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DezDino's Avatar DezDino 06:52 AM 02-07-2014
Three months ago I had my first, a beautiful little boy. Since my midwife could no longer see us, the plan was to have a homebirth with just my doula for support. The laboring process was relaxed and wonderful uutil the last stretch. I got scared at the end because I felt stuck, no one knew my dilation, first birth, etc. So we went to te hospital and I was screaming and writhing with pain and fear. This went on for about a half hour and he was out. Immediately my instincts kicked in. I told them to hand him over, no cirfmcision, no vaccines, delayed cord clampin, and to keep the placenta for me which they did.

I experienced regret and sadness for days, felt that I traumatized him with my fear. I felt like I was weak and a hipocrate toend u in the hospital. Like I should have planned better and made an effort to krep my midwife. All these regets...

So the one thing that helped me??
Eating my placenta!! I put little chunks of it in smoothes for a few days. Each time I felt a little better. By the third da I felt so much confidence and peace about thr whole situation. It completley harmonized my hormones and made me feel great! That's my advice. Eat your placenta!!

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 01:57 PM 02-10-2014
Thanks for sharing.
Claudia Chapman's Avatar Claudia Chapman 12:47 PM 05-21-2014

Well, it may have improved your digestion. There was an article today in the New York Times about new "discoveries" about the importance of the placenta: