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happy2bamama's Avatar happy2bamama 08:30 PM 01-26-2008
Hello again ladies!

I'm not sure if anyone here is in the So. Cal area, but if so, I know of someone who might be able to help you. I saw this woman who is a healer - like a medicine woman who does a reiki-type of healing (energy work) and I'm not kidding - ever since, I have not felt my prolapse at all. I know some people think this type of stuff is to "out there" or whatever, but I cannot tell you how much better I feel. I even stopped seeing a personal pilates trainer because things feel so good. This woman has a special gift when it comes to the uterine/pelvic area. I went to see her mainly because of my uterine prolapse - I was willing to try anything, but also because a bunion of mine had gotten really painful after birth and I just needed a "mommy recharge". The healing was over three weeks ago and I still have not felt ANY bunion pain either and I really did feel re-energized after not sleeping that much for a whole year! It was great to be the one being babied for a few hours!

I just wanted to pass this info along since it helped me so much and I know there are a lot of you who would do anything to try to help your prolapse situation.

Please let me know if you want this amazing woman's information.

Kiddoson's Avatar Kiddoson 09:08 PM 01-26-2008
Originally Posted by CKM5513 View Post
Hi there!

In the 5 1/2 months have you had any improvement? I take it you are nursing? Is your prolapse a cystocele?

I can't wait for the day that I don't spend most of it thinking about my bladder, and feeling sorry for myself...which isn't healthy! It is hard not to think how much happier I would be if this had not of happened. But it is what it is, and I must deal with it and try to stay positive!
I am nursing. I definately think mine is better. I never had urination probs although sneezing with a full bladder is not recommended But I think that is just from having kids period. Early on I could see something sticking out, really freaked me out I tell you. Now i only feel it sag when I have a bowel movement, although that still hurts I promise there will come a day when you don't think about it, honest!
veryerin's Avatar veryerin 06:22 PM 01-27-2008
Well, I had a small victory this weekend I went on a four hour, strenuous, hike and felt ok! Sure, I was a little sore afterward, but my bladder didn't pack its bags and move out! I have also been jogging, and that is going pretty well. So, while things aren't in tip top shape, I am functioning much better than I thought I would. I wish AF would come back so maybe I could get a little estrogen boost.

I am going to look up that kegelmaster - thanks for the recommendation.
CKM5513's Avatar CKM5513 05:50 PM 02-01-2008
Hi ladies,

So I had my appt. at the U of M hospital with an urogynecoligist yesterday. I was amazingly told I DO NOT have a prolapsed bladder. That what I have is some loose tissue from having my baby (big boy at 10.5 lbs) that has not snapped back yet. I was put on a kegel workout, and told that it should get better while nursing and get much improved after my estrogen levels return. And yes, I was at one point the exam took place with me standing up. Has anyone ever heard of this? All I know was that before this pregnancy, I had a (sorry to be brass) a hole in my vigina. No while on the potty, I see nothing but flesh. When I am standing it is a little better. I was told this is normal and that many women have this after having children. I am so confused by this all. One Doc tells me my bladder is falling out and I have a stage 2 cystocele. Another says everything is fine - HOW CAN THIS BE!?! Not that I am not overjoyed by this, but still worried - confused on who to trust and where to go from here. I know I have raved about the Kegelmaster, but am not sure it could have done this much in just 5 weeks. What do you gals think - should I go for a 3rd verdict from a different doc? I am just so confused. Anyone ever hear of this happening?

Moral of the story get a second opinion from a specialist. My OB was ready to cut me open for repair!

Thanks ladies in advance.
APinkRN's Avatar APinkRN 06:41 PM 02-13-2008
I'm about 9 weeks pregnant and have had POP diagnosed. My MD was willing to do the rectocele repair but wanted to tie my tubes as well. Not knowing if we were done having babies, I decided against the surgery.

I was feeling something strange over the weekend, and I sat down in front of our full length mirror. How depressing and somewhat scary. I can see my bowel and bladder protruding outside my vagina. My hemorrhoid is back with a vengence. I feel like I need a total bottom makeover!

