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Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Support Thread

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hatchling...I'm not sure I understand the exercises the PT gave you. I have seen a PT as well, who gave me exercises to do. Keigel exercises while focusing on contracting both the vagina and anus (because for me, unless I do that, I don't really get a strong contraction in the perineum). Also I have to focus on fully relaxing the perineum at the end of the Keigel, because of pelvic floor tension. I also have some Yoga/Pilates exercises - doing modified bridge pose with a small ball between my knees to help engage the adductor muscles in the inner thighs, and then 3 different exercises where I am engaging my core with my knees bent & sliding one heel straight & then back to a bent knee position
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Whoops, didn't mean to send that yet...continuing...
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lifting 1 leg straight and then bending it again, etc. hard to explain without the visuals! Anyway, she told me to do them every day, but I feel like that aggravates things, and it's better if I do them every other day or every third day. Basically I feel like a person has to find a balance between trusting their own body and following what a professional thinks they should do. because even though they might have training and know more about the condition than I do, I still know my own body, and they can't really feel all the things that I feel when I'm doing different activities.
the PT I saw told me my prolapse wasn't that bad, either, but considering that I had had to miss a lot of work because I could hardly stand to be upright, I don't think she really knew what she was talking about. when I saw the visceral manipulation therapist, he said that my bladder and uterus were being pulled to the left side and twisted that way, which explains a lot of the pain and really tight and sharp pains that I get about my pelvic bone.
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the adjustment that he did really helped for about 4 to 5 days, so I know there's something to it. I really wish that it was a quick and easy fix though. It is really frustrating to feel better and then feel worse again.
I wish there was someone closer to you, so that you could try it. Where do you live? Are there any acupuncturists near you?

Whoah...I don't know for sure, but I think it is the tissue of the vaginal wall that separates the bladder and the vagina that you are seeing protruding.
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Hi mamas! I'm new to this thread, trying to work my way through it to see what I can learn, but for now I figured I'd introduce myself.


 I'm 11 days postpartum with baby #2 (who was 9lbs9oz) and still healing up, but I'm pretty sure I have pelvic prolapse, specifically rectocele. I actually think I had a mild case of it after my first (she wasn't a particularly big baby at 7lbs12oz, but was a posterior presentation and I spend 2.5 hours "purple pushing" in a semi-reclined position.) At the time I had no idea that pelvic prolapse was even a thing. I just know that since having her 3.5 yrs ago I sometimes found myself placing a wad of toilet paper slightly inside my vagina and pushing back toward my rectal wall while having a BM (sorry if that's way TMI!) I didn't need to do it every time, but when I did I noticed that it really helped me void completely. There was no pain and my sex life didn't suffer at all, so I never mentioned anything to my gyn. So now after pushing out a 9 and a half pound baby, I'm pretty sure I've made it worse. Thankfully I didn't tear at all, because I've read that can make it much much worse, but I did STREETCH an awful lot, obviously. Nothing is protruding from the vagina, but it is definitely swollen into (what used to be) my vaginal canal. When I'm coughing or laughing, or after standing for extended periods of time, I tend to feel a bit "bulgey" down there and my entire pelvic area gets achey. I also get mild lower-back aches from too much walking or standing (not that I do very much standing or walking at all. I DO spend a good majority of the time relaxing on the couch or in bed!)



Any other mamas--especially mamas of many--experience this? I'm hoping that it's just something that takes a few weeks to improve on its own and won't necessarily need treatment.

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Kitteh, I saw your post in the due date club and I realized I have it also. I saw a little bulgy thing inside my vagina a few days after the delivery but didn't make anything of it until I saw your post. Mine looks to be a 1st grade cystocele, doesn't bother me for now. I will start researching about it.


 From what I have read just now, it looks like there are excercises that we can do, is that correct?

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Cuau...I was given exercises by a PT who works with pelvic floor rehab. Apparently stabilizing the pelvic floor can help. I've currently had the most success with Visceral Manipulation but it's taking some time.
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I went back to my cystocele/rectocele surgeon to ask her about this - she said that's my urethra - it's normal there is nothing I can do about it - which was so weird because it is not normal for me - I used to have a tiny hole for urinating but now it's a big old brain looking thing - someone on one of the other boards said it may be Urethrocele which fits with all of this. Is there surgery to fix this - it is really in my way bulging out of the vaginal entrance. If you can have surgery what is it like? And what else can be done?

