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Chelsea's Avatar Chelsea 10:16 PM 02-04-2002
Just wondering if anyone was using Montessori methods? We just started this year and are always looking for suggestions on making materials, lesson presentations, etc...

- Chelsea

Jenmom's Avatar Jenmom 08:20 PM 02-11-2002
there are several *great* books you could check out. My favorites are "Montessori Play and Learn" and "I Can Do It! I Can Do It!" The second is not actually a Montessori book but it contains Montessori-type exercises. Some of my personal experiences-washing doll clothes is a favorite activity in our home; making sandpaper letters is a pain in the ass, you can buy them fairly inexpensively; I used "m-n-m mini" tubes to make sound tubes, they work great. A *fabulous* catalog is Montessori-n-such, the have a website too.
racheldmoore's Avatar racheldmoore 09:51 PM 02-11-2002
We are just starting. I am in need of great ideas of things to start with kids that are just two, and I also need any tips on where to find a music "curriculum" and arts and crafts curriculum for Montessori for 3 and 4 your olds.

-- Rachel
anythingelse's Avatar anythingelse 04:05 AM 02-13-2002
I have some links on our family website, we do Natural Structure/montessori at home.
pamela's Avatar pamela 01:57 AM 02-19-2002
We have been in the process of making some materials for several months now and introducing exercises informally and inconsistently within that time. We have a 3 year old and a 10 month old. I found the book "Teaching Montessori in the Home, The Pre-School Years" by Elizabeth Hainstock useful for making materials but a little unrealistic -- like cutting out those small letter and # stencils to trace onto dark balsa paper (you have to use the back of the paper and make sure the letter# is reversed when tracing so it turns out right). i liked her suggestion for color tablets: going to a paint store and asking for free samples of the colors, then mounting them to poster board or balsa.

the montessori-n-such catalog IS fabulous!

i'd love to hear more details from people about how exercises are being introduced, how the home environment is set up, how a child's interest is captured, how to have 'school' time while a baby is around (since we're often out of the house when the baby does take a nap), etc.