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readytobedone's Avatar readytobedone 02:36 PM 05-07-2009
yesterday was DD's second birthday. i so poignantly remember how HORRIBLE last year was...for weeks leading up to the day, i was a nervous wreck, insomnia and flashbacks and crying

and on the day of, i was so upset, i had to go to walk-in counseling at my school counseling center. i was panicked all day. (of course, this horrible anniversary was what led me into serious counseling, which i sorely needed, and finally convinced me to take zoloft.)

well, this year was MUCH better--almost normal. leading up to the birthday, i was mostly excited about her party :

we talked a lot about how she was going to be 2, and she kept singing "happy birthday to YOU" for the past week

and on the actual day, yesterday, here is what we did: went over to a friend's for a playdate, came home, ate lunch, DD napped, and when she woke up we listened to the rolling stones, danced and folded laundry

then when DH came home, we took some birthday pics, ordered out DD's favorite food (mexican), and put her to bed. it was a normal, happy, day.

it is possible, mamas. that's all i wanted to say. healing vibes to all of you who are struggling with this.

mandib50's Avatar mandib50 04:41 PM 05-10-2009
so glad to hear how things turned around for you