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So I've been slowly working my way through this thread--I'm a little over half way through--and I've been gaining a lot of really valuable information. Which is extremely important for me, because it looks as if any treatment I may need down the road is going to have to be self-administered. I'm currently receiving pregnancy-related Medi-Cal, but it only covers me through my 6 week checkup. Other than that I don't currently have health insurance (terrible, I know.)


The rest of this is going to be full-on TMI territory!


Yesterday I saw my midwife for a 3 week PP checkup, and I brought up my concerns with her. Basically, I'm pretty sure I have some degree of all 3 prolapse issues. The night before my appt I actually decided to do a little internal check (I've pretty much stopped bleeding and though I know that I'm still in the NOTHING IN THE VAGINA stage of postpartum recovery, I just had to know what was going on in there. I washed my hands thoroughly beforehand!) Anyhow, I feel like the rectocele bulge is the most obvious, with a possible cytocele and then when I put a finger in I felt my cervix really low, like less than half a finger's width up. So I told the MW this, and she had me lie down to do an internal check. She claimed that everything looked pretty normal (though I was flat on my back.) She did confirm a mild cytocele, said she could feel stool through my vaginal wall but did not confirm rectocele (though this is the one I'm most certain of) and said my cervix was reasonably high. All in all, I felt rather brushed off by her. I really respect her as a midwife and don't think she is ignoring my concerns on purpose, but maybe she's just not terribly familiar with this stuff?


She asked if I'm leaking urine and I said no (though yesterday after I'd gone pee and went to stand up I guess I wasn't fully done and I leaked all over my underpants! That was interesting.) I told her that I have been "splinting" during some BMs ever since the birth of my first, 3.5 years ago. She seemed to think that was a terrible idea and told me not to do it any more, which kind of made me lose faith in her judgement regarding these issues. Everything I've read says that splinting is a very common thing for women with rectocele. I don't have to do it often, maybe 25% of the time, tops? But those times that I do are absolutely necessary, and I started doing it sort of instinctively years ago, I had no idea that it was a "thing" or that there were any implications behind it (I'd never even HEARD of POP then!) Right now I'm having trouble having BMs, I feel like I'm constipated but when I finally go my stool is very very soft. But I can sort of feel the pressure building up for hours or a day or so, without being able to pass anything. And that makes the whole area down there feel achey and sore.


So, basically I think I'm on my own with this stuff, I don't think my care providers are going to be of any use. Luckily I do think that I've got a fairly mild case, and the fact that I'm still only 3 weeks postpartum gives me hope that a lot of this will heal naturally with time. But I do want to make sure that I'm doing everything in my power to help that healing, and that I don't make any mistakes during this recovery phase that might make things worse. I'm an avid runner, I was running 30+ miles a week before getting pregnant and continued to run through my pregnancy, stopping around 33 weeks. I ran a half-marathon at 17 weeks! But now I'm wondering if maybe that contributed to the weakening of my pelvic floor? I only pushed for 45 minutes this time and it was a water birth, but my dd was over 9.5 lbs at birth. I'm really hoping to be able to return to running eventually, and we're still open to the idea of having a third child, but I'm kind of afraid of doing more damage to myself, with both of those things!

