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flowmom's Avatar flowmom 03:49 AM 08-22-2007
So, mamas from the Greater Vancouver Area, what's your fall schedule looking like? So far we have the following: Last year the above activities worked for both ds and dd, though this year it might be a bit more tricky with dd at the Ecology Centre. And not sure how naps will work for attending Hula Hoot in the afternoons either .
What about you? :

artparent's Avatar artparent 04:02 AM 08-22-2007
we're thinking violin on fridays, maybe. soccer saturdays (while i go to yoga, if my wishes come true). drop in thursdays. we have a standing date on wednesdays with a homelearning family, we'll be swimming when the strike ends. possible some dance, but we may leave that for later on when the weather changes for the worse. wait, it already did :

mirthfulmum's Avatar mirthfulmum 11:59 AM 08-22-2007
Alias has Kindergarten in the mornings M-F (done at 11:45).
We're planning to sign up for Ecology Centre classes (both boys) so that's an occasional Monday.
Harrison has creative movement at Arts Umbrella Tuesday mornings.
Alias has dress up drama at Arts Umbrella on Wednesday afternoons.
We'll be meeting up with the Home learners at around noon (there's something amusing to me about still catching the tail end of the drop in even though Alias is in school).
And I was going to sign the boys up for swimming classes at the Aquatic Centre but now 'cause of the strike that's not going to happen this fall. And I haven't heard good things about Aquaventures... and they're so bloody expensive.

Alias really wants to do soccer... where's a good soccer (non community centre) soccer program?
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 01:50 PM 08-22-2007
Monday mornings I have LLL twice a month, plus I'll be doing some teaching at UBC in Sept. Monday afternoons we'll be at the Ecology Centre.

Tuesdays at noon we have gym class at Flicka (might see you there, ksenia!).

Wednesdays my sitter comes and I'll be working, at least in the mornings).

Thursday is homelearner dropin at Strathcona.

Fridays is our "hang out at home" day as DH gets every other friday off from work.
flowmom's Avatar flowmom 02:07 PM 08-22-2007
Originally Posted by mirthfulmum View Post
Harrison has creative movement at Arts Umbrella Tuesday mornings.
Alias has dress up drama at Arts Umbrella on Wednesday afternoons.
Those sound fun! Have you taken classes there before? I wonder how ds would do in a class by himself?
Autumn Mama's Avatar Autumn Mama 05:51 PM 08-22-2007
Originally Posted by Ksenia View Post
So, mamas from the Greater Vancouver Area, what's your fall schedule looking like? So far we have the following.....
What about you? :
Great thread Ksenia!!! Thanks for starting it! I'm avidly : I've been a reluctant mama with regards to signing us up for classes thus far, and with a six hour school schedule soon to begin, I'm not sure what to decide on. I'm not sure where I will fit it in!! DS1 has expressed an interest in socccer too, and while we were up at Alice Lake this past weekend, he was delighted to be "playing soccer" with a soccer Dad and his similar aged daughter who we met on the grassy field by the beach. Watching the respectful way he interacted with both his daughter and my DS, I asked him if he was a coach. He was actually a ski instructor, but had also done kids sports coaching. He suggested looking for someone certified as a coach, who had been interested enough in coaching to go through the certification process. I would really want to make sure I found a good coach/child fit for my DS. Off topic!...

I'm also thinking of Arts classes (music, drama/movement, pottery etc.), and we've loved the summer series that we've been doing at the Ecology Centre, so if I can fit that in somewhere, I would continue that. I'll keep reading along, too!!
Music-mommy's Avatar Music-mommy 03:46 AM 08-23-2007
Here's mine so far:

Mondays - girls go to a family daycare from 9-2 so I can work from home
Tuesday - Kali does Arts umbrella Arts Start and Dress up drama
Wed - Kali spends the day with my mom speaking french and does North Shore Circus arts in the aft. I get special time with Naomi
Thurs - not sure, Strathcona drop in, if Kali is interested, and/or Musical theatre or tap dancing...
Friday - NOTHING! hang out, do whatever... Or maybe Friday morning Naomi spends a few hours with my mom and I get special time with Kali....
mirthfulmum's Avatar mirthfulmum 04:00 AM 08-23-2007
Originally Posted by Ksenia View Post
Those sound fun! Have you taken classes there before? I wonder how ds would do in a class by himself?
I love Arts Umbrella. Alias has been taking the Dress Up Drama class for 2 sessions now and absolutly adores it. The teacher tells a story, then they dress up and act it out. It's very open and free form. It's really just about letting your imagination go wild and having a good time.
And Harry's creative movement class is parent participation so I'm pretty excited about that. It'll be so great for us to have something special together. Plus I think Sadie will really enjoy groovin' around on my back too.

