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eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 10:42 PM 04-17-2007

How long are you planning on using it?

I am thinking about starting this for my dd and then maybe in the fall or next year start in using either the ENKI or Oak Meadow curriculum.

heket's Avatar heket 02:22 AM 04-18-2007
I don't have any insight, but I'm interested in this as well. My dd was born one month after your dc.

I was thinking of purchasing the OM curriculum outright for PS since it's at a discount right now. I did look at the Waldorf curriculum website, but figured that if I had to purchase those resources anyway, getting the OM curriculum didn't hurt for us. I'd have to rely on DH for at least the morning portion of teaching and he can definitely benefit from OM's structure.

My thought is that if OM works for us, we could add in Enki next year to blend with OM. I like their multicultural stories more than I like OM's examples of rewritten versions of Grimms tales (I'm one of those who'd prolly substitute the original tale because I prefer them and I feel that dd would be fine by it. If I felt that she was more sensitive, then I prolly wouldn't do that.) I'd prolly enroll dd in their school so dh would feel more comfortable that she was an enrolled student in a "school."
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 10:43 AM 04-18-2007
Ya I like the multicultural stories better too.
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 09:17 PM 04-18-2007
anyone else?
lakesuperiormom's Avatar lakesuperiormom 09:26 PM 04-18-2007
I very much like the multi-cultural aspects of Enki. I am very interested in the free Waldorf website as I am considering a mixture of Oak meadow homeschool materials as I am drawn to the artistic side of Waldorf. I am going to check it out and will give my opinion after.
lakesuperiormom's Avatar lakesuperiormom 09:27 PM 04-18-2007
The site is under construction and I have been trying to open this for the past few days..I didn't realize it was the same site.
sweetpeas's Avatar sweetpeas 10:24 PM 04-19-2007
I started using it with my girls a few months ago (we're half-way through the 2nd (6 week) "unit) but took a week or two off between units). I'm doing a very laid back version of it, but we're really enjoying it!

My girls are VERY "do it myself" oriented, so I've skipped some things that I know they could do *with help* because I know they would want to do it themselves & then be frustrated when they couldn't. And some of the specific painting type stuff right now, they say "no, mom, we just want to paint what WE want" so we go with it. BUT it's kind of "forcing" me to take time each day to get the paints (or whatever) out and that's good for me.

As far as the cost of the books & such, I go through & get as many as I can from the library (& I would assume I could get ALL of them using inter-library loan if I was more organized/less lazy LOL). Then the rest I try to find on half.com and combine shipping as much as I can. I'd say including shipping, on average, I've spent $3-$5 per book for the ones we've bought. I've also skipped a few that aren't specifically used in the curriculum (some of them, there's a specific day/activity that uses them, others are just extra books to read during the unit) & that I don't find inexpensively enough. Same with other stuff recommended, I read through the curriculum to, again, see if it's used & even then, sometimes I figure out a way to substitute. In the current unit it suggests getting a wooden stacking rainbow toy (which is AWESOME looking & I'd love to get, but it's $60 and that's just not in the budget at the moment) and it's used along w/ handmade "goblins" to act out one of the recommended books. So instead of getting the rainbow, I made the girls a small felt rainbow out of the scraps of felt from making the goblins. Nowhere near as cool, but it fit my budget better & they don't know what they're missing LOL.
Ravin's Avatar Ravin 12:35 AM 04-20-2007
I would be very likely to use this as a resource next year. I'm nanny to a little girl who will be over 4 1/2 in the fall and DD will be nearly 4. The little girl's mom is a Waldorf teacher (teaching 8th grade this year, will probably teach 1st next year), so I know she'd be interested in me utilizing this sort of thing with her DD, who she's decided won't be going to K yet in the fall.

I'll have to check that site again when it's been updated.
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 01:30 AM 04-20-2007

Originally Posted by lakesuperiormom View Post
The site is under construction and I have been trying to open this for the past few days..I didn't realize it was the same site.
I know. I've been trying too. I can't wait for it to come back up! I have much more to read!
lakesuperiormom's Avatar lakesuperiormom 01:18 PM 04-20-2007
We're in Marquette,MI in the upper peninsula if your nearby..I could let you look at my Enki guides...from the other post I answered of yours...we're somewhat exploring waldorf and enki for school. Let me know.
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 01:36 PM 04-20-2007
we're (basically) in kalamazoo so i'm not close at all. but thanks for the offer! i saw in another thread that you (and other mamas) have a waldorf inspired homeschooling group up there, ya?
lakesuperiormom's Avatar lakesuperiormom 01:40 PM 04-20-2007
it's an enki group, but more waldorf inspired in my opinion. if we ever get down there or your up this way let me know and I will be happy to show you my enki stuff. i'm really thinking oak meadow is the wya for us to go this fall. not sure though. i am interested in that free site to garner some information.
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 01:44 PM 04-20-2007
ya for sure!

and i know, i can't wait for the site to be back up. i've been reading both on OM and ENKI and like both. i have a feeling my dh would like OM better but we'll see. whatever one we can decide on together.
lakesuperiormom's Avatar lakesuperiormom 04:46 PM 04-20-2007
I think we are all going to like OM better as we need more structure...there's four little ones and I need structure!! Did you say "ya" because we're in the UP ay? I never got the yooper jokes until we moved here from downstate and now I realize.....they weren't jokes!!!
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 05:49 PM 04-20-2007

no, i didn't say that cause you're in the UP. i just say "ya" alot. i grew up in upstate ny (close to the canadian border) so maybe that's why. hehe.

and, i'm also the type of person who needs some structure. i think i would do better having a guide all set out for me to follow, rather than having to come up with everything (or almost everything) because i can get side-tracked so easily!
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 12:33 PM 04-26-2007
it's finally back up!
Papooses's Avatar Papooses 03:25 PM 04-26-2007
I just downloaded the lesson plans & I like the looks of them so far -- I think we'll have fun puting them to use in our own way....
Ravin's Avatar Ravin 08:04 PM 04-26-2007
I took a look and this curriculum looks really neat. If we had one more week before the end of the school year I'd be tempted to start the Insects unit.

