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I am frantically searching for ANYONE who has a similar birth story to mine, because I REALLY REALLY want a VBAC when i have my next child, but i keep getting more and more discouraged.
I'll start from the beginning. I was induced a week early for severe swelling, protein in my urine and slightly high blood pressure. I later found out i could have waited, but i didnt know, this was my first baby. Anyways, i went in and was giving Cervidil twice, which did NOTHING. Then they started the Pictocin. Within 30 minutes Liam was reacting badly to it. His heartrate kept going up and down. After 10 hours of him doing that they took me off for an hour. They kept checking me, but my body was making zero progress. So they put me back on and left me one for another 10 hours. My contractions were literally 30 seconds to 1 minute apart, and his heart kept dropping. So they decide to manually dilate me, so they put this balloon type thing in my cervix, blow it up with water (which hurt horribly) to about 4 cm and wait for it to fall out. So 6 hours later it fell out, so the doctor decided it was time to break my water. When she did, there as Meconium everywhere. She told me she wanted me to get an Epidural because she was certain i was going to be a c-section. So i got the epidural, and the babys heart dropped to 60, and the next thing i know they rush me into the OR, don't even count the tools or wait for my husband, and have the baby out in literally 5 minutes.
From that point on my life snow balled. After only being in the hospital 2 days, and repeatedly telling the nurses i didnt feel good i got sent him.
3 days later i am right back in the hospital, 104-105 fevers, that wont break with even the best medicine, on like 9 different antibiotics, and dying basically. They give me a surgery, which reopens my uterus to drain the STREP D infection. After that my fevers still wont break, and im severely anemic. To top it off, my bowels STOP working. So I have to have surgery number 3, so they can correct a bowel obstruction. Not to mention i had to have a tube put down my throat that went from my nose to my stomach because i was throwing up 1,000 CC of bile every hour. So all in all i had 3 surgeries in 15 days. I had my uterus opened 2 times. Does anyone, ANYONE have something similar to this? Something to give me hope... i am heartbroken that i didnt know more, so that this couldve been prevented.. And im heartbroken that my family size is limited because of that hospital. I know i got the infection from them, that hospital is known for it. But thats beside the point.. i just nee someone who is like me to tell me they could do a Vbac just fine.
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Oh goodness gracious, that is a tremendous amount you went through. I am sure that there are women here that can give you hope for a healing birth experience. My births, while not ideal, were not atypical and each has gotten better. I wish I had more words to offer than hugs and empathy...

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I have not had an experience like yours, but I do know that your VBAC chances are mostly linked to your uterine surgeries. The infections and bowel surgery should not affect your chances.

Did they go through the original suture site for the draining operation? Or did they cut a new opening? Are both scars low (near your bikini line) and side to side? Do you know if they closed with a double layer of sutures? You might consider getting a full copy of your medical records, including surgical notes, and sitting down with a VBAC friendly OB or MW to discuss your options.

Don't give up hope! The healing powers of the human body are remarkable. And even if you can't VBAC, you can have several kids with c/s.
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I would agree that you should get a copy of your medical records and the surgeries so you can know exactly what happened, and about the incisions and how they were sutured. While the bowel surgery should not affect your chances, I have seen research that says that having a uterine infection after a cesarean does increase your risk of UR in your next pregnancy. However, I don't have anything on hand, and I can't tell you how much greater that risk is (the overall risk is still low, I believe). Talking to a VBAC friendly doctor or midwife may be really helpful.

I would also try to find a local chapter of ICAN (www.ican-online.org) as they would have more information (they also have a forum on their site).

I am so sorry all of this happened to you.
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Oh my gosh Mama... My heart is breaking reading this. I'm so sorry you had this experience. I would def. get your records and contact ICAN, the women are amazing and resourceful. I'm sure they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Sending healing vibes your way.

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I am going to try for a VBA2C with the next baby. There is a recent success story of a HBA2C, and a unplanned UBA3C on the VBAC subforum.

Honestly, even if they did 2 separate incisions, you would be treated as a VBA2C. Harder to get a provider, BUT there are those out there. Look through your local ICAN yahoo group, call up all the doctors/midwives and ask.

To make your chances really good, make sure you are eating really well to help heal well (easier said than done, but you have been through the wringer, mama ), 2 years between birth AND conception. Meaning no ttc until after this little one's 2nd birthday.

The risk of uterine rupture is not much higher for VBA2C. Some studies have said no difference, others said that other than a 1% chance it's a 3% chance. Still small.

Also, this birth was/is really traumatic. I have found a lot of help from http://mothers.solaceformothers.org/ and http://ican-online.org/


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I really can't imagine someone having a similar experience. But, I personally think a Vbac could be possible. Although, I don't know what care provider would take you on. You'll have to look around.

If no one takes you on, another option is UC (unassisted childbirth) if you would be comfortable with that.

I'm scared to be around "care providers" after my experiences which were thankfully not as dramatic. So, that's part of the reason I'm planning a UC besides preferring the uninterrupted birth experience.

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Wow someone else with a similar situation as mine! I also had an emergency c-section because I was not progressing, DD heart rate dropping ect. Sent home after my c-section 2 days later and developed a high fever. Went to the ER (4 separate times) and they sent me home with antibiotics saying it was a kidney infection.

About two weeks later my stomach above my incision and belly button for that matter ripped open. Infection and fluid pouring out of it. Went to a different hospital this time and was admitted to ICU put on many antibiotics and ended up having 2 more surgeries to drain infection and remove tissue. I had a strep, staph and flesh eating bacterial infection. Sent home with a PICC line and a wound vac for my incision and drain tube.

This all occurred aug-sept of 09. Here I am pregnant again and due in jan and my dr is comfortable letting me try a vbac. He said he feels that it will be best if i try and if I progress great and if not well then a c-section.

So hopefully you will find a dr willing to do the same. Glad you posted I really felt as though I was the only one who ended up with a terrible infection and had to be away from my baby for so long plus endure more surgeries.

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