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lil' love's Avatar lil' love 12:13 PM 03-17-2002
Any volunteers?

I am an exceptional education major in college and one of my current classes wants me to do a "Real World Profile".
I can interview a teacher, principle, community learder, or parent and ask them what concerns them most about education.

I would like to interview a parent who has decided to homeschool their children and find out the major reasons for their decision and how they handle their responsibility.


erika's Avatar erika 01:46 PM 03-17-2002
you can interview me. pm me for more info.
Kimi_Coconuts's Avatar Kimi_Coconuts 08:35 PM 03-17-2002
I'll help you out if you need a second person, let me know.
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 03:21 AM 03-19-2002
Count me in too. I have a first grader.
SRHS's Avatar SRHS 05:37 PM 01-17-2003
Fire away, I pulled my ds out of kindergarten this year after one month and we have been homeschooling since. Hope i can be of help.
EOD wife,
Mom to Zac and Luke
CerridwenLorelei's Avatar CerridwenLorelei 07:52 PM 01-17-2003
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