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scottishmommy's Avatar scottishmommy 01:28 AM 06-17-2010
I don't have much time right now, so I'll keep this short. Are you under the care of a chiropractor? With all your sacrum issues I would give that a shot. I have been seeing the again and it has helped so much. That horrible urgency with BMs has pretty much gone away. If your sacrum is out of balance it puts a huge amount of pressure on the nerves of your pelvic floor. Also, try not to feel guilty about your incident with the heavy lifting. I suspect you already had issues with a rectocele and that straining made it suddenly more prominent, but it didn't *cause* it or make it permanenty worse. Sort of like working an old injury and having it flare up.

MummyGreen's Avatar MummyGreen 02:37 AM 06-17-2010
Thanks Scottishmommy. I haven't seen a chiropractor. I have been to an osteopath twice but not a chiro. I will take your advice I think and look for one. Do you think I need to find a postnatal specialist? I have never had chiro before. I really appreciate your advice.
scottishmommy's Avatar scottishmommy 05:26 PM 06-17-2010
I would look for a chiro who does Webster Technique. Not that you need Webster now, but at least you know that that chiro is an expert in pregnant women, and therefore has patients who are postpartum. I really think that your sacrum should be adjusted. I bet it would help a lot.
Batia's Avatar Batia 01:12 AM 06-22-2010
New here.. I am hoping you can help me?
After giving birth to my baby boy Kian Adley (my 11th baby! ) at home UC I wasn't able to hold my urine very well. It would only be an issue when I was right near the toilet and then try as I might to close off the flow of urine it would come out anyway so I would quickly sit down on the toilet. Over time those muscles have gotten stronger and now its no longer a problem.

Well, recently I have felt something at my vaginal opening when using the restroom that felt like muscle; like the inside of the vaginal wall feels so tonight I looked and was shocked to see what looks like the vaginal wall or muscle at the opening of my vagina.. I showed my dh who said it looked a little different. but not alot as he thinks I have had it to some degree since after childbirth in Oct. 2007. I don't make a habit of looking down below too often maybe it was there to some degree before but it is enough that I noticed it this time.

I believe it to be a weakening of the vaginal wall letting some of the vaginal muscles protrude out of the opening or right at it. I can have sex without pain and I can manually push it back in without pain. My cervix is not protruding from my vagina and I don't believe it to be my uterus. It's about a month now postpartum. (After researching I am sure it's cystocele)

I have noticed differences since giving birth to Kian from his size..11lbs 3oz. And I can tell my vaginal muscles are very weak. My dh can also as the only time we have been together since the birth recently I asked and he said he can barely feel when I am doing kegals and tightening as hard as I can. The Kegals are much easier when we're not having sex though..

Anyway, I did read that doing lots of kegals can strengthen my vagina and help heal this and I suppose time will also. I am still healing and after having such a big baby I know it will take more time, etc..

I know that some of you have dealt with prolapses and wondered if you had any help you could offer me such as what I can do and if kegals will help and does it get better with time and when I am done with nursing my baby?

I do not want to get surgery and don't want to go in if I can help it...hoping I can deal with this naturally..

Thank you for your help!!
scottishmommy's Avatar scottishmommy 01:22 AM 06-23-2010
It sounds like you may have a "relaxed vaginal outlet". Honestly, if you aren't experiencing symptoms, I wouldn't give it much thought. How old is your baby? (congrats btw). The studies I've read on prolapses show that they are very common. If you really want to be proactive about it, try to get a referral for a physical therapist. She can determine if you are doing your kegels correctly and give you other exercises as well.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 12:23 PM 06-23-2010
Congrats on your babe!

Prolapse is generally seen as a "quality of life" concern... if you are not uncomfortable and not having difficulties due to this then you're ahead of the game! You can explore the wellness ideas in this thread (Whole Woman, Tupler Technique, Ending Female Pain, physical therapy, herbal or homeopathic treatments, etc) but these generally don't "cure" POP, they just help you reach a place where the POP doesn't impact quality of life as much.

