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manitoba_mommy's Avatar manitoba_mommy 12:22 PM 09-22-2003
I was going through my favorites folder today and I came across a few sites that I thought would be realy interesting for home schooling families and that got me wondering what sites you all knew about.

So, I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Enchanted Learning I love this site, the have the neatest print outs ever. You have to join now to get the printer friendly pages but it is possible to cut and paste to a usable word doc.

The encyclopedia mythica One of the webs greatest resources for info on folklore and legends.

Distinguished Women Links to biographies of the world's great women.

Kid's Town A web mag by HS kids for HS kids.

Ok, your turn.


mom2kbeth's Avatar mom2kbeth 03:00 PM 09-24-2003
Those are great sites! Thanks!!

My favorite sites for homeschooling supplies are: - those book clubs that you had in school as a kid. Homeschooling parents can now use them. - now sells art supplies and well as craft supplies, very good prices - more art supplies at reasonable proces, but also dramatic play/physical play things, puzzles, etc.
manitoba_mommy's Avatar manitoba_mommy 03:33 PM 09-24-2003
No, thank you. I was starting to think that everyone thought I was a little weird for going to the net for information...

Anyhow, thanks for the links and here is one more that might be of interest to someone that I found yesterday; . It is the UN's cyber school bus site, a "global teaching and learning project". Very neat for learning about the UN and international issues.

Hope someone enjoys

Wilhemina's Avatar Wilhemina 04:37 PM 09-24-2003
duplicate, sorry
Wilhemina's Avatar Wilhemina 04:41 PM 09-24-2003
Great thread idea. Here a a couple off the top of my head: - a great resource for crafts and games - an extraordinarily fun and educational hobby for learners of all shapes and sizes.
mom2kbeth's Avatar mom2kbeth 10:20 PM 09-24-2003 - free reading lessons online, can also order free reading materials (you have to put the books together and they are very basic phonics books) - really good history lesson plans for all ages - Young Scientists club kits come to your house every month. We just got our first one and dd is really into it (even though lots of it is over her head - she's 3) - free history downloads - math games
chicklet's Avatar chicklet 01:05 AM 09-25-2003
Thanks for the great sites!

Here's a couple I've been using - nice info on oceans & undersea life - excellent!

manitoba_mommy's Avatar manitoba_mommy 02:40 PM 09-27-2003
I found another one;

A to Z Home's Cool (Homeschool) - Homeschooling Web Site , It seems to cover, or link to, just about any topic a home school family could be interested in. I have been going through it all morning and I have barely scratched the surface.

Ali's Avatar Ali 02:56 PM 09-27-2003
I check out the hs social registar to see if anyone has signed up, but really I'm the only one in our county

These are ones I check out quite a bit and actually use a lot of info from them Practically an activity for whatever your child is interested in. I've gotten a lot from here. Even if I didn't use it exactly the way they intended. I really like it. They have really simple things for Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and such. You can print our a story, word search, word scramble, etc. Recipes and crafts for anything immaginable (for the unimaginable, like me) Nursury Rhyme a week, Nursury rhymes for early literacy A lot of other links to take you through (mainly) American History Unit studies. Some of it we can't use do to resources, but it gives me a place to look and books to get. Similar to the above, by the same person or group, I think. It says it's America's coolest magazine for kids. Like the Idea Box, only different

Have Fun!
Monica's Avatar Monica 01:29 AM 09-29-2003 for grades K-3
berryMO's Avatar berryMO 01:38 PM 10-02-2003
Thank you for this thread.

I went to the Enchanted learning site and just loved it!