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JoyfulMomma's Avatar JoyfulMomma 12:56 AM 02-10-2005
A friend of mine has had two previous waterbirths, both in Oregon. She is planning baby #3 and would like to water birth again. Every where she has checked says she can labor in the water but must get out for the actual birth. DOes anybody know somehwere in the DC metro area where they allow waterbirths?


candiland's Avatar candiland 12:56 AM 02-10-2005
I know of a homebirth mw that would rent her a pool!
LukesMum's Avatar LukesMum 08:43 AM 02-11-2005
Kathy Slone CNM in Baltimore!
JoyfulMomma's Avatar JoyfulMomma 03:46 PM 02-14-2005
Originally Posted by LukesMum
Kathy Slone CNM in Baltimore!
Does she do hospital or home? She does not want to do home for a variety of reasons that I am not going to go into - mostly because I don't know them.

My friend actually is in WV..... is there anybody there that does waterbirth?

LukesMum's Avatar LukesMum 05:13 PM 02-14-2005
Kathy Slone delivers at mercy Hospital ( at least thats where she used too) She's wonderful and in private practice. She does some homebirths...but only for non-first time HB mamas.
JoyfulMomma's Avatar JoyfulMomma 01:28 AM 02-16-2005
Thanks again for the information. I will pass it along!