(also, POP does tend to worsen with repeat pregnancies and most surgeons wont operate to correct POP until you are "done" having children. This may not fit into your philosophy but is worth considering as you explore options or speak with medical professionals)
Mamasweetpotato's Avatar Mamasweetpotato 09:43 PM 06-26-2010
eclipse -

Just wanted to know how you're doing with your rectocele? Did you get in to see your gyn yet? How much fiber are you getting?

To all -

I am backed up right now and have started stool softeners. I am supposed to see my gyno in a week. I am tracking how much fiber I'm getting every day (close to 30 grams today). I am kind of (haha, how am I kidding) freaking out. It seems like a severe prolapse to me in that the bulge seems to be long (felt through vaginal wall), although, based on some of the pictures on line, it could be much worse (totally outside my body).

Anyone on this thread have rectocele surgery? I mean, how long can you live with rectocele without doing something about it?? Splinting doesn't do it for me. I'm in a down cycle now with the constitpation, so I'm just wondering...can I get myself halfway regular again? I don't start PT for this (cystocele/rectocele) for a month. I need hugs and some reassuring words. Please don't freak me out too much - believe me, I've read all the horror stories of bad rectocele repair surgeries online (damn you, Google) - I want honest feedback, but feel free to sugar-coat it. hahahaha
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 12:01 PM 06-27-2010
I don't have surgical experience (though my 4th degree tear/repair comes close since my whole chassis was rebuilt )...

My only thought is to make sure you're getting enough water. Fiber will bind you up if there isn't enough fluid so the more fiber you take in, the more water you need! My dd2 has chronic, sever constipation and I remember being shocked at how much "more" fluid was supposed to go along with treatment.

Have you tried Maya Massage? Mothering Mag had a diy article on it a while ago, but there are massage therapists who use this style and it's supposed to help re-align pelvic organs. It helped with my bladder prolapse so maybe it would work for intestines too? It's certainly going to be less painful than surgical recovery, so it might be worth a shot!
happy2bamama's Avatar happy2bamama 04:33 PM 06-29-2010
Hi ladies! It's been a long time since I've been on here - about 3.5 years ago when I had DS and had a mild uterine prolapse (which I still have but have been seeing someone for Maya Massage treatments that seem to be helping).

DH and I are going to start trying to get pregnant again in a few months and I wanted to ask all you wise mamas what things I should be doing in preparation for being pregnant and birthing again with a prolapse. I've heard that prolapse isn't a big issue during pregnancy because the uterus pulls up into the body more (after the second trimester), but I'm wondering if I should be working on really strengthening my pelvic floor muscles (is there any point if they're just gonna get blown out again??!)

Just wondering what precautions I should take and also what your experiences were with the second pregnancy/birth after already having a prolapse.

happy2bamama's Avatar happy2bamama 11:17 PM 06-29-2010
Also, a friend of mine who's a doula gave me this link - REALLY interesting info about kegels. Personally, every time I do them, they make my prolapse feel worse, so it was nice to read that I wasn't crazy (or necessarily doing them wrong)...
Batia's Avatar Batia 02:02 PM 06-30-2010
What herbs and homeopathic remedies would you all recommend for treating cystocele?
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 02:09 PM 06-30-2010
Originally Posted by happy2bamama View Post
Also, a friend of mine who's a doula gave me this link - REALLY interesting info about kegels. Personally, every time I do them, they make my prolapse feel worse, so it was nice to read that I wasn't crazy (or necessarily doing them wrong)...
The problem here is the lack of scientific research or proof for the theory. I am all about the science and would like to see *proof* for something that has tons of research behind it supporting the opposite, kwim? And even other people who say kegeling is not enough stress that kegels done properly do help-biofeedback is best. Especially for sexual function. You can't blame kegels. The same general method has been done before they had the name in many societies that anti-kegel people claim were only helped by squatting. I personally squat a lot out of habit, though it kills my bad knees. Still have a prolapse. But since doing kegels with something that provides feedback (Lelo balls and just bought a kegelmaster), I haven't had one single incident of peeing my pants. The biggest problem is people thinking they're kegeling but doing it completely wrong.
robynfrog's Avatar robynfrog 12:30 AM 07-08-2010
Hi. I'm new here...