I was struggling with constipation which made things worse. I've delt with that but can still feel the "bulging". Doing Kegels may be helping, but I feel as though I'm working against nature by being pregnant.

I am seeing a MD on Friday to figure out what I can do. I can't imagine what things will be like at the end of my pregnancy. I am worried about how I will deliver just the baby when it's time!

Anyone out there been pregnant and struggling with prolapse? Would love to hear what helped!

runes's Avatar runes 06:47 PM 02-13-2008
hugs, amy.

definitely check out the forum over at , there are lots of young mamas on there dealing with prolapse during pregnancy. it's a wonderfully supportive community.

from my research and reading, i have heard that prolapses can actually feel much better during the later parts of pregnancy, when the uterus is bigger and is 'pulling' everything up.

and wishing you a wonderful, happy, healthy pregnancy!
APinkRN's Avatar APinkRN 08:44 PM 02-16-2008
Going now to check it out! I truly want to avoid surgery, but don't know how long that will be possible.

Thanks again

threadbey's Avatar threadbey 02:17 PM 02-22-2008
some actual good news! i had my one-year checkup with my midwife and she declares there is no prolapse evident. (for those who can't keep track of all the personal stories on this thread, my cervix was hanging an inch out of my body a few days after delivery, so this is a *major* improvement!)

i didn't demand a standing check, but i wasn't flat on my back, either. mostly, i feel pretty confident that given the self-checks i've done and the fact that i really have no symptoms to speak of now, the prolapse if there at all is not serious.

i have no illusions that this problem will never recur (i'm not going to un-subscribe from this thread!). i'll still be worried as anything when i get around to having another baby. and i'll be doing exercises into old age in the hopes of preventing the mid/late-life fall of the organs. but for now i'm very happy to know that things are as they should be.

i hope that good news in my case brings some cheer to others in a similar situation. i wish more were understood about pop.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 05:40 PM 02-22-2008
Yay threadbey!

So what exactly have you been doing in the past year? I know each pop journey will be different, but maybe if we share what works/has worked (in a single post after it's clear things have worked) it will be easier for the new mamas joining the thread to see what is possible!

Congrats again!
~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 08:25 PM 02-22-2008
Excellent news threadbey! So glad to hear it.

Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Yay threadbey!

So what exactly have you been doing in the past year? I know each pop journey will be different, but maybe if we share what works/has worked (in a single post after it's clear things have worked) it will be easier for the new mamas joining the thread to see what is possible!

Congrats again!
Good idea Wombatclay. I also have had great improvement over the past 6 months or so. I attribute it to the Myan Uterine Massage my chiropractor has been doing, along w/her other body work. I also practice the uterine massage daily at home. Although I still have setbacks when I do too much or use my body is ways I shouldn't, I am always able to get back on track again.

Wishing all the POP mamas good health.
Nicole R.'s Avatar Nicole R. 11:16 PM 02-22-2008
Originally Posted by threadbey View Post
some actual good news! i had my one-year checkup with my midwife and she declares there is no prolapse evident.
Terrific news! I'm glad to hear that you, too, have been doing well, max. I haven't been here much because I've been over in the TTC forums. It hasn't brought me luck so far.

My prolapses (stage 1 and 1/2 prolapses for both uterine and bladder, not-quite-prolapsed rectum) seem about the same to me, although my Kegeling ability has gotten a lot better. My level of freaked-out-ness has gotten a lot better, too. I'm nearly at the end of my sessions with a physical therapist. A lot of our work together has been talking, rather than doing, which was initially a disappointment to me, especially because a lot of the good advice I had already read on this fabulous thread!

But I have learned some useful things from her. One thing she did was to forbid me from squatting. I garden a lot, and squatting is my preferred position for pulling weeds and so forth. But she pointed out that the reason that squatting is an excellent position for giving birth is that your pelvic outlet is maximized, and no bones or supportive tissue are in the way of your pelvic organs. This is great for getting the baby out, but terrible for someone whose pelvic organs need all the extra support they can get! It's especially bad if you're holding your breath and exerting yourself to pull out a stubborn weed.

