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luvinmommylife's Avatar luvinmommylife 02:10 PM 11-12-2007
My dd will be three in January and I'd like to start "organizing" ideas about hs-ing preschool/kindergarten. I'm not really looking into curriculums until shes 7 (Wyoming Law) so I have a little time to do whatever works for her/us - unschool-style! YAY! lol So, what did you do with your preschooler, what would you do now or change (looking back)? Are there any websites or books that really helped you?
Okay - I'm so excited to hear what you all have to say!

Have a GREAT week -

Lillian J's Avatar Lillian J 03:53 PM 11-12-2007
I put together a page that has quite a few articles (the top two especially have suggestions for activities and resources) - and underneath the articles are quite a few annotated links to websites that have the kind of thing I think you're looking for: preschool/kindergarten


aishy's Avatar aishy 04:21 PM 11-12-2007
We don't do anything, I do have one of those big preschool "workbooks" and if my son requests work like his brothers I pull that out and let him do what he wants in it. Otherwise, he just plays. He will be 5 in December and keeps saying he has to do school at 5, so maybe we'll losely start Kindergarten in January instead of the fall.
ZanZansMommy's Avatar ZanZansMommy 08:11 PM 11-12-2007
I wouldn't change anything we've done. DD is 4 now but some things we did & are now doing with DS2 are reading, reading, reading, puzzles, magnetic letters on the fridge (they just played with them & if they asked I told them what letter it was), lots of music with singing & dancing, trips to the pet store, playing with play doh, water play, helping with household chores, oh did I mention reading. Seriously this is all we have done & both of my children have learned a ton.
mom2kbeth's Avatar mom2kbeth 08:56 PM 11-12-2007
I wouldn't change anything we did either. When Kenna was that age, we just did lots of arts and crafts, went to the library, story time, bookstore, read tons, I made lots of little games to play with her. Cooking, sorting laundry. playing with our bunnies. Lots of field trips, play dates, playgroup days at the park, etc.
melissel's Avatar melissel 11:00 PM 11-12-2007
Lillian's page is wonderful, really. I also loved The Toddler's Busy Book for ideas, and I admit to enjoying doing Brighter Vision "workbooks" with my DD1 when she was that age. She loved the stickers and the songs. You can often find them on eBay for MUCH less than they sell the packages for on the official site. We didn't do anything in an organized fashion, just pulled out whatever we could find when we needed inspiration (I'm not particularly creative :, so I needed inspiration a lot--still do!). Brighter Vision also makes idea books geared toward each age year that have lots of fun games and ideas in them. Basically I just surrounded myself with resources I could pick through whenever I needed to fill a gap.
RedWine's Avatar RedWine 11:33 PM 11-12-2007
www.letteroftheweek.com has a free curriculum. You can just look through the ideas and tuck them into your head, and then do whatever when the mood strikes.
mraven721's Avatar mraven721 06:26 AM 11-13-2007
I didn't plan on using a cirriculm till my son was much older, but a friend turned me on to Five in a Row and we are using that this year. We LOVE books and this has given us something to do that is low pressure but fosters a love of learning
Good luck!
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 11:32 AM 11-13-2007
We haven't done anything really. Just play, do some crafts and lots of reading. I really left it up to her. We do lots of playgroups and go to the park and just have fun! In the meantime while having lots of fun, she's learned a whole lot. It's amazing the things they can pick up.
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 09:26 PM 11-13-2007
My preschooler has several workbooks and a handwriting book that she can work in each day, IF she wants to. She also enjoys puzzles, board games, playdoh, and most of all, playing with friends.

When my oldest child was a preschooler, I did a preschool co-op with several families. I got a lot of ideas from this site:
heket's Avatar heket 05:14 AM 11-14-2007
I loosely use letteroftheweek.com, some waldorf thematic resources, and we read LOTS of stories (because my dc love to hear a story. ) I read Lillian's sage advice and keep in mind that even my preschool days were play and creativity -- what I loved best about my school years. So we add in field trips (zoo, museum, apple picking, etc.), painting days, cooking days (just monday, dd made her own pumpkin pie in her own pie tin ), work on chores, and the progression of time (days, weeks, months, the year.) We're still at letter D, but we'll eventually get to letter E. She can sing the ABC song ad nauseum, but has started to recognize individual letters. Ds has already learned to count to 10 because he listens to his older sister.

Outside time, play, creativity, play, songs, play, stories, play... this is what works for us. Dh would like to work more on writing letters, dd's name, and the numbers from 1-20. He's got this idea that if we're homeschooling, why not accelerate the kids? I try to remind him to first see where they develop before we encourage interests. Personally, I'd rather wait until she asks about writing her name (which dd hadn't) or we get to k-1 grade for practice. Right now, I'd like to work on the simpler items and let them be kids.