I've been searching around on the internet for any information regarding POP, and I stumbled upon this site. I'm grateful for all of the women who have been through this and are willing to share their experiences.
After being completely horrified to feel that something was falling down into my vagina, I went to the gynecologist to find out what the heck was going on. She was not helpful at all. She didn't give me any real information. Is it a cystocele? A rectocele? Has my uterus fallen? She just said that everything seems "real loose" in there, and I will need surgery. She said they will remove my uterus and shore up my vaginal walls with a mesh material. Remove my uterus? Why? She says, "Well, you don't need it anymore, honey." (I'm 51 years old.) This doesn't sound right to me, so I am going to have to figure out for myself what to do. Anyone know of a doctor and/or PT in the SF Bay Area who specializes in POP?
scottishmommy's Avatar scottishmommy 02:01 AM 07-08-2010
Run away from that doctor! She sounds really uninformed. You need to see a urogynecologist, a doctor who specializes in POP. From what you describe, it sounds like you may have a prolapsed uterus. Don't worry, you aren't broken, and you don't need a hysterectomy! Most likely all your friends who've had babies (and many who haven't) have the same problem. In fact, just today at work I was talking about POP and all the women opened up about it. It really happens to almost everyone, it's just not talked about. There are many treatment options out there. Surgery is always an option, but it doesn't sound like you want that. You can ask about a pessary, which is a device you wear that holds up your uterus. I find that sea sponges are great as a pessary. I use "cosmetic" sponges and cut them down to the size of a large tampon. They keep everything in its place. I also get alot from physical therapy and chiropractic work. Both have worked wonders for me.
Just an FYI, but beware of doing a lot of googling. A lot of information out there seems very grim. The truth is that there are so many degrees of POP, it's almost impossible to generalize in a medical journal. I like to compare POP to a deviated septum. Most people have one and don't even know it, but some people are really bothered by it and choose to have nasal surgery. You need to decide how much this is actually bothering you and go from there. For me at least, once I got a real diagnosis it helped alot. Good luck!
Jules112's Avatar Jules112 04:17 AM 07-10-2010
welcome to all the new ladies and congrats on your bubs!

update for me, I had been using the pelvic floor "stimz" strengthener for about 4 weeks and noticed a huge improvement in the muscle strength but then last week i got a cold and cough and have been coughing and sneezing for a full week now and my pelvic floor muscles are weak as anything again grrr.. even my cystocele seems to have travelled down a bit more. damn coughing.. I coughed while i had the stimz probe in and it came flying out!

so discouraging to know that a simple thing like a cold can ruin all your hard work

I know i just gotta start again now..
Mamasweetpotato's Avatar Mamasweetpotato 03:03 PM 07-12-2010
Jules - that is disappointing, but take heart - in less than 4 weeks you can be back where you were - that's encouraging!

It's tough dealing with a chronic condition like this - I wish there were more support IRL. Glad this thread exists, though.
Spencersmom's Avatar Spencersmom 12:17 PM 07-13-2010
I am hoping for some advice from you very wise women. I had a baby just over two years ago (my second, she was a 42week HBAC weighing 8lbs). At the very end when she was crowning, just after half of her head came out, she flexed her body, pulling her head back and this caused her to reflexively take a breath. But because her mouth was not out yet, she was unable to breath. Her body jerked inside and the midwife knew this was wrong so she pulled her out. I am not sure if it was with a contraction or not but the "aftermath" makes me think that she pulled her out between contractions, working against what my body was doing. It's all such a blur. Anyway, after the birth my dd was not breathing properly bc she was in shock from attemting to take a breath but not able to get air. We transferred to the hospital. Everything turned out fine (she regulated her own breathing after 1 hr with no intervention) but about 4 hours later the staff at the hospital checked me and discovered a second degree tear. They said that I tore at the vaginal opening and then just up inside the vagina toward the back of my vaginal wall. They stitched the area but the top two stitches at my vaginal opening did not stay. I have a rather obvious gap of about an inch where it looks like the bottom of a circle (the vaginal opening) now has a v at the bottom. I saw my gyn for my annual and he told me that he could repair the gaping at the opening. And, I didn't mention that I also have what I have diagnosed as a rectocele. I think it's looks worse than it actually is since more of the back of my vaginal wall shows anyway due to the gaping. I asked the doctor if closing the gap would afford more support for the rectocele and he said no, that it would affect/improve it at all. He said the rectocele was caused by ripped or stretched facia in that area and that he could sew/repair the facia and that would improve the rectocele. I am scheduled next week for both surgeries. I was not going to deal with the rectocele since it doesn't really bother me enough to warrant surgery. I do have some issues (needed to modify my position to evacuate) if I'm constipated. If not, and I've been very good about it, I have no issues. Sometimes I do feel a bulge at the opening of my vagina but it's minor and only intermittent.

