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SashaBear's Avatar SashaBear 12:19 PM 03-01-2010
I had a conversation with DH Saturday night. It sounds like we are definitely going to have another baby one of these days. We both think I should lose weight and get in better shape first. DH knows that I want a VBAC and will go along with it. I'll admit that I think he doesnt have much faith in me but thats okay.

Unfortunately I don't want to go back to the OB that sectioned me and he does. I dont even want to go back to that hospital. I'm afraid it will be too hard for me to go back in the same hospital that my daughter almost died in. DH wants to go back there because the nurses were so wonderful and they were. My nurses worked overtime to stay with me during the next shift. One even came back the next day to check on me.

Right now I'm just going to drop it. I want a homebirth and I know DH wont go along with that until he talks to the midwife. Thats just him. He believes people, not things.

My mom is another story! Thankfully she doesn't have to be convinced. She doesn't have a choice.

GoestoShow's Avatar GoestoShow 12:23 PM 03-01-2010


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