She also used an ultrasound machine so I could watch myself isolate my transverse abdominis muscle, which apparently works in close relationship with the pelvic floor. It was amazing how little effort it requires to work this muscle, and how over-exerting during the exercise simply makes the other ab muscles work to the detriment of the trans abs. It was super cool! And a little scary, too, because I would never have been able to figure out the exercise on my own, no matter how many instructional books or DVDs I used.

Question: one result of my personalized Kegel plan is that I have more prolapse discomfort, perhaps because I'm finally actually doing them and it's irritating my poor organs. Has anyone else had this experience?
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 10:38 PM 02-23-2008
Oh my goodness.... that makes so much sense about squatting!

I just started doing my tupler technique workouts again (I'm getting over an evil cold and the coughing! Oh gods and little green monkeys, the coughing KILLED my prolapse). I'll let people know how I feel in a month since I remember after my last babe it took about a month of Tupler Technique before my diastasis closed so I'm guessing that if it's going to make a difference in my prolapse it will start to become evident (not necessarily all better but moving that way) in a month to 6 weeks.

Fingers crossed!
krankedyann's Avatar krankedyann 12:16 AM 02-24-2008

I used T-tapp to heal my prolapse. I'm going to go see a midwife and get a progress report soon.
treehugginhippie's Avatar treehugginhippie 12:31 AM 02-24-2008
I guess I belong here now...sigh. But I'm thankful to have found a support thread. I'm 14 weeks pregnant w/ my 2nd. I just discovered last night that my cervix is sticking out of my vagina a tiny bit. I started googling last night and found prolapse. It's been REALLY low the whole pregnancy...I just thought it was late in pulling up....but really I've kinda known something about it being so low wasn't right. So this is all new territory to me.

I called my mw today and she wants me to see a mw that is trained in doing the Maya Abdominal Massage in 4 weeks. I've briefly read some of the posts but what other things can be done during pregnancy? I've seen tupler technique and T-tapp? What are those? Any links on how to do them or where to have it done?
krankedyann's Avatar krankedyann 12:34 AM 02-24-2008
T-tapp is at

Look at the exercise called "Organs in Place/Half Frogs" Do it 5 times a day- it will take you about 15 minutes total for the whole day. It made all the difference for me.

I also prolapsed during my pregnancy. I literally felt it happen- we were at a funeral and I felt it drop and incredibly pain all at once. I was about half-way though my pregnancy when it happened.
treehugginhippie's Avatar treehugginhippie 12:40 AM 02-24-2008
Thank you KerryAnn for the info.

Also, what things shouldn't I be doing right now? I seen someone mention squatting. I heard not lifting heavy my DD. I walk 4x's a that ok? Any other things?
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 09:03 PM 02-24-2008
Just an aside with squatting... although what your therapist said makes total sense (squatting leading to undersupport and increased prolapse) keep in mind it's the best position for...ahem... pooping. And keeping that end of the business in oder is important to having a more comfortable prolapse.

And to quote myself (from my dd2's month club, since we were just talking about diastasis yesterday)
The Tupler Technique (the book is called Lose the Mummy Tummy) developed by Julie Tupler is actually specifically designed to close the diastasis recti "gap" formed during pregnancy. The basics are free online (this is the pre-natal version but the post-babe basics are the same). I used the Mummy Tummy book after dd1 was born and it was great... the entire workout takes about 25 minutes, it uses a resistance band (so no weights to squish kiddos), and you only need a yoga mats worth of empty space (which is about all the clear space you'll find in my house). Oh, and the exercises that are specifically to close the gap can actually be done just about anywhere/any time (like kegels). Here's a review http://www.naturalbirthandbabycare.c...mmy-tummy.html

debsdancer's Avatar debsdancer 12:40 AM 02-25-2008
so you have both diastasis and prolapse? me, too... I feel like sometimes the excercizes I do for diastasis are counterproductive for the prolapse. Have you run into that? I am not under the care of anyone right now so I'm trying to figure out the best protocol for both conditions, through books, dvds, etc. I have the Tupler Technique but haven't read through it yet. Does it address prolapse? I got that one for diastasis. any ideas?
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 12:47 PM 02-25-2008
Hugs mama... yeah, my diastasis is about two fingers wide these days and my bladder and uterus are livin' the low life. I had a c/s with dd1 (and I blame c/s for a lot of my prolapse) then a great vbac but it ended with a loooong pushing phase, shoulder dystocia, and a 4th degree tear so...