So, of course, I googled rectocele repair and was frightened by how many people said they were worse after the surgery. It makes me question whether or not I want to do it but I'm not sure if ripped/torn facia is the same as a "normal" rectocele. I guess I have to ask him that at my pre-op. As far as the repair at the vaginal opening, I do really want to have that repaired because (1) it looks weird (totally vain, I know) and (2) I cannot have sex from behind anymore because of the friction on that part of my vagina. The skin is thin and fragile there so I have pain for days after sex unless we have sex from the front, so to speak. It's not the end of the world to limit sexual positions but if it's something that can be fixed, why not? And if he's already in there and I'm already under, why not do the rectocele repair if it would improve me? I am terrified that I would end up worse though.

So I guess my question to all of you is, why not? Has anyone had a perineal repair like this? I was told that they recut the skin around the tear and then restitch it. It is supposed to thicken up the skin and make it more durable. And in terms of the rectocele, does what I described sound like a typical rectocele? I'm not sure EXACTLY what a rectocele repair is. Do they close a gap in the vaginal wall or otherwise adjust the bowel?

I thought I should add that I have done chiro but am not being treated currently. I also purchased the DVD from Aligned and Well called "Down There" for Women by Katy Bowman. I have not watched it. Where's the embarrassed smilie?

Thank you for your advice.
scottishmommy's Avatar scottishmommy 03:36 PM 07-13-2010
Hey Spencersmom- honestly, I wouldn't have surgery for something that isn't causing me any trouble. It just doesn't seem logical. Your torn fascia is completely within the realm of normal, especially after a traumatic birth. Minor rectoceles are annoying at times, but the surgery could permanently alter your anatomy for the worse.As for the perineoplasty it may be worth it. I don't know enough about it to comment except that I would have a highly skilled urogynecologist perform the surgery, not a regular obgyn. Good luck! This must be a hard decision.

ps thanks for the video-just watched some on youtube. It looks really promising.
leoheart's Avatar leoheart 05:41 PM 07-14-2010
Hi Robynfrog, I would have to say your instinct sounds right on here. The uterus not only helps to support other pelvic organs (providing it is not prolapsed itself), it provides hormonal support - even in menopause. I would avoid losing it if at all possible. I have a friend who was dx'd with uterine cancer, and she fought to keep her uterus and opt for other treatments. She is doing great now, but she did a lot of research on the hysterectomy issue, and I have to think if a woman with cancer in her uterus would still opt to keep it, that is a compelling argument. I don't know of any drs in your area, but I think researching this before taking a dr's word is a good start.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 07:18 PM 07-14-2010
Heyla! Welcome all, though as ever... I'm sorry you need the info here.

I'd suggest avoiding surgery for anything that isn't causing a true "quality of life" problem. Every surgery carries a certain amount of risk (both in the surgery and in the healing)... nerve damage, infection, granulated scar tissue, etc. In some cases these risks outweigh the benefits while in other cases the benefits offered by the surgery clearly outweigh the risks. Surgical options for POP repair are undergoing a slow but sure revolution these days as more women ask for better surgical options and 'classic" surgical techniques are abandoned as complications are revealed (surgery used to be an "end of life" option so there wasn't a lot of info on what happens to a bladder sling over 20-30 years... turns out, it's not good ). So.... while I'd be interested in surgery 'some day' I wouldn't have anything done now unless the POP was causing serious quality of life problems and I'd exhausted the alternatives.

