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hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 08:31 PM 02-02-2006
Well, since I didn't see one already started thought that I would go ahead and start one up. Hope you all see this one. Perhaps we will be a bit more chatty this month.


scatterbrainedmom's Avatar scatterbrainedmom 08:32 PM 02-02-2006
i want to do dreads, but DH thinks it is gross! I have looked at all the sites, what would be the easiest? and how hard is it to un-dread?
Lizzo's Avatar Lizzo 02:18 AM 02-03-2006
Hopefully, the lovey Feb vibes will keep this thread hoppin this month!
My dreadies were once two ugly clumps on the side of my head, now they are forming into beautiful locks to be proud of!
sdurdin- Hey mama! Dreads are so beautiful, IMO. If they feel right for you, go for it! I have this photography type book called "Dreads" (wich is SUPER beautiful and I reccomend all of you pick it up!) with a forward by Alice Walker and she writes about how ignorant she once was about dreads and how on the set of The Color Purple, one of the actresses took off her hat and these beautiful locks came tumbling out. Alice was intrigued right away and wanted her hair to look like that. So she went and talked to the woman and the first question she asked was "HOW do you clean them?" And the woman was like "With shampoo" in a 'Duh' voice. My point is, dreads are clean. As clean as you let them be.
It depends how tight the dreadies are and how long you've had them. If you let them dread and then hate it, but don't want to be bald, you can let them grow and/or comb them out. Taking prenatals and flax oil REALLY helps hair grow and look magnificant!
You'll find all different opinions on how to lock your hair. Some swear by never washing, never touching them, some go all out with wax and back combing (which if you think you'll want to comb dreads out these are not the ways to go).
I myself have never used wax, but my DP has and both of ours are pretty! We both use Dr.Bronner's pure Castile soap in Lavender with Tea Tree oil that we add (to keep bugs away, JIC). Just make sure you separate, separate, separate!!! And keep in mind- they'r enot going to look tight and gorgeous over night! Dreads take time, that's part of their beauty!!
choleblack's Avatar choleblack 04:20 AM 02-03-2006
OK, I guess it's about time that I say "hi" to the dready mom's. "hi" I'm chole I've been lurking on the dread thread for a long while. I have dread extentions so I didn't want to post since I sort of feel like a "fake". But I love my hair, a lot better than I like my natural hair. I don't even like to think about being without my dreads.

So here is my question for the dready mom's, what is the texture of your hair when it's not dreaded? I have baby fine, super soft hair. One thing that is holding me back from dreading my natural hair is that it is so fine, I'm worried I'll end up looking more bald than anything. What has your experience been with *thickness*?

scatterbrainedmom's Avatar scatterbrainedmom 06:42 AM 02-03-2006
dread extensions might be the road i need to take for a test drive for DH, can you tell me more about it? I have really looked through numurous dread sites and didn't see anything on extensions.
Lizzo's Avatar Lizzo 01:20 PM 02-03-2006
Interesting. I've never even heard of dread extensions. Any links to pictures or where to buy them?
My hair is thin and fine and I have some phatty natty locks. Some are thin, some are not. I have friends with super thin locks and they look beautiful and I have friends with phatties- they're all beautiful!!!
I worried about the balding thing too. But 3 yr down and it's ok!!!
riverundine's Avatar riverundine 03:20 PM 02-03-2006
i think they have a pic of dread extensions on www.knottyboy.com.

my sister has super fine, soft, thin hair...and she has absolutely beautiful dreads. my hair is super thick, and my dreads are doing alright by me . the bonus she has over me is that since hers are lighter, she does better with the hot dreadie bun action. all that hair on top of my head is too heavy for me .
hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 06:41 PM 02-03-2006
I have naturally curly hair that is EXTREMELY curly. Now, my dreads are curling which I didn't really expect but it is cute I did the braid method on the sides and front and backcombed in the back. I use was occasionally (don't go crazy on the wax a little goes a long way) for the fly aways on the top especially for work. I keep them pulled back for my job but I am going through a huge shrinkage period and it is harder to pull them back. Will have to find a better way.

I can't get them out without shaving my head. I have thick, uber curly hair and there is no way I am going to be able to comb them out. But, that is alright. I have had dreads two other time and knew what to expect. Plus, I don't mind shaving my head if necessary although I think I get more stares that way. People seem to assume a bald women must be sick or something. Weird huh?