Anyway, I found that Tupler worked really well after dd1 to close my diastasis. Probably about a month and there was a clear difference. With our move everything has been up in the air but I'm just now starting Tupler again and hope to see results fairly soon... with two kiddos and a new house in need of LOTS of work it's not going to be an "every night" routine but the basic exercises can be done anywhere. I usually do them in the shower actually and while nursing.

There is a chapter on prolapse, but mostly as a "you don't want this to happen so do your kegels while pregnant" type thing. She does mention using femcones and/or pessary for prolapse and she does say that the technique should help with prolapse since you'll be strengthening muscles in the pelvic floor, adding support around the sides, and gaining a greater awareness of the whole muscle structure of the pelvis and how what you do affects it.

I guess I'll be able to "report" in a month or two!
debsdancer's Avatar debsdancer 01:22 AM 02-26-2008
Thanks for the info, wombatclay. I'll look forward to your report! And perhaps, in the meantime, I'll get around to reading the book and doing the rountine myself. I get all riled up about it, do a bunch of reading, researching, and buying books... and then they sit on the nightstand, unread... well, at least it's not just those books that are unread. Even the ones I really WANT to read are still waiting... maybe when the kids are 18? sigh.
Anyway, thanks again and here's to lots body parts returning to where they ought to be. for everyone here!!

nicoley73's Avatar nicoley73 01:11 PM 02-26-2008
After a rough couple of weeks with a cough and moving some heavy boxes, I started feeling symptomatic again. I began my regime of homeopathic sepia and pelvic floor exercises that I learned from my physical therapist and am already feeling improved after two days. So those are the two things that definitely work for me.

I was feeling pretty confident after months of no symptoms - I guess this is a reminder to me that POP is a chronic condition. So I'm trying to be more mindful of things like not lifting heavy objects and treating coughs more seriously.
debsdancer's Avatar debsdancer 12:14 AM 02-27-2008
nicoley73, what is your sepia regime? As in, how much how often for how long? And how do you treat a cough seriously? I am sure that coughing long and hard right after ds2's birth is what brought me here, and I just recently got another bad cough for about a week. Aside from just trying NOT to cough, what else can you do? I'm glad you're feeling improved again after only two days. I hope it keeps up!
nicoley73's Avatar nicoley73 11:05 AM 02-27-2008
I take 5 little pills of sepia, three times a day, until I feel better.

I'm going to start taking cough syrup with the suppressants in it to keep me from coughing so much next time and cough drops, and really whatever it takes. I never take that stuff, but I think that the coughing did me in, so I'll try whatever medicine available next time. Maybe it won't help, but it's worth a shot.
punkadude's Avatar punkadude 08:47 PM 02-28-2008
hi all

a quick message as i should be asleep by now. i've got a prolapse of some sort -- it was a mild uterine prolapse after baby number 3 and now, after baby number 4 (born 2nd feb), it seems to have got quite a bit worse -- moderate, i'd guess -- and i'm ultra stressed about it getting worse still.

i bought a tens machine to stimulate the nerves (my friend's physiotherapist recommended one to her, and i'm still waiting to see the physio so went ahead and got one). does anyone know anything about this?

i've also got a kegelmaster which i was using before (obviously not enough ) and i see from a post above that i could already be using this (i was heeding the advice to wait 6 weeks post partum, but maybe i don't have to?)

the prolapse is very, very sore if i do any walking -- so i'm avoiding that as much as possible. but that doesn't seem very healthy or very practical. it seems like walking makes it worse, but is that all in my mind?!

thanks for any insights. and thanks for all the accumulated wisdom on the thread!
runes's Avatar runes 08:52 PM 02-28-2008
congratulations on your newest family member, punkadude!

as for exercise, walking right now, you are still so newly postpartum, i would definitely say to wait a few more weeks. the ayurvedic medical system (as well as cultures around the world) talks about "42 days for 42 years", which suggests that the first 42 days postpartum are days to take it really easy to ensure health in the next 42 years of your life. this is not the time to be getting back into exercising just yet. your body has gone through a tremendous transition and it needs time to settle in.