I'd suggest the book Ending Female Pain (for all sorts of pain, including intimate moments) and the Tupler Technique for "at home" core support. Maya Massage and/or PT might help too (Mothering had an article on maya massage or just google it).

Hang in there and uplifting vibes to all!
happy2bamama's Avatar happy2bamama 12:21 AM 07-18-2010
Hey gals - I don't have enough time right now to sift through the thread for this topic, but does anyone have any info/experience with vaginal weights??

My midwife recommended these (although I have a feeling she's never had to use them herself).


smoothie's Avatar smoothie 10:48 PM 07-18-2010
Hello Ladies. I'm back.
It's been 20 months since my prolapse (mostly uterine and probably slight bladder, but no urinary incontinence problems so far). To recap: I went from seeing the tip of my uterus to barely being able to reach it on good days and a couple of finger joints up on low-estrogen days (period and such).

Well, I'm 9 weeks pregnant. This is my third. So far my prolapse is high up. High estrogen levels, probably. However, I have a bit of a concern. I've touched my cervix today and it feels soft and slightly open. That's not supposed to happen, is it? Dh and I haven't had sex in a couple of weeks, so it's not sperm softening it. Maybe I'm being paranoid because I feel no morning sickness, plus I'm still bfing. Anyone can shed light on my fears?
Also, with my last pregnancy I had some pelvic pain and heaviness in the 2nd trimester (I probably had some prolapse from the first birth already,just didn't know it). Should I expect it to be worse this time? Is my prolapse likely to get much worse after the third birth? I don't expect my birth to be complicated. Both of the previous ones were easy. I didn't even tear the second time and barely pushed a few times. I keep wondering whether I'm just one of those women who's prolapse is caused by the first stage of labour, not the birth itself. If it is, I guess there's not much I can do about it.
snoopy5386's Avatar snoopy5386 12:42 AM 07-20-2010
I haven't been on here for a while but still have my prolapse. I'm 3 months pp with a 3rd degree uterine/vaginal wall prolapse that hasn't gotten any better since about 2 weeks pp. So far I've been pretty disappointed with my medical care. In early June I went to see the head of urogynecology at Johns Hopkins and had a both good/bad appt. The beginning of the appt was very good - the doc sat down and talked to me, asked me what I was looking for - symptom relief, etc., explained about pessaries and explained what she would do during the exam. She examined me six ways to Sunday - lying down, standing up, bearing down, not bearing down, taking all these measurements. That was the good part. Then after the exam she came back in after I was dressed, said I should go to physical therapy, but couldn't recommend any (I live about 45 mins away from her practice) and then sort of ran out of the room before I could ask for a pessary or anything. Told me to come back in 6 months. If things aren't better by December I'll be getting that pessary.
PT was another disappointment. Called a local place and they said they did pelvic floor PT. I went for the appt and all the therapist did was give me a handout on Kegels and show me some back strengthing exercises to do while kegeling - that was it. I've been trying to find the time to do the exercises but it hasn't been easy...For those who have had PT is this typical or should I try finding another place to go to?
Next week I'm going to go get Mayan Abdominal Massage and I'd love to hear from others who've gotten it and how it has helped you. The woman said it would take 3-4 hours? I can't imagine what she is going to do for 3-4 hours. It should be interesting to say the least. I'd love to hear from others so I can decide if it is worth before I go - I'll be dropping $300 on the massage plus paying for a babysitter for DD1. I have to drive an hour each way and take DD2 with me since she won't take a bottle. She'll probably scream the entire car ride both ways and then she needs to be content while this woman works on me for 3-4 hours? I mean really 3-4 hours???
happy2bamama's Avatar happy2bamama 04:23 AM 07-20-2010
Snoopy5386 - I just wanted to say that I started getting the Mayan Abdominal massage for my prolapsed uterus (mild, but still, a prolapse) and it has really helped. I can't say if the person who you are gonna go to is good or not, but the theory and practice for Mayan Massage is awesome. I'm not sure why the therapist would need to work on you for 3-4 hours - can you ask her before you go why she is spending that much time at once? Who knows, maybe she's reaaaaaaaaally thorough!