Well, glad to see others found this thread. If anyone knows how to post a link in the other thread please do so we don't lose anyone. Thanks.

Hope you all have a nice day.

choleblack's Avatar choleblack 05:22 AM 02-04-2006
Here's a great link on synthetic dread extensions (among other styles)


I am fortunate enough to be close to a girl in Chicago that makes & installs DE's. There are tons of places on-line to purchase them & many tutorials on installing them on line. It is nice because you get used to the look & some of the care involved in having natural dreads but can take them out. It's also easier to change the length, color and you can even add in fun stuff like plastic tubing, LOL.

And just to share, here's a pic or 2 of mine when they were brand new. They are a few months older now (I just had them re-done) so they aren't as shiny but otherwise they still look fabulous.


riverundine's Avatar riverundine 05:28 PM 02-08-2006

nlm, thought i'd bump this so you could see where the dreadie mamas were hiding this month . i bet you are just loving life with the new one!

damn, chole, those are impressive!

hippiemom2, deadhead mamas ride again! saw your post from '04!

still looking for hairyarmpits...where are you, mama?

well, i had a dreadie first the other day. i leaned over to pick up a coin or something while i was vacuuming and, yep, you guessed it, vacuumed up a dread. OOUUCCHHH! it got all coiled and i had to pull with all my might to get it out. . we're both fine now .
hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 02:50 PM 02-09-2006
Ouch that sounds like it would hurt

Ok, I know we have covered this before but someone please remind me-what cures an itchy head? I am beginning to see signs of dandruff and the top of my head is so itchy. I am currently using Suave clarifying shampoo. Is it time to get something with tea tree oil? What about using dandruff shampoo? Any thoughts?

riverundine's Avatar riverundine 07:30 PM 02-09-2006
when i get too dry upstairs i oil my scalp with sesame oil, sometimes adding some lavender essential oil...cuz dh hates the smell of tea tree.
mandyrberry's Avatar mandyrberry 12:08 AM 02-10-2006
i hope to be joining you fine mammas soon. i am growin my hair out to get it long enough. i dont want real short dreads. it is an inch or so longer than my shoulders now. but it keeps fallin out and it is gettin real thin. my DH is so excited that i am going dready. i look forward to some good upkeep tips.
hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 07:19 PM 02-10-2006
Will have to invest in some good oil then. I have got some ITCHIES. I think a lot of it is because things are do darn dry in the casino I work at and I have been working a lot.

I just wanted to say that if any of you are on myspace.com then look me up. If you look for Shelbi C in the zip code of 98225 then you would find me. I even have pics of my kids and everything.

Well, hope you are doing well. Don't have much time to post will have to post more lately.

HairyArmpits's Avatar HairyArmpits 12:52 PM 02-15-2006
I'm back!!! ...and I missed my happy nappy phamily
Will post more later...
soulshinemama's Avatar soulshinemama 05:37 PM 02-15-2006
Hey mamas, hope all is well with everyone. Sorry it has been so long. Our beautiful baby girl was born on Feb. 10th! Her name is Meadow Lilliana, she was 7lbs and born at 5:53 AM. I couldn't sleep that night so I got in the tub to relax, my contractions then were 4 min. apart. I called my midwife...we arrived at the hospital at 2:30 AM. I just relaxed in the tub there and then got out when it was getting more intense, she said I was ready to push and a little while later she was born. Very fast and beautiful birth! And a surprise...my dh had convinced me we were having another boy! We are enjoying our babymoon so I will check in later, just wanted to let you know.

Peace, Sarah
scatterbrainedmom's Avatar scatterbrainedmom 06:28 PM 02-15-2006
hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 07:52 PM 02-15-2006
Congratulations! What a beautiful name! Enjoy your baby moon.

riverundine's Avatar riverundine 07:58 PM 02-15-2006
welcome to the world, meadow
gillieanne's Avatar gillieanne 10:56 PM 02-15-2006
Hello Sistas~
I am new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself. My dp and I both have locks. Right now mine have some spittup in them. I just gave birth on jan. 26th to a beautiful little boy. What was really annoying the whole pregnacy people would come up and ask if our baby was gonna be born with dreads.