So it was decided this evening that swimming's out (can not find reasonably priced classes) and we're Alias registering for indoor soccer at the Jewish Community Centre.
robugmum's Avatar robugmum 12:56 PM 08-23-2007
I have Mary in a Mama and Me arts and movement class at Arts Umbrella on Tuesday mornings. Kazia, maybe we'll be there together!:
Oscar is in Soccer with the Grandview Legion league - not sure what his day for practice will be though.
Rose will be dancing either Tues or Thurs after school.
I'm looking into either gymnastics or Tai Kwon Do for both older kids to do at the same time, if possible - maybe at Flicka.
We'll see what actually ends up happening though - I am very reluctant to overschedule - it already looks like a lot!

This year is the first time Oscar is doing winter soccer - I've never been willing to do anything that involved a weekend time slot before. He had such a good time playing in Britannia's Micro Footie spring league though that I have relented! I have never seen him look so joyous as when he was running around on the field! He'll have to miss the occasional game though - we go away on weekends quite often.
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 12:58 PM 08-23-2007
Originally Posted by Autumn Mama View Post
... with a six hour school schedule soon to begin, I'm not sure what to decide on. I'm not sure where I will fit it in!
Was it you that was considering homeschooling? Just think, you could have all day, every day in which to do whatever classes you like! :

gr8fulmom's Avatar gr8fulmom 03:37 PM 08-23-2007
hmmm... still figuring this out!

Monday is: mornign at home... then piano lessons for both boys, then chess club at the library and library time
Tuesday is: our free day! for meetups with friends... hiking... geocaching... etc...
Wednesday is: Daddy Day... I work and dh has the kids
Thursday is: morning at home then gymnastics in the afternoon at Arenex... (still need to sign up!)
Friday is: morning at home and then Hula Hoot in the afternoon every other week (I think that's what they said) alternating with Trout Lake gym (we may try the gym this year...)

and we need to fit in Tae Kwon Do twice a week but that is drop in

and I want to start going to our local lapidary again on some Friday nights... and Cass wants me to sign him up for fencing!! and Malcolm wants to take some kind of art and I will put them all in swimming lessons at least once during the year!!

that sound like enough to me!
mirthfulmum's Avatar mirthfulmum 01:08 AM 08-24-2007
Originally Posted by robugmum View Post
I have Mary in a Mama and Me arts and movement class at Arts Umbrella on Tuesday mornings. Kazia, maybe we'll be there together!:
That'll be cool! Hope we see you there.
dutchgal's Avatar dutchgal 04:54 PM 09-22-2007
...and here I thought you homeschooling folk just let your kids run around like a pack of wild wolves....:
beaner&tiegs's Avatar beaner&tiegs 12:45 AM 09-23-2007
Te he - and I'm sure they'd be happiest and would learn the most if we did, but somehow we're all still drawn to the classes - things we loved as kids, and think our kids should learn. When I ask Kea if she would like to take a certain class she usually says yes, but ultimately she would probably be happy with no classes!

Having said that......Tiegan has preschool on Mon, Tue and Wed afternoons. If the strike is ever over, I will sign her up for swimming and skating sessions on Sat. mornings. Kea has a busy Tue and Thur, and then I'm trying to keep Mon, Wed and Fri fairly open and free for field trips and impromptu playdates! Tue she has a science and nature class with a friend in the morning, and then visual arts at Arts Umbrella in the afternoon. When the strike is over, she will also have figure skating on Tue evenings - these were all specific classes I wanted and they all happened to fall on Tue! Thur we have the Strathcona drop-in, and again if the strike is ever over, she has requested ballet in the late afternoon. Sat mornings (once more strike pending) I would love to sign up for parent child pottery classes so kea and I could have one-on-one time - but we'll see!!!!