My first appointment was 2 hours with one hour of talking and one hour of massage and now it only lasts about an hour. My therapist (who is coincidentally the woman who wrote the Womb Massage article for last month's Mothering issue) does a full body massage while focusing on specific places that really affect the pelvic organs (saccrum, glutes) and then does the massage off the pubic bone (which brings the uterus up) and some abdominal work too. She also discusses supplements and other things you can do to help the uterine area. It's so awesome to be able to talk to someone about all this prolapse stuff who is truly knowledgeable about it. We looked at drawings of different kinds of prolapses and she was able to tell me which kind she thought I had based on my symptoms and what she felt during the massage (uterus folded over itself forward). Having a visual for this was SO helpful.

What I have liked about it is that my therapist can get a feel of how intense the prolapse is or in which way it's tilted just by doing the massage. I LOVE being able to know that. And, she taught me how to do the massage myself, which I do (it's only 5 minutes every night while I lay in bed - so easy!) and at the last appointment she said "You've been doing your self massage - I can tell!" because she said things felt really different. My bladder didn't feel so pushed up to the front. And she can feel that my uterus is tilted to the left a little, so we (and I) do extra massage to move it to be more centered. So again, I'm really happy to know that she has an idea of where these organs are in my body and whether they're out of place.

Also, before I had my son, my periods were pretty easy. After my period came back post-partum (around 18 months), I bled more and had lots of clots and also lots of brown spotting - kinda sticky and stringy. I told my therapist about this and she told me that I shouldn't be having that brown stuff - it was old blood and that shouldn't be collecting in there. My period should be mostly red blood. It made sense to us that if my uterus is flopped over itself that there is probably that top part of it that isn't able to get all its blood out and so it stays in there and gets old (brown/sticky). The first period I had AFTER the massage treatment had a lot less of the brown stuff, way more red and I (TMI coming up here) passed something that looked like tissue. Seriously, it looked like the body tissue that was in the birthing pool when I was done having my son. It wasn't a clot. So, I have a feeling that was stuck up in that top part of my uterus as well until she/we massaged it up enough to let the everything get out of it. I'm really curious to see what my next period is like too. That being said, this massage did wonders for me in many ways!!!

One thing to be careful of is I had CRAZY digestive issues after my first appointment because everything got all moved around (and I'm sure toxins were releasing). It's a good thing to get rid of all that, but just so ya know

Of course, this is just my experience and yours might be different (heck, it could even be better!) Just wanted to give you my 2 cents since I just started doing the Mayan Massage.

Good luck!
Mamasweetpotato's Avatar Mamasweetpotato 10:56 PM 07-20-2010
So are we anti-squats or not?

I have cystocele and minor gyno greenlighted me for gym activities (pretty sure I mentioned squats to him) but my PT was aghast. Now I am freaked out (doesn't take much to make me feel guilty) that I made things worse by working out at the gym for a few weeks (haven't been for two weeks now), including squats, etc.

I am still fairly asymptomatic wrt cystocele, aside from some pressure I'm feeling from time to time...the pt said the exercises and keigels should help with that.
mouso's Avatar mouso 01:14 AM 07-21-2010
Where did y'all find your Mayan Massage practitioners? Is there a good site to go to?
decembermoon's Avatar decembermoon 03:12 AM 07-24-2010
hey i'm new to this thread and i'm happy to find it! my son is almost 10 months old and he was huge, a 10lber! well i have a self and midwife dx rectocele and a slight uterine one too. I haven't been to my OB yet because i'm being lazy and afraid of what she'll tell me. the crazy thing is, it wasn't there at my 6 week PP check up. but shortly after I caught my 2 yr olds RSV infection and literally coughed my insides out! I called my midwife freaking out and since I have not been the same. I do my kegels and at first that seemed to work but now not so much. I'm not really having issues other than elimination issues and i hate feeling my insides when i wipe. I haven't looked down there and i wont let my husband any where near there either because i feel it looks like a war zone or something :/

i started searching online looking for alternative treatments other than surgery. my midwife did recommend a dvd of exercises to try but i haven't purchased it yet. has anyone tried it?? did it work?