Well..I am just glad to see some kynd mommies out there. Oh anHI LIZ!!
Lizzo's Avatar Lizzo 02:44 AM 02-19-2006
Hey dreadie goddess mama!! And HEY GILLIANNE
This threa is far too sleepy for such hip mamas as ourselves! Or maybe it's sleepy b/c we're off doin way coller thangs with our dreadie selves!
Well...CONGRATS and Welcome to Miss Meadow!! What a beautiful name!
I FINALLY cut apart my dreadies that were SO horribly congoed! I feel SO free! It's so nice to wear my hair down and put it in all my fresh hair wraps! And DS thinks they're so funny!
Speaking of sweet, sweet DS...HE IS ELEVEN MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!!! Where has the time gone??? I cannot believe!
It is so crazy to think back to this time last year...for a little while I was getting all sad and super nostalgic thinking about his babyhood ending, but he's so wonderfull and so happy being himself, so happy doing all the amaizng things he does and I love watching him as he develops and evovles into this connected,bright,shiny spirit! I really love being his mama!
Anywho...Much love mamas!
love2all's Avatar love2all 03:53 PM 02-19-2006
hey all- just chiming in afte a long winter break
hope all is well with everyone- life here is crazy with three as always- never much down time to sit here and read but i miss it soooo much
i dreamed my dear girlfriend cut her dreads the other night- kinda left me feeling alone in the dream- like where have all the dreadie mamas gone to??
but being here today is baeutiful;
much peace
HairyArmpits's Avatar HairyArmpits 01:00 PM 02-21-2006
Hello, all you superfly raggamuffins!
Liz...we gotta see some pix of your 'do! oh, and your boy too... almost 1...WOW! My girls just turned 2... I can't beleive it! (I've gotta pick your brain a little, too, because I've decided to begin training to be a doula...so exciting! Need some advice!)
Lots of us cuttin lately, huh? I'm still locked up tight! But I wanna see some short-hair pix, mamas!
gillieanne's Avatar gillieanne 02:39 PM 02-21-2006
I thought this would be a good place to ask a question about locks. My dp has really long, thick dreads....they are down to his butt. Lately he has been really uncomfertable with them, he blows glass and we live in los angeles so it gets super hot, and his are just so big. He doesnt want to cut them off and goddess knows I dont want him to cut, but we were wondering about trimming. Can you trim locks? I have never heard of anyone doing it. He has had them for over five years so I dont think they will unravel on the bottoms. Will it just look weird? Thanks for reading. And much love to all you beautiful dreadie mommies!
gabysmom617's Avatar gabysmom617 03:32 PM 02-21-2006
I also would like to ask a question, I also asked this question in another thread, too, but would also like to ask hear:

I would like to go to a salon to get my locs started....but I am bfingmy 8 month old. I HATE pumping milk, and I don't own a pump (other than that dinky manual thing they gave me at WIC) My baby doesn't take bottles.

So what would be the best way to swing getting my head worked on while taking care of my 8 month old?

I was thinking that I could schedule an appointment while my husband was off, and just have my husband take care of him, and just bring him to me whenever he gets hungry. He is about 90% exclusively breastfed.

I just hope I can find a salon that will be tolerable of this.

Or perhaps I should just find some one to do it freelance?

Not sure what to do....
riverundine's Avatar riverundine 03:43 PM 02-21-2006
gillieanne - i'm no help w/ the trimming. mine self trim when they get to my waist. hopefully someone else can be of more help to you .

