 8yr, 4yr, 18 mos. And homeschooling and eating healthy, and living in the boonies and having to drive 75 min to get to Trader Joe's- the closest thing to a health food store and the only place I shop, Oh, and my husband has to commute 4-6 hours a day so I don't see him 4 days out of the week. I am not trying to sound "poor is me" , it just feels better to write that. Anyway back to our day. We do have AM chores and try to start school at 10am. But I have a hard time when I feel like we have not done enough for school. And then my house never gets clean. The best way would be for me to discipline myself to get up early before the children. But then I wouldn't be able to lay in bed and nurse my baby. I am trying to HS the charlotte mason way, but i always feel like there is not enough time in the day.
What are your priorities to getting things done??? It would be good to get some input.
sorry for rambling....
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I feel so much better reading about other peoples days! This is me, too.
We are late sleepers, about 9:00. Everyone has a.m. chores. Dog walking, bed making, teeth brushing, etc. Help put laundry away, and other mundane things.
Today, we watched an hour of 'School House Rock!' grammar and money.
Everyone is off pursuing their own thing right now. Dd listens to books on cassette. Ds#1 is writing descriptions to list things on E-Bay, ds#3 writes a note to a pen pal, then plays cars with ds#4.
Some days we work like crazy on academic things (making sense of decimals, or learning a new story with ds#3). Other days we go to the park with hs friends (yesterday), or we work in the garden for hours.
I too am a neatnic, both for myself and because my husband is happier.
I always hope I am 'doing enough'! Oh, and we looked at game birds on the internet, because we are going to hatch some California Quail. First though, exotic chickens!
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Wow, our day sounds so incredibly structured compared to everyone else! That's a first!

Dh's the 1st up and out the door. Then me, and sometimes 3yo dd. I putz around, clean, yoga, breakfast, read paper, mentally prepare for the day. 7yo dd is usually the last one up (especially since the time change!). We try to all have breakfast by 9a.m., be dressed and reasonably coherent. At 9a.m. we have circle time for about 20 minutes. Then 3yo either plays or does some Montessori-type things we have out on shelves for her. 7yo looks at her "list" -- I print out a list of suggestions for language, math, history, science, etc. She enjoys going through and checking things off the list as she does them. I keep telling her she can do other stuff, too, that isn't on the list, but she's really into doing it this way now (BTW, the list may have 5 different suggestion on it under, say, math. She'll choose one of these to do, and that will be math for the day). We work this way until noon. I either help them with what they're working on or work on manipulatives/other school related stuff. I often read aloud during lunch. After lunch we just do whatever. I clean the house per Fly Lady. We do various extracurricular stuff late in the day -- dance, baton, Scouts, choir, swimming.

Gotta go.
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Well, we have a typical week. Monday and Tuesdays are days that we are usually home all day, sometimes not. Wednesday we have at home mornings, and then spend the afternoon at classes and the library. Thursdays we usually will visit with a friend, attend meetings, or stay home. Fridays we usually have park day, field trips, classes, or just visit with friends.

Yesterday was a very typical day. I got up around 7:30, and both kids were up by 8:30. We had breakfast, cleaned up and the kids were happily playing. Usually sometime around 10 we'll sit down for storytime and reading, and then work on math. Around lunch we were packing up to go to the park,and we had nothing for lunch. My 7yo DS found a bag of peanuts, so we decided to make our own peanut butter(for PB&J sandwiches). While the kids shelled, there were questions about who invented peanut butter, ect that came up. So I looked it up and we talked about Dr. Kellog and Gearge Washington Carver. We also considered growing our own peanuts this summer.
Finally we get the pb made and head off to an afternoon at the park with our homeschool group. Sometimes we'll stop by the library afterwards. We also have baseball or scouts in the evenings, so we hurry home to get ready or make dinner.

If we're home in the afternoons we'll use that time for some science explorations(we're growing grass egg-heads and germinating seeds right now) and reading our history book and doing projects.

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Sure. In a typical day, we get up, preform hygine rituals, eat a few times, learn a lot, read a lot, and go to bed.

Beyond that, I can't think of anything "typical" about what we do. some days the kids grab books and tell me we're doing school. some days they play with playdoh all day. ask me which days they learn more. . .

I guess as they get older, we'll fall into a routine of sorts, but so far, none that we have tried have seemed to work for us.
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I have a 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son, and we unschool. Like others on this thread, we don't really have a typical day, but here goes.

Between 8 and 9:30: Hollis wakes up and does stuff. Not sure what stuff, but I suspect it involves NASCAR, baseball, and nuclear physics, not necessarily in that order. I don't interfere as long as I can sleep through it.

Around 9:30 I drag myself out of bed, make something for Hollis to eat, say hi to my boyfriend on the computer (he lives in Italy), and take a shower. Precisely at 10:00AM almost every morning--and this would seem even more eerie if you knew how free-spirited/disorganized she is--Annika wakes up. Mind you, she's fresh as a daisy after being picked in the middle of August, thrown onto Route 20, and run over by a Mack truck, but she's awake. She puts on something pink.

Annika eats and then General Chaos ensues, unless it's Monday, when General Chaos is busy in the dance lessons barracks until 14:00 hours... after which, of course, he ensues with a vengeance peculiar to unschooled children who only have a schedule for four hours per week.

Among the chaos:

Annika eats. A lot. Far more than her puny fifth percentile body would suggest. Around 5PM Hollis and I make a meal from the crumbs she's tossed over her shoulder in our general direction. I'm pretty sure she thinks this is funny but so far she hasn't outright laughed in our faces. But one day she'll crack, and when she does, I'll be there.

Hollis plays cars. Hollis plays legos. Hollis plays gameshows. Hollis watches gameshows (this is all he watches besides sports and the weather channel). Hollis does something unwieldy with a large road map and Euros leftover from Italy. He makes scrupulous notes on a pad of paper. He won't let me look, but I think I caught "renewable resources" and "rule the world" before he flipped the page. I retreat to the computer room to ask my boyfriend about the economic climate in Europe and whether a seven year old could access the EEC computers from an American cable modem.

Hollis throws Annika a bone and consents to a game of Chutes and Ladders like he's the owner of the butcher shop and she's a lambchop. Annika smiles sweetly and provides "wheeeeeeeee!" sounds as he slides down the chutes. She cackles triumphantly regardless of who wins. Her eyes bright, she says, "Heeheehee, let's play again!" Hollis politely declines, and later I find the phone book on my desk propped open to the "exorcism" section. Or maybe someone was looking up eye doctors. Hmmm.

My mom calls and asks if I've thought about putting Annika into kindergarten next year. "She'd love being with all the other kids," Mom insists. I'm thinking that in a short time everyone at Gateway Elementary would be wearing pink and reciting "Horton Hatches the Egg" until Annika allowed them to stop, but I just grunt in a non-commital fashion. I'm tired from the last round of Hollis' "Important Stuff about the Earth" game. Do you know how far it is to the EARTH's CORE? Bzzzzzzt! Sorry, Mommy, but you were 235 and a half miles off. The mysterious notepad lies just out of my reach. I resist the temptation. I am an unschooling, attachment parent. I will not pry into my child's privacy no matter how grave the consequences to national security.

Around 7, Annika is STAAAAARVING after drawing a few pictures and causing a few semi-permanent disasters, so we have supper. She starves about 5 more times between now and her 10:30 bedtime. I call UNICEF, but they don't support children who are already in stable, loving homes with fridges full of food. Sheesh. Thanks a lot, guys.

Later in the evening, Hollis shuffles over to the kitchen table, cocks his head at the row of tagsale textbooks resting there, and selects a middle school geography book and a paperback called "Science Experiments For Smart Kids." Uh oh.

10:30PM: We read "Horton Hatches the Egg" and Annika smirks her way to sleep. Hollis and I follow, unsmirking, sometime before midnight. Sometimes we watch a movie but usually we read. I wait until he falls asleep and then gaze at my brilliant, adorable, innocent children one more time. How peaceful and angelic they are in slumber. I should really wake up early and try to plan some sort of schedule for tomorrow. Annika giggles in her sleep and the science book falls from Hollis' hand.

Nah, we're fine the way we are.
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Another unstructured unschooling household here. Our days vary, but in general, our weeks are a lot like weekends. We eat, play, read, go for walks, get together with friends, clean, shop, cook, garden, do crafts, watch videos, etc. Two mornings a week we do go to our homeschooling cooperative, which is FUN, and at least once a week we get to the library. Right now we are focusing on is incubating chicks and coming up with something fun for a possible science fair (it's up to my daughter whether whether she ultimately does it or not, but she is leaning towards it). My older daughter likes to participate in village sports. She did soccer last summer and will start t-ball in a few weeks. Both girls took swimming lessons last summer and are welcome to take them again this summer if they like.
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