thanks in advance
Jules112's Avatar Jules112 09:38 AM 07-26-2010
happy2bamama - I have tried vaginal weights, they did nothing for me because i couldn't feel them in there at all.. my PT recommended rather than the weights to insert one or two fingers inside and push downwards towards your bottom until you can feel pressure and then pull the muscle up, this helped in making me more aware of which muscles I was using.

Smoothie - congrats on your pregnancy! I dont know much about what happend with prolapses during pregnancy (although i am interested if its likely to get worse/stay the same) but I do know thats its normal for your cervix to feel slightly open after you've had a baby,even while you're pregnant, mine feels almost 1 cm open still now (im not pregnant though), I hope your pregnancy goes well and keep us updated on how the prolapses are feeling

Snoopy - i've heard good things about maya massage, im looking into getting it done myself, let us know how it goes! As for the PT session, well I believe that they are supposed to actually insert a finger to feel your pelvic floor contract and feel weather its being done correctly, well thats how my PT assesses my progress, I think its important for you to know that you have the technique right, and thats the only way they can really check.

mamasweetpotato - You can do squats! I go to the gym 4-6 days a week and have been for some time now and I do squats constantly and have not had any problems, the important thing to remember when you're doing squats (or any weights) is to brace your tummy muscles and contract your pelvic floor while you are squatting, and relax when you come up, keep your posture good at all times. I am sooo glad that my prolapses haven't interfered with my fitness, thats one thing i was really depressed about when i first discovered them. But it makes me feel normal that I can do these things still and not have a problem.

decembermoon - sorry to hear that you have discovered prolapses, yep, coughing puts horrible pressure on your pelvic floor, have you seen a physiotherapist? Definetely keep going with the kegels a few times a day, I dont know how you can not look down there! I was freaking out when i felt that 'stuck tampon' sensation and HAD to look! Maybe you should get the courage up to have a peek and then you have a better idea of whats going on. Incease your fibre intake and drink plenty of water so that you dont get constipated and get a rectocele too.

As for me, I am still working on getting my pelvic floor strength back after the coughing fit I had a few weeks ago, I have a PT appointment next week to assess my muscles again, hopefully some improvement, I feel like they are as strong as they ever were - but then again they were never really strong to begin with (even before pregnancy), I remember trying to do kegels during my last pregnancy and i couldnt even really hold them.. I wish i'd tried harder - knowing what I know now..
snoopy5386's Avatar snoopy5386 12:59 AM 07-28-2010
Today I went to have Mayan Abdominal Massage done to try and help with my uterine prolapse. The practitioner said I could bring DD2 because she won't take a bottle but I think she regretted that after the fact. It was clear once I got there that this woman did not have kids and knew nothing about babies (asked if DD2 was going to crawl away when I put her on the floor on a blanket, she's 3 months old). It all worked out fine in the end, but it was a 1 hour drive each way with DD2 fussing the whole time and then trying to relax and get a massage with DD2 either fussing on the floor or sleeping but with me praying that she would sleep long enough for the practitioner to finish. Not very relaxing, but hopefully helpful. She taught me the self massage to do, gave me some info on supplements, but said she couldn't really feel my uterus, that it was down below the pubic bone. But isn't that where it is supposed to be? Isn't that why you can't hear the baby's heartbeat with a doppler until after 12 weeks when the uterus rises out from behind the pubic bone?

I think I'm going to change primary care physicians (been meaning to anyways) and get another referral for a different physical therapist. I'd still love to hear others therapy experiences so I can get an idea of what to expect.

Also, for those who do the T-Tap program, what is a fanny tuck? Is it a pelvic tilt or something else?
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I just bought this and like it.
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Has anyone tried the DVD Down There For Women?

I read about it on this blog.

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