gabysmom617 - i wouldn't worry about the salon caring. your idea about taking dh sounds like it makes sense. you can bf anywhere you want.
Lizzo's Avatar Lizzo 06:17 PM 02-21-2006
HairyPits- pick my brain, mama! I've got a ton of info! I can send you prenatal forms, my old DONA newsletters...whateva! I've decided not to be ceritfied though b/c I don't really want to follow all the rules...but that's just what works for me.
Gillianne- You can trim. My dreads were HORRIBLY congoed (ask Whit from the PBs!) and I recently cut them apart.They didn't unravel or fall apart. The edges where I cut are scratchy, but they'll "heal".
Plus, after five years, those locks are pretty tight! I think a trim wouldn't hurt. I have some recipes for lock tea and if you want, PM me and I can give you them. One tightens dreads, so after he snips, he can put some on and they'll go back faster.
Gabysmom- I'd go with the DH idea too. My DS hasn't taken a bottle since he was 2 mons old, he refused (which got us in trouble when I had to take My GED when he was 5 mons!) But...it has never been an issue. I did the same thing sort of when my DS was 8 months and 100% EBF, but it was a doula training in Maryland. All DS wanted to do was crawl and my mom (DP couldn't come down) took him places and they had fun and he'd come back to nurse. It worked well. He actually did better when he was away from me, then when he spent time there.
NattylockedMama's Avatar NattylockedMama 08:19 PM 02-21-2006
Hello,Hello mamas!!! I could not find ya for a while but.....here I am back and I have missed ya mamas!! Riverundine thanks for the bump mama Oh and anouther reason to stay away from the vacuume cleaner (like I need one) must have looked something like this
Soulshine congrats on your new little perfect peice of perfection!!!!!: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Meadow Lilliana (I'm lovin' the name too!!)
Gillieanne........ Congrats on your perfect little one too!!! I have seen some old rasta elders that have trimed some of their locks and it looks real hip!! They guy i'm thinkin of trimed some real short and left the other ones long he had a combo of diffrent lengths realy it was nice.
Lot's of new mamas good to see!!!
Lizzo.........Glad to hear things are goin good for you and your little man!!! I was also thinkin about goin the doula route how long did it take you to complete the training?
HairyArmPits we have missed ya!!! I was lookin at my gift ya sent me and was thinkin' about ya the other day! Sooo glad your back mama how are your 2 little mamas?? I bet they are keepin' ya real bizzy!!! I was wondering if I could special order some glass from you?? I need a prego african woman like a statue or somethin to give as a gift. How long would it take you??? How much would it be $$ I just love your work PM me and let me know if ya can do it.
Choleblack....... I could not see your pictures mama???
gabysmom617........ If you don't wanna worrie about getin' your dreads done mabey you should just go the natural route but if ya have to get um put in nurse where ever ya need to mama!!!! You should never have to worrie about someones reaction to your feeding your baby!!! I would take your dh with if ya can but it may be eaiser just to let um go and lock up on their own.
Love2all..........You have 3 kids too mama I'm just startin' to get ajusted to that It can be like running a blender with the lid off but I love,love,love it!!!
Hippiemom2.......... I wanna see pictures of your curly locks. When ever I wrap mine up when they are a little wet by the time I take em down they are curly from dryin that way and it is not cute on me! I wanna see someone it looks cute on!!!
Well I could just forever but I'm wearin' Haile in her wrap right now and she want's me to stand and bounce sooo...... Here I go off bouncin' around the room
choleblack's Avatar choleblack 01:36 AM 02-22-2006
oops sorry about those pics girls. I had someone steal photo's off my photosite (to bad mouth me of all things) so I had to change the address. Here's the right one


The first 2 are about 6 months old now. In the last one you can see the length pretty well. They're 30" at the longest. You can also see my homemade open top hat & my tie dyed bathroom.

Sonie, depending on where you are you might want to find someone to do your locks in your own house. The gal who does mine came to my house this last time, instead of my going to her shop, and it was really nice. We had lunch, my DD played, we watched cartoons while she worked & we chatted. Like having a friend over & getting your hair done at the same time.

so here's another topic of conversation. What soap/shampoo do you all use. I've found that using diluted Dr. B's peppermint leaves my scalp itchie & with more white residue than when I use my DD's chamomile shampoo. I rinse plenty (use the massage setting on the shower head to really get in there) so I don't think that's the problem.

gabysmom617's Avatar gabysmom617 04:41 AM 02-22-2006
Thanks for the advice yall! I'm still just a little shy about NIP, although I force myself not to care. I whip it out pretty much anywhere, (especially if i rememberd to bring either my sling or my frankenkozy, it gives a bit more security). Some of the salons I looked up say no children allowed, so I was wondering if that would apply to my hubby bringing in my babe periodically to nurse. I will call and ask tomorrow.

But I heard about some sort of soap people use to wash their hair with, and it supposedly makes your hair real soft and healthy...

What is that soap called? where would I find it?
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