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dachshund mom's Avatar dachshund mom 08:34 PM 04-28-2009
I had sort of bad tearing, 35 stitches or so, and we had to transfer to the hospital to stitch me up. My very experienced midwife said the tearing was an unusual pattern, all over the place, one of the worst she's seen. She said that maybe she should of done an episiotomy. It was a natural birth without any forceps or anything. I was pushing on a birth stool until the end - mw thought placenta was detaching because of the blood and had me get in bed to check it out.

So, do you think it will happen again IF I have another?

BoringTales's Avatar BoringTales 08:56 PM 04-28-2009
I had pretty substantial tearing with my first, mostly due to having a vaccuum assisted delivery. I had barely a 'skid mark' with my 2nd.

You usually tear less with subsequent children....the path has been paved, so to speak! lol
kltroy's Avatar kltroy 12:11 AM 04-29-2009
No personal experience, but the PP sounds exactly like my sister's two deliveries. Her first was a vacuum delivery with major tearing. Second came out in 2 pushes.
Sarahstw's Avatar Sarahstw 12:30 AM 04-29-2009
I'm not sure what "all over the place" means but I was just responding to a similar post regarding a fourth degree tear (you would know if yours was that bad) and the stats say that the chance of a tear that severe returning are quite low (10% at worst). So, one could surmise that your chances are about the same or less. I agree with whoever posted that you're less likely to tear in subsequent births than with the first.

hope that helps
mamallama's Avatar mamallama 12:35 AM 04-29-2009
My first had a nuchal hand. The tearing went every which way, perineum, urethra, labia on both sides. Fortunately, the most severe was labial--just cosmetic. The urethral tear hurt like a <expletive,> but it healed ok. Unfortunately, my perineal tear developed a cyst when it healed. I had discomfort with sex and even just sitting until after my second birth when I finally had it repaired.

Going into my second birth, I was scared. Really, truly afraid. I felt like homebirth was my best option (the tear wasn't all that I disliked about my first birth.) Waterbirth is supposedly great for preventing tears, but it didn't appeal to me.

I decided on 2 things--1, not to push unless I absolutely couldn't help it, and 2, to stay off my back and off my feet at all costs. I wanted plenty of time to stretch. I worked hard on preparing not to push. When the time came, I breathed through the pushing contractions until I couldn't any longer, and then I restrained myself as much as I could and only pushed a tiny bit. Her head was born after two tiny pushes, her shoulders and body after the third. She was a big baby, so I had to go big with the third push. At the time, I was focused on getting her out, so my fear of tearing didn't even cross my mind.

I only tore a tiny bit--enough to expose the cyst, which my midwife then removed before she gave me only a couple of stitches. It healed beautifully. I have been pain-free ever since. (My labia still "have character" )

I clearly remember sitting on cold concrete steps 10 days after my second birth and thinking to myself "I've been sitting here for a while and it doesn't hurt a bit!"

My third child just kind of fell out (on land--actually, the bathroom floor.) No tearing, no discomfort, nothing. He was 10lb, 2oz.
dachshund mom's Avatar dachshund mom 03:43 PM 04-29-2009
Yes, like mamallama it went in all directions, labia, rectum, sideways on the perineum. The thing is, everyone who has said they didn't tear the next time had some cause for the tearing like vacuum, nuchal hand, something. Mine just happened. Her head was even below average size. I was only in labor for 7 hours though, 1.5 pushing. And how would you even keep from pushing?? Wow. I had a lip and it was so hard to fight it. That was the only way for me to stop the pain.

I think if I had another baby, I'd get a c/s or at least do it in the hospital since I ended up there anyway. Crazy, I know.
mamallama's Avatar mamallama 12:29 AM 04-30-2009
What do you mean when you say you pushed on the birth stool until the end? Was your baby born on the birth stool? Did your midwife catch?

edited to add: sometimes a cervical lip indicates a posterior position. I wonder if you spent most of that pushing time helping your baby rotate, and then once she got turned around, she flew out fast? A fast birth in a squatting position (ie, birth stool,) can cause a bad tear.
jenkuh's Avatar jenkuh 12:36 AM 04-30-2009
I got a bad 4th degree tear with my first that needed additional surgery to repair 4 months later due to an anal fistula.

Just had my second 4 months ago and barely a skid mark. This thread was very useful:

dachshund mom's Avatar dachshund mom 07:16 PM 04-30-2009
I'm reading that thread, thank you.

I was on the toilet pushing for a long time, then the mw wanted me to move over to the birth stool so she could get a look at where the blood was coming from. I was on the bed at the end because she thought maybe the placenta was detaching and couldnt get a heartbeat. Of course at the time I had no idea what was going on.

She was LOA when I started labor. That's interesting though. Maybe she got out of position. I pushed a long time, but maybe she wasn't moving down till the end. The mw held the lip out of the way during a couple of contractions (after asking me) because I was really struggling not to push. Her head was a little bit sideways when she came out.
Vaske's Avatar Vaske 12:12 AM 05-01-2009
My first baby had a pretty small head, descended quickly, and burst right out with a second-degree tear. I tried not to push hard at the end, but it was happening anyway. They spent a whole hour stitching it up (student doctor under supervision) and wouldn't even tell me how many stitches I got. :

My second baby had a big head, came down to the perineum more slowly, and I was able to ease off pushing enough to really give myself a chance to stretch. He couldn't just burst through because his head was too big! Only had two little tears; no stitches necessary.
Treece's Avatar Treece 12:43 AM 05-01-2009
My ds1, I had a 3rd degree episiotomy. When I asked how many stitches, the "doctor" said it was like sewing a seam together, "one long stitch" Whatever. I had incredible pain. With ds2, I had barely a 1st degree tear with no stitching (thanks mamas for the stregnth to go with my body on that). Healed up marvelously. I remember s@x not hurting after less than a week