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DevaMajka's Avatar DevaMajka 09:55 PM 05-03-2009
I'm curious if a traumatic birth makes it more likely for a woman to have baby blues or ppd.

Since my traumatic birth 4.5 years ago, I've been amazed that I didn't have any baby blues. I've had depression before, and I'm prone to seasonal depression, etc. And my ds's birth freaked me out, big time- the nurses were greatful that I lived (meaning they thought there was a chance I wouldn't) and I was so close to having a hysterectomy, that I'd already signed the consent form. And those are just two pieces of it!
So I'm really surprised that I didn't have any blues or ppd afterwards.

Just wondering if anyone else had the same type of experience.

Beccadoula's Avatar Beccadoula 11:31 PM 05-03-2009
I think that many women experience a lot of medical interventions and close encounters without feeling attacked or abused, but those who feel violated by the experience do tend to have more depression PP. I have done labor support that didn't turn out at all ideal to my mind, but because the mom was really supported, encouraged and treated with respect she can recall the birth with confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. Take the respect and support away and PPD is far more likely, that's my take on it anyway.