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MommyofHero's Avatar MommyofHero 04:00 PM 10-02-2013

Hello kind mamas. I am glad I am not alone, but I'm just plain scared.


I have a Grade 3 rectocele, as well as minor bladder, urethra, and uterus prolapses. I've had these for nearly 3 years and the rectocele & uterus has gotten worse this year. I'm a candidate for (da vinci robotic) sacrocolpopexy & pelvic floor reconstruction.


I have been practically obsessive about staying regular (fiber supplement), posture, building up core muscles (yoga/dancing/pilates), kegels (phys therapist says my muscle tone is super, so that's a plus), and being careful about excess intra-abdominal pressure for a while now, but is there any other suggestions for preventing further rectal prolapse? Any advice at all about that surgery? Also, does anyone know if a pessary would even help a rectocele?


To be honest, I am terrified of surgery and I want to avoid it if possible; I am fearful of my rectum falling out; I am completely mortified that this has happened, and (as I'm sure some of you can understand) this is not a health issue that I can discuss openly with women I know. 


(I had both of my children- ages 4 and 2.5- at home, and they were beautiful experiences. My perineum tore with the first one though, and the second birth was very rapid-- like 45 minutes! Both babies were about 9 pounders.)


I never even knew of prolapse issues until it happened to me. I never knew that having beautifully profound natural births could mis-align a body so drastically. I feel like my inner temple is crumbling in spite of my efforts to hold it up. 


I don't mean to sound so dramatic, but I guess I just need to process and come to terms with this somehow. 


Thanks for reading.:o

joycnm's Avatar joycnm 08:15 AM 10-03-2013

Mommyofhero I have no real advice about your situation, but I am a midwife who cares for women with mild recto-and cystoceles.  Whenever I am looking for good information on a subject that I know nothing about, I try to find forums or boards online where people who have first-hand experience about these things write about their experiences.  I think that is what you are trying to do and I think that is the best you can do.  Doctors will give you the one side and the patients will give you the other.  There seems to be a forum on hystersisters that talks about this issue (evidently it is common among women with hysterectomies).  Good luck on your pursuit of knowledge.

MommyofHero's Avatar MommyofHero 08:05 AM 10-05-2013

Thank you for your response, Joycnm, and I think you're right, I should find a forum elsewhere that deals with these health conditions specifically. I originally tried to make the post on the POP support thread, and obviously did it wrong, but that thread is years and years old and massively long and hard to navigate anyway.

Onward! ;) 

FallingApart49's Avatar FallingApart49 02:21 PM 12-29-2013

Dear Mommy of Hero,


I feel the same as you. I am having trouble coming to terms with my rectocele diagnosis. I don't want to discuss with any friends because it seems so disgusting and they wouldn't understand. I refer to my upcoming rectocele surgery as a "hernia".  I have not even fully explained it to my husband of 28 years. Anyway I saw your post and decided to reply.


My gym girlfriend told me that she had the mesh sling surgery that turned into a nightmare. Although she went in for major repair surgery, she told me to "just get it done". Fortunately, my rectocele won't involve mesh. But to think they are going to cut into my vagina is very scary.

Good Luck.