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wende's Avatar wende 04:29 AM 02-22-2006
I could have sworn that this was asked here before but doing a search didn't bring anything up. Can someone give me the name of a good kids dentist in Portland? I'm in SW but am willing to drive for a dentist who's worth it. My son is 2 and he's been tantruming for days and complaining that his teeth hurt. Tonight when I went to brush his teeth his gums started bleeding every time the toothbrush touched his mouth. Also, dh just got his insurance info from work and OMG I can't believe how much it is! $700 a month to cover the family. Does anyone know of a more affordable health/dental plan out there?

ddschlr's Avatar ddschlr 03:57 AM 02-24-2006
I am looking for a dentist also. We do not have dental insurance so I am looking at dental discount plans $189 for the family. Dentists you can see are very restricted but it may be more cost effective. Google dentist discount plans.

Good Luck
Kitsune6's Avatar Kitsune6 04:27 PM 02-24-2006
There is a ped dentist right by my house called the Shoebox Pediatric. The assistants are nice and the Dentist is nice. We haven't had any issues and have just been in twice for regular cleanings. My DD is 3 1/2.

We are out in Bethany on the other side of Beaverton, you guys are in multnomah village right? It wouldn't be a terrible drive. They are building quite a bit of new medical offices out here. They just put in an OHSU Doernbecker clinic.

Hope this can help you out!