that is my very humble opinion about the postpartum time, from someone who did not heed this warning and ended up with prolapse, which i feel was directly related to me trying to do too much, too soon.
threadbey's Avatar threadbey 04:34 PM 03-01-2008
here is my effort at putting my experience in one place for those who wanted it. i'm quoting and editing from my previous posts

Originally Posted by threadbey View Post
i took good care of myself during pregnancy, walking nearly every day, yoga, etc. and i've always been healthy, anyway. the birth was perfectly normal - about 11 hours after my water broke, only 45 min of pushing, normal position and everything. then a few days later, i was using the bathroom and washing myself off and SAW my cervix hanging out of me! it was horrifying.

thankfully, my mw didn't think it was a major issue and i only thought i'd need surgery for the 10 min it took to get her on the phone
like a lot of people here, the biggest problems i had were psychological. i had done everything right, why should my body have failed me?

Quote: doesn't help that my mother was shocked by the idea and told everyone that i was in bed because my "insides were falling out"! or that my mil did research on it and found that only "old" women or "out of shape" women or women with "long, difficult labors" or women with MANY children get prolapse... so i'm still here thinking "what's wrong with ME?" and wondering about future children.
immediately after discovering my problem, i put myself on bedrest for 2 weeks. this was much more extreme than my midwife had recommended, but it felt right to me. i really spent two weeks in bed. my husband did all the baby care and my mom and mil did cooking and cleaning. my wonderful husband emptied the placenta-bowl-turned-chamber-pot whenever i used it (which i did on my hands and knees - i was really terrified of getting my upper body into a vertical position at all). when i took a shower, i did it on my hands and knees. i did a lot of kegels, even though it felt like i was doing nothing because my muscles were so weak. i also did a lot of crunches, which my midwife told me to do and which didn't seem to harm me, but which i DO NOT RECOMMEND having now read the "lose your mummy tummy" book. i had/have a diastasis (which nearly all postpartum women do) and crunches are NOT good for that.

whenever something i did (consciously or not - i had a cough) pushed my cervix back out, i would get on my knees with my head down and my butt way in the air and kegel until i felt it go slurp back into place. then i'd lie down again.

by two weeks later, things were a lot better. i could stand up and generally behave like a normal person without my cervix actually coming out of my body. i went for my first long walk outside at about 4 weeks, or maybe even 3. i kept doing the kegels and they gradually got stronger. on the advice of my midwife, i sometimes did kegels with a mirror - there was a lot of bulginess down there (even after the cervix disappeared) and it was heartening to see it pull in a bit with the kegels.

i've continued walking for exercise and at about 8 months postpartum i ordered the whole woman dvd and started trying to do her recommended routine regularly. i don't know how much it helped, but it did make me feel better on the days that i did it.

i breastfed exclusively for 7.5 months. my period returned at only 4 months and was irregular and very unpleasant for me mood-wise for a while and only got back to its usual self at about 10 months. at this point, ds is still nursing between 2 and 4 times a day, but i feel pretty much normal, which is nice.

even recently (10 months postpartum or so) i still had some issues with being able to empty my bladder completely, but the prolapse was otherwise not physically noticeable to me. very recently, i've even stopped noticing the bladder issues most of the time (i used to have to get out of bed three times before falling asleep - now i hardly ever get up at all before i fall asleep and only once or not all during the night). at my appointment with my midwife two weeks ago, she said she no longer saw any prolapse.

i feel a lot better about everything now (being pretty much symptom-free and declared healed certainly helps with that!) but i do still worry about the future. at this point, i do not feel that prolapse is something that can be healed and never worried about again. life has gotten the better of me lately and i have not been doing the whole woman routine. i just got the lose your mummy tummy book (tupler technique) which is aimed at diastasis rather than prolapse, but i think it looks very promising. i also love her message that you CAN be healthy and strong while being a new mom and that it takes effort. (i feel that the message i was getting from society in general and even from natural birthing books and websites was that if you're healthy, childbirth is no big deal and if something is wrong with you as a result of delivery it's really a problem with YOU and you're just doomed to live with it for the rest of your life.)