I'm going to try and coordinate more field trips and outings this year, as opposed to more classes - we'll see how it goes!!!
Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 01:22 AM 09-23-2007
Originally Posted by dutchgal View Post
...and here I thought you homeschooling folk just let your kids run around like a pack of wild wolves....:
I'm not an official homeschooler, yet (Emma still isn't school-aged), but I'm afraid that's more or less how I operate. I probably need to get some kind of schedule in place, but scheduled activities make me stressed, so I don't think I'll set up too many of them...
Autumn Mama's Avatar Autumn Mama 03:43 AM 09-23-2007
Our schedule is gently taking shape...the "fixed" things (classes) are: Ecology Centre classes for fours/fives (we can still squeeze in until DS1 turns six in December, and I don't know if we're "allowed" to come after that ) on Monday mornings. We often stay later to explore, walk in the forest, see the water. Then Tuesday afternoons DS1 has a pottery class through the Richmond Cultural Centre that he loves! It's an hour and a half long. This gives me a little time to hit the mall (across the street) for any groceries or such, but preferably that time block will morph into time at the library which is downstairs from DS1's pottery. Right now, the vastness of the library overwhelms DS2 and all he wants to do is nurse and cling. Which is fine, but we can't read much with all of that! I will ease him into being there. While it's nice he and I can walk outside too, under the trees and watch the squirrels foraging. Okay, then Wednesday afternoon is Dress-up Drama at the Arts Umbrella which we will likely continue-still ironing out some issues there...not thrilled with our instructor and DS1 thought the length of the class was too short. Thursday will see us potentially and hopefully hooking up with other homelearners. Friday is free for now, a day to gear up for our weekends with Dad when we usually plan family field trips together or hit the garden to create, dig, divide, plant etc.

We will incorporate library visits once a week for all of us, as Matthew is loving the freedom he experiences there to research, choose books, get to know the librarians etc. It was newly renovated (not at all attractive anymore, too claustrophobic and stiff-especially the kids' area! : ) and we're getting used to finding everything all over again! I would eventually like to plan a volunteer activity to do with my kids, perhaps Streamkeepers or serving at an animal shelter in Richmond or close by. Matthew loves to give to little critters and he is very nurturing with any living thing...That may wait until Spring or next year.

We have memberships to Vandusen Gardens, the Reifell Bird Sanctuary and now Science World too, so will go as frequently as desired. We also frequent the beach in Tsawwassen with lovely meandering trails and beautiful shoreline and sand bars to wander...and it's so peaceful in September and October! We bike ride or build castles or create waterways or

We may work on incorporating a music class, perhaps fiddle if there is a class fort hat for little folk, and swimming lessons too over the year, maybe spring. I may research to find something drama-y on our side of the water. Granville Island is too crazy for parking and the drive is a bit long for only 45 minutes (unless we stay to play with Kazia's boys! )

That's the schedule!
Music-mommy's Avatar Music-mommy 04:46 AM 09-23-2007
ok ok some of you will probably think I'm a nutball, but Kali really gets ansty when we don't have things scheduled... also I find it hard to do much of anything one on one with her with a toddler running around peeing on the floor every 5 minutes!

So here's our schedule for now

Mondays - both girls at a family day care 9-2pm, then Kali has Circus trapeze from 3;30-4:30
Tuesdays - Playdate/childswapping with another HS mom
Wed - Naomi gets special day with grandmaman and Kali gets special day with me, and HS Circus from 1:30-3pm, and violin from 3:30-4
Thurs - Kali has pottery from 1:30-2:30 and Choir from 3:30-4:15
Friday - Kali is a her grandmaman's learning french and I have special day with Naomi (maybe go swimming?)
vancouverlori's Avatar vancouverlori 05:51 AM 09-23-2007
Of course, we're at work all day weekdays, but we have:

Friday evening: Family Pyjama Gym at Phoenix gymnastics
Saturday afternoon: Leaping Lemurs also at Phoenix gymnastics (old location).

I can't believe how much Wes decided to spend on gymnastics for the little guy : , but he has loved his classes so far. The Family Pyjama Gym is not as fun as the last time we went (18 mos ago?) b/c they have more classes going on at the same time (due to the strike, maybe?), so we don't have access to the really long trampoline ("speed track") and are limited to just the one area of the gym. But we still like to play with the various mats and equipment as though they are building blocks and we build all kinds of life-size structures.

... sniff... who wishes she could homeschool too...
ThereYouAre's Avatar ThereYouAre 05:02 PM 09-23-2007
Originally Posted by gr8fulmom View Post

and we need to fit in Tae Kwon Do twice a week but that is drop in
that sound like enough to me!
Busy schedule.

Where do you go for Tae Kwon Do drop in? How does the drop in work?

Have you ever tried Quantum Gymnastics drop in?

How long does it take you to drive to New West for Hula Hoot?

Homeschooling ds 6 yrs & dd 3 yrs & baby ds Aug 07 up/uc
mimi!'s Avatar mimi! 02:36 AM 09-24-2007
How did I miss this thread earlier?:
Alison's Mom's Avatar Alison's Mom 04:04 AM 09-24-2007
Our schedule is the following:
Monday - nothing, probably errands if necessary or an am playdate
Tuesday - preschool for A in the am
Wed - parent participation ballet for A in the am, hopefully will work out with G tagging along
Thursday - preschool for A in the am
Friday - probably spend the day at the grandparents' place