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pioneermama's Avatar pioneermama 04:10 PM 12-03-2002
MamaJamz, - This "We learn to not be dependent on the circumstances to give us joy, but instead learn to experience it in the here and now, whatever is happening around us" is priceless. So well said. Thank you. How is your friend?

Luma (and I like your name too) the rebirth bath sounded marvelous - so warm, loving and healing. What a wonderful experience for you and your son. Lovely.

After explaing further, I think that I'm getting what you are saying about emotional release and realizing that you've been avoiding it and thus avoiding the carthartic experience. It's sort of the ebb and flow of healing, and I suppose, life in general I would think. I think that I am also getting what you were saying about seeing the violence and being scared and not being able to face it. It's vulnerability isn't it? Being a mother has brought out a vulnerability in me and a recognition of vulnerability in others that sometimes scares me in its beauty.

Mamajamz's Avatar Mamajamz 12:18 AM 12-06-2002
Just an update on my friend. She had to have 4 blood transfusions. (!) I haven't talked to her for reasons of giving her space. Knowing her and how she processes things is why I have opted to send a card with loving thoughts for now, and of course a gift for this beautiful baby boy!!

Luma's Avatar Luma 05:16 AM 12-06-2002
So sorry to hear that Jamie, to your friend
Glad the baby is ok, you are so good to let her have her space and time... s

pioneermama, yes I see what you say about the vulnerability, and I have been thinking about that. I do feel vulnerable and extremely sensitive, and at times that has made me want to retire from the world... Only now Im feeling that is wonderful to be in the world and to feel all that I can feel, experience my self even if its painful.....
Someone here at mdc had a bautiful Anais Nin quote in their signature, these last days it has resonated so much in me:
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"
Its like that!
Mamajamz's Avatar Mamajamz 03:55 PM 12-06-2002
Luma, Pioneermama, Earthwind, and others:

Hi! I'd like to start a new thread in the Personal Growth category about birthing and the soul. Besides being on a personal quest, I am writing a paper for my CBE certification about the interaction between the soul, body, mind, everything in childbirth. I would LOVE to hear any thoughts, feelings, experiences, or just ramblings you have about this.

I'll add my thoughts later--my daughter is calling! For now, I'll just start the thread.

pioneermama's Avatar pioneermama 09:56 PM 12-07-2002
sounds marvelous Jamie! That would be a wonderful discussion I think. I'll write more about my thoughts on it when I've got some time - right now I'm getting my daughter some supper!
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