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staceychev's Avatar staceychev 11:52 AM 02-24-2008
I just wanted to make a plug for Jane of Quirky Baby because we recently had the most wonderful experience with her. Not only does she sell lots of carriers through her website, but she does consultations for people in the area.

I gave my cousin a gift certificate for her baby shower (knowing that carriers are personal things and the Hotsling I gave my sis bombed). My cousin, sister and I went up to Princeton to see Jane and she spent almost 2 hours demonstrating slings, wraps, and other carriers and giving us the benefit of all her knowledge. If you're in the area, I can't recommend her enough.

(note to mods--didn't know if this was OK since I don't have any affiliation with her so it's not advertising... and it is a "local" thing)

PiePie's Avatar PiePie 11:06 PM 02-25-2008
where in princeton is quirky baby?
nabigus's Avatar nabigus 11:30 PM 02-25-2008
QuirkyBaby isn't a brick-and-mortar store, it's run out of Jane's house. Here's the website:

and the "faq" section: (She does consultations by appointment.)