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SunRayeMomi's Avatar SunRayeMomi 12:30 AM 10-14-2006
Anyone still looking for penpals? DD(5) is interested in receiving mail and can read and write well.

plates's Avatar plates 03:11 AM 10-15-2006
We would love a pen pal too! My dd is 5 years old and is reading and writing some. Would love a pen pal who could write her letters as she LOVES to read. She gets frustrated writing so this would be good practice for her.
momofjoshnkylie's Avatar momofjoshnkylie 09:52 PM 10-15-2006
My son is 5 and loves to get mail and send mail so a penpal would be great fun! He is just starting to read and write, but pictures would work too! We are in Canada.

plates's Avatar plates 03:12 AM 10-16-2006
I tried to go to the sign up thread but it won't let me. I am new so that may be why. Can someone help?
pooh-tiggermom's Avatar pooh-tiggermom 07:57 PM 10-24-2006
Hi. I just found this thread. Is there room for 2 more? How does this work? Do they exchange email addys?

I have a 10 1/2yo ds (11 end of Feb) who doesnt mind boy or girl, & a 6 1/2yo ds (7 end of Dec) who would prefer to have a boy pen pal.

Thank you! :
DandK's Avatar DandK 10:39 PM 10-25-2006
I've also got two that would love to participate if this is still open. DS is 9 and dd is 7. They don't care if their pen pal is a boy or a girl. We're in Iowa.

Let me know if this is still available.
mtn. mama's Avatar mtn. mama 12:50 AM 10-27-2006
I have a ds 8 and dd 6 that are desperate for penpals that want to write!
PM me if you are interested!!
We are in Colorado.
CuckooMamma's Avatar CuckooMamma 12:53 AM 11-13-2006
I have a dd who is 5 and would love to be matched up with another girl. We're in CT. Any other girls we can be matched up with?

The Mermaid's Avatar The Mermaid 09:56 PM 11-14-2006
I'd like a penpal. Age 14-16 preferred, boy or girl
mtn. mama's Avatar mtn. mama 02:52 PM 11-15-2006
I am re-posting ds 8 yrs. is very eager to write to another boy his age! REads and writes well. You can expect lots of letters!!
Pm me! thanks.
bountifuljoy's Avatar bountifuljoy 08:03 PM 11-15-2006
Hi, is this being organized by someone?

I have two ds that would love pen pals.

Ryan is almost 11 and Tucker is 6.

Both are homeschooled Oh and we are in Texas!

PM me if interested!!!
philosofairy31's Avatar philosofairy31 11:32 AM 11-23-2006
Originally Posted by Stayseeliz View Post
That would be great! Maybe we can get a thread going with the ages and locations of the kids. It'd be cool to spread out geographical locations a little to get an idea of different areas!
my 6yr old would love this he reads anbd writes a little loves to draw. he is hs and this would be great.
PeacefulSeams's Avatar PeacefulSeams 06:05 PM 11-23-2006
I have a 3 year old DS. He loves to meet new people. We would like a HS family as well. It would be good for him to practice his handwriting. We are in Washington. And maybe the moms can become pen pals too. I know I could always use that little extra something.
minmoto2's Avatar minmoto2 09:08 PM 11-27-2006
I have a 7yo dd who would love to get/send mail to a penpal. Any1 interested? pm me!! oh, we're in Oregon)

mom2x's Avatar mom2x 06:41 PM 11-29-2006
7yo Ds would looooove a penpal. We are in New Mexico. He reads but doesn't like writing so I think this would be great for him. He also has a 3yo sis who would love a penpal, too.
Quindin's Avatar Quindin 02:44 PM 11-30-2006
Anydoby has a son who would like a penpal from England??

My son is 7 and REALLY wants a boy his age to write to His sister has 3 PPs at the moment, so he is feeling kind of left out.

PM me if interested
UnschoolnMa's Avatar UnschoolnMa 06:07 AM 12-04-2006
I have a 13 year old Dd who would like a homeschooling/unschooling pen pal. Actually she'd prefer an e-mail pen pal. She was kind of hoping for somewhere in the 11- 14 age range... a girl?

Thanks in advance.
dear2u's Avatar dear2u 04:01 PM 12-12-2006
Hi, I am a late comer to this thread (sorry) - but am I too late to hook up with pen pals?

I am homeschooling my two DS's aged 12 and 13 - we would LOVE pen pals. We are in Montana and this would be great for my curriculum on regionalism - I would love to have anyone from anywhere in the country or any other country for that matter.
LdyBluNH@aol's Avatar LdyBluNH@aol 02:26 PM 12-17-2006
i have an 8yr old homeschooled dd that i think has interest (at least at this moment she does LOL) we're in NH (the citified part, no trees or cows around here!)
HaveWool~Will Felt's Avatar HaveWool~Will Felt 02:52 PM 12-17-2006
I have a 7.5 ds.....he would love to have a penpal...
I did when I was a was great........................
teachinmaof3's Avatar teachinmaof3 07:33 PM 12-18-2006
I am looking for a new penpal for my 8.5yo dd.

Her main interests are dinosaurs, bugs, space, and American Girls.

Location doesn't matter although overseas would be fun!
OakdaleMama's Avatar OakdaleMama 05:24 PM 12-22-2006
I think my girl would have great fun with a pen pal. She's 5 and likes most everything. Let me think . . . space/moon/planets, Native American culture, books!!, fairies, babies/birth. Anybody want a buddy for the New Year?
Hadleychick's Avatar Hadleychick 07:44 PM 12-28-2006
My 3 1/2 almost four year old loves to get and send mail, we're in if you'll have us.
holsingerfamily's Avatar holsingerfamily 12:17 AM 12-29-2006
Hi My son is looking for a penpal any age from anywhere. We are hoping to find one who would like to do it through snail mail. We are in Va
love bug's Avatar love bug 03:45 AM 12-29-2006
Hi there!
We would like in too please. My ds is 4 1/2 and we are in BC Canada.

purplefrog's Avatar purplefrog 09:07 PM 12-31-2006
My 6yo DD would like a penpal. We live in BC. She is unschooled, and interested in bugs, nature, dinosaurs, and music.
ilex's Avatar ilex 05:33 AM 01-04-2007
We would love to join too!!! We are in BC as well, my DD is five and she is reading and writing but also loves to draw. She loves horses (and I mean LOVES ) dinosaurs, bugs, nature, and books amongst other things... She would love to hear from a boy or a girl, and it would be wonderful if they were HS'd.

I hope this is still active!! If not, someone can pm me!
maplesugar's Avatar maplesugar 07:52 PM 01-08-2007
Hello. Ds, age 8 would like to participate in this, but I am rather new to posting. How do these things usually work? We are homeschoolers from Alaska who are very exited at the prospect of a pen pal from anywhere!
Ds is interested especially in rocks from different places. I saw a thread about this but couldn't access the info.
bluehalo's Avatar bluehalo 07:40 PM 01-09-2007
My son is 6 and would like a penpal. He really loves baseball, and is interested in all kinds of outdoors-y stuff ... animals, insects, hiking, rocks, etc. We live in central VA.
purslaine's Avatar purslaine 01:53 PM 01-11-2007
My DD, age 8 would like a pen pal. She likes pizza, cooking, rocks!, flowers, and swimming. We live in Ontario, Canada, she is currently homescholoed, and has a older brother, and younger sister.

(dd picked and inserted angel; she like computers as well!)
snail mail or email is fine.

Frankie (age 8)
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