I have one pretty big hangup about this set-up though, and that's the seasonality thing. We live in the desert. We do not have four temperate seasons. Fall/winter is a growing season! In the summer it gets too hot to play outside most of the day. I've got to pick-apart and re-adapt everything, apparently.

My employer has suggested (and I've read) You Are Your Child's First Teacher and Last Child in the Woods, both of which have me wanting to absolutely do a nature-based curriculum with the kids.

Argh. maybe we'll do Insects in the fall, the time of year we finally get some rain and things start looking alive again, and a time of year when there are plenty of insects to be found...
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 12:08 PM 04-27-2007
Ya, that would be hard! I started printing the Colors Unit until my printer ran out of ink. : I'll get more today and I really look forward to starting this with dd!

eta: hm, maybe i won't do the colors unit after all. by the 5th week it says you'll be dying eggs which is obviously intended for around easter time. so i guess my printer running out of ink was kind of a good thing!

after looking throught the insects unit, i think that will fit better right now.
sweetpeas's Avatar sweetpeas 02:24 PM 04-27-2007
Originally Posted by eco_mama View Post
eta: hm, maybe i won't do the colors unit after all. by the 5th week it says you'll be dying eggs which is obviously intended for around easter time. so i guess my printer running out of ink was kind of a good thing!

after looking throught the insects unit, i think that will fit better right now.
We're on week 4 of colors right now, I just rearranged the handiwork so that the easter eggs got dyed the first week which was the week before Easter. That said, since both Colors & Insects are spring, you probably only have time for one spring unit at this point so I'd choose whichever one you like best On the other hand, if you want to continue all summer, there's only one 6 wk unit for summer, and I don't remember (from having just read through the Insect unit) there being much, if anything, in that unit that would HAVE to be spring. So you might be able to have the timing work out about right to start now & go straight through. Other stuff later in the curriculum that is "date specific" the first winter unit of year 2 is definitely designed to be completed prior to Christmas (or whatever winter holiday(s) you celebrate) alot of the handwork is making gifts & decorations for the holidays. The 2nd year's spring curriculum seemed very confusing to me. Near the beginning of the first unit it emphasizes the "importance" of seeing sheep sheared before moving forward, but then mentions that this generally happens in late Apr early May. And yet the 2nd spring unit also makes references to planting schedules I think it was that indicated it should be started in early Apr. So I'm not sure what's up with that. . . we're planning to go to the sheep & wool festival here THIS spring, so I'm thinking we'll just talk about/remember/look at pictures from THIS year's sheep & wool festival when we do that first spring unit next spring. Based on the stuff my kids talk about that happened a year or more ago, I think that will work fine for us. Alternately I might totally re-work those 2 units & shift all the sheep/wool stuff to the 2nd one and move stuff from the 2nd one back in to the first one to fill in the time, I haven't decided yet . . . but it's something to be aware of
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 03:46 PM 04-27-2007
Thank you for the link (and yea that it's back up!). I'm going to print the Insects unit today and mold it in with our OM K science/nature study for Spring. This works really well to include my 3 1/2 year old in what we are doing with OM and Enki.
SweetAngels's Avatar SweetAngels 12:39 AM 04-28-2007
Thanks for the link,
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 12:42 PM 05-01-2007

kayla14's Avatar kayla14 03:19 PM 05-01-2007
I had never seen this before, but i'm going to do the insects unit with all my kiddos right away. Looks like fun!

Thanks for the link
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 11:39 AM 05-10-2007
sunanthem's Avatar sunanthem 11:47 PM 05-11-2007
yup, weve been using it loosely. I still have to get the books from the library, but I do some of the projects we can do without the books.
alreilly's Avatar alreilly 12:18 AM 05-26-2007
sunanthem's Avatar sunanthem 12:55 AM 05-26-2007
We have been very busy doing our colors unit. we started late so we didnt do egg dying.. I finally went to the library and got close to all the books on the list! So far I have only bought the Rainbow Goblins book and it just arrived today. I was going to save it until I had stuff ready to make goblins, and had borrowed the nesting rainbow from my friend who ownes one, but ds wanted to read the new book that came in the mail. We had a ball mixing colored ice cubes yesterday; we called it an experiment and I had him record his scientific data with his beeswax crayons. Then with some leftover ice cubes I let the kids paint with them on white paper.

Today we made our watercolor paints. We have been baking alot too.

I am getting stuff together to shift into the insect unit soon, since we just studied bees with our homeschool coop. I know it says its for spring, but we can still do the ant project and some of the others..
The book lists have been great; we've really enjoyed them so far.
I love this curriculum! I take what works for us, and add it to what we already do, and leave what doesnt work for us. It is so nice to have a starting point; a direction; already laid out for me!
MrsTittlemouse's Avatar MrsTittlemouse 10:47 AM 06-10-2007
ZanZansMommy's Avatar ZanZansMommy 05:34 PM 06-14-2007
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