i have wondered a lot about why i had such a severe prolapse and now i wonder about why it healed so well. i imagine the contributing factors to the prolapse were *genetic, *lack of lumbar curve due to a lifetime of activities that have discouraged it, *a bad cough in the last week of pregnancy which continued somewhat after delivery, *no prior knowledge that prolapse was even possible, which meant that i got up and around a lot in the first few days (because i felt so good!) and sat a lot in my previously favorite position - feet together and knees apart - which i feel opens up the pelvis a lot and might not have been helpful.

i wish i had a program to recommend to heal from prolapse after birth, but i have a gut feeling that most of my recovery was a natural process aided by my health before and during pregnancy and my relatively young age (i'm not yet 30). i do think the kegels were helpful and i think the whole woman routine is at least mildly helpful and i think the tupler technique looks good (but i haven't used it yet!) and i think exercise is important. i have in recent months always lifted my rear off the seat when pooping, which i think is helpful. but i have not been religious about any of the above, really, and yet here i am pretty much back to normal.

i really don't know how much breastfeeding has to do with anything prolapse-wise. i have noticed an improvement lately as i've started weaning, but i also feel very strongly that breastfeeding is healthiest for mother and child and i wonder if perhaps although breastfeeding appears to delay prolapse recovery it might actually be better for it in the long run.

i've rambled on long enough, i think. i hope if you're still reading you've found it helpful in some way! i hope my dh and i will have another child and i plan to be very protective of my immediate post birth recovery time and set up lots of specific help well ahead of time. i plan to stay in bed for two weeks again and not do much of anything for at least a month. i'm staying subscribed to this thread and working on (hoping to work on?) my whole woman and tupler and i've gotten a kegel master i have yet to try, too.

good luck.
fruitful womb's Avatar fruitful womb 11:15 PM 03-01-2008
Wow Thredbey! What an incredible story!!!

Thank you so much for sharing that. Its so inspiring.
cornpicker's Avatar cornpicker 12:46 AM 03-02-2008
threadby, thanks so much for posting. this will be helpful to so many!

I finally had an appointment a couple of weeks ago with the gynecologist I used to see before I got pregnant. She is actually a uro-gynocologist, and on her business card it says she specializes in pelvic reconstructive surgery. In my naive pre-baby world, I thought that meant that if someone was in a horrible accident and shattered her pelvis, my doc could rebuild it. Now I suspect it has more to do with prolapse!

So I wanted to see her and just get a diagnosis and know what was happening. She examined me lying down and standing. She said I have stage 2 bladder prolapse, which is what I feel, and mild uterine prolapse. DH and I joked that if this is stage 2, sometimes poking right out of me, what the heck are the worse stages like?!

She recommended kegeling religiously, avoiding heavy lifting, etc. She basically said to keep that up and if it is still bothering me months from now we can talk pessary.

I've been kegeling and maybe between that and just more time post partum, it does feel better, but not 100% better.

That's all for now. I also realize like threadby, this is chronic and I always have to take care of it.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 12:44 PM 03-03-2008
Has anyone used an IUD with a minor uterine prolapse?

Not that I'm feeling up to the baby making activities but I'm trying to think long term! I tried using a tampon and the various stages of "inner organ out" made it wicked uncomfortable. I already knew my diva wasn't going to work but I'd hoped other things would be more comfy.

(and thanks threadbey!)
Kanga's Avatar Kanga 09:17 PM 03-03-2008
Well, after reading a few pages of this post just out of curiosity I realize that I have POP. All the pieces are coming together and I'm a little mad at my midwife for not talking to me about it. I distinctly remember her examining me at 6 weeks and asking "does this bother you?" and I didn't know what she was talking about and asked her "what?" and she said, "well, if it doesn't bother you, you don't need to worry about it." And I've always wondered what the heck she was referring to. This is it for sure. I feel a small bulge, I have urinary incontinence, I have to shift to void completely, apply counter pressure sometimes. I always just chalked it up to part of having had kids.

What is bio-feed back and how can I get started?
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