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mommystinch's Avatar mommystinch 02:52 PM 06-17-2007
Is anyone here from Amelia, or can you tell me anything about it? How friendly are the people, is life slower paced (I'm currently between DC and Baltimore.. everything here is rush, go, stress, traffic, etc), are there good vegetarian/organic options nearby, etc.

Thank you

CityGranola's Avatar CityGranola 02:33 AM 06-23-2007
I work near Amelia, I actually live right by Kings Island - about 30 minutes away.

There's lots of fresh-farm type places, Trader Joe's, Wild Oats, etc. As for restaurants for vegetarians, Moe's is my fave! (Simple, cheap, and YUMM-O!) There are a few vegetarian only places, but I have been less than impressed with them.

Are you moving here soon?

The pace here is pretty moderate, I think. Definitely not city life, but I've also lived in rural Kentucky and it's not that either! So, I call it middle of the road. Pretty much that sums up my experience in this area - and I kinda' like it!
TheLuckiestEllie's Avatar TheLuckiestEllie 01:01 AM 06-24-2007
Hello! I Amelia is on the east side of Cincinnati, and I live on the west side, so I know some info about it. However you'll find a huge divide between the west side and east side--we joke that you need a passport to go from one side to the other!

I'd say the pace is pretty moderate too. It's definitely slower than DC or Baltimore! You can probably find some decent farmer's markets around, plus Wild Oats, Trader Joe's, etc. I'd say the people are pretty friendly. Cincinnati is very conservative overall, and not terribly vegetarian-friendly, but I've never really had a problem finding food. Traffic really depends on where exactly you live and work. Some parts are problem-free, some are horrendous. Overall I really like it here.

mommystinch's Avatar mommystinch 10:02 AM 06-24-2007
Thank you both for responding I got worried that absolutely no one from MDC was in that area!

To answer CityGranola's question, If we move there, I don't know when it will be. Everything is really up in the air right now. But, I'm not the sort of person that you can just plop somewhere and I'll be allright. So, I'm trying to get a feel for the area's that have been brought up before deciding if they're even options.

I like that it is slower paced. I'm deffinitely not a city person. However, I've lived so close to Baltimore all my life that it would probably be hard to be completely rural. I am too used to being able to just go into the city to do something if I want. Not that it happens often, but I like that I can.

What counts as horrendous traffic there? My husband's 45 mile commute home from DC usually takes almost 2 hours! Blah
CityGranola's Avatar CityGranola 02:56 AM 06-25-2007
Well, I work 25 miles from home, takes me 25 minutes to get to work. IF it snows, it can take 2 hours! (It always seems I'm heading to work right before they get the salt trucks out!)

And, if you have to go into the city at rush hour, a 30 mile drive can take an hour, but usually it's not too bad unless there's a major accident or something.

In fairness, I do love living here - it's far enough in the 'burbs that I can be away from the city, but close enough that it's 30 minutes or less to the zoo, the aquarium, baseball, football, art museums, the Freedom Center, perfomring arts, concerts, etc. I really do like it in the area, as much as I say i want to leave!