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Wow. I will have to pick a quiet Sunday to read everything posted here.
I was diagnosed with a grade 1 cystocele and rectocele, as well as grade 1-2 uterine prolapse last year, almost 3 years pp. I had almost no symptoms until I was in the shower "checking things out" one day and found that my cervix was sagging way down into my vaginal vault. Looking back, I had been experiencing some minor to moderate urinary leakage and was constipated at least 1-2 times a week. I had been splinting without knowing the term!
I had no insurance at the time but was able to see my former OB, who diagnosed me but wanted to do a pelvic u/s to rule out anything more ominous. When that came back clean I got back on insurance, which unfortunately was Kaiser Permanente, but had no other options. The OB was male and confirmed the diagnosis but attitude was night and day -- even though my primary concern was the uterine prolapse, he immediately pushed for anti-incontinence meds, which I refused d/t thd plethora of side effects and the fact that I was managing well enough. And whereas the female OB had been very receptive to discussing non-surgical treatment (pessaries, etc.), male good ol' boy OB immediately dismissed that with a quick "most women don't like them. Surgery is the best option if it gets worse", which I knew from researching the methods and failure rates would only ever be last resort.
So, like a lot of women here, I've been finding my own way of dealing with it. I found the Whole Woman book and eventually the website, which was really eye-opening as far as how common prolapse is. I am still taken aback by the lack of education, and all I can figure is that because there is no pill to sell nor high-success-rate surgery, where's the incentive for medical community. Also, I think women are still shamed enough by it that we just aren't making it a priority in the medical arena.
I'm curious about the sheer numbers of women who have some degree of pelvic prolapse; and have concocted my own theory that maybe this is a "normal" progression for the childbearing human female. I say "normal" in the sense that the evolutionary flaw that got us walking upright made childbirth so much harder on our bodies and that giving birth is a roll of the dice!
That being said, I think there's definitely some genetic factors at work, too. My maternal grandmother, who had not seen a gynecologist since my mother, her youngest was born, had been living with a COMPLETE uterine prolapse for over 40 years, unbeknownst to anyone in the family. My mom is the youngest of five children and as my grandmother had still a few more childbearing years and did not use birth control, we often wondered what stopped her from having more. But I myself also have some mixed connective tissue disease and wonder if that contributed to my prolapse. I have also just developed an umbilical hernia which is also common in pp ladies.
So far everything is managable and I'm just hoping everything stays inside until I have no use for any of it anymore! I think the hardest part for me is the psychological aspect of not feeling "whole", but having groups like this is wonderful therapy:)
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Curebaby, I have been using a pessary for several months now in addition to getting visceral manipulation treatments. It has been a lifesaver, and I can't believe that anyone would suggest surgery is a better option! The only complaint I have about it is that it seems to make me more prone to yeast. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but it is quite annoying & probably a sign that my immune system is not in top shape.
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Visceral manipulation? That's one I'll have look up.
My prolapse is pretty non-symptomatic except for menses but I usually wear the Instead cup, which is why I feel a pessary wouldn't be a problem for me. I just hate having to fight tooth and nail with my HMO! I would like to get some weight off my mid-section to try and see if that helps reduce the pressure; I had been doing yoga before the prolapse but between that and the hernia, now I'm not supposed to put too much strain on my pelvic region, so I just walk and bike when I can.
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Kitteh, I was reading your post and wanted to respond. Have your symptoms improved at all? Have you seen a doctor? I love midwives, but my home birth midwives didn't have any idea what was wrong with me postpartum when I kept complaining of pain and issues. They aren't medically trained, so you would be better off seeing an MD or DO. I was diagnosed with a separated symphysis pubis at my 6 week check up with my family doc and along with pubic bone/pelvis pain, I had very similar symptoms you describe, difficulty moving my bowels despite having soft stool. I would even feel gas build up painfully behind my rectum and not be able to pass it. Two things helped me; getting a Squatty Potty and time. My rectum felt soft like my belly for over four months after my baby was born on 3/13/13, and it's only in the last month that it has started to feel toned like normal again.  Where I live in Ann Arbor there is something called the "Healthy Healing After Delivery" Clinic and they specialize in bowel/bladder injury, and there are some pelvic floor physical therapists in the system. They have given me some really good instruction in how to move your bowels without straining; I wish I had known more of this before my baby was born. I also take ground flax seed, probiotics and magnesium citrate every day to help my bowels move easier. It's not diet related; I eat super healthy and don't have constipation, it's the pelvic floor muscles that are injured and not working right.  One thing that breaks my heart is how little information is out there for women in the postpartum period; it's all about losing your baby weight, nothing about taking care of your body! 



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never mind

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Wow this is a really long support thread. I hope I am able to read it one day. In the meantime I was wondering if some of you could give me some advice.


Here is my situation:

I have two level two prolapses - a cystocele and a rectocele. I am almost 3 years postpartum and still suffering the effects of these. Without getting into too much detail I feel like I have the urge to pee a lot, and it is especially uncomfortable when I am about to get my period...really uncomfortable.... When I sneeze I leak a little. I find myself using the bathroom frequently, even when I don't have to really go, just because I am worried I will find myself in a situation where I have to go but can't find a restroom. I wake up about 5+ times a night to pee, because when my bladder is a little full it feels a lot full. And the rectocele causes problems when I need to go. Sometimes it's hard to get everything out if you know what I mean. Sometimes I have to use my finger as a splint, and other times I have to try again later. It's really awful.

I'm not sure what caused this...maybe pushing too hard for 2.5 hours during delivery? Maybe my 3rd degree tear? Doesn't matter cause what's done is done.

Currently I am doing acupuncture & herbs which helps some, more with the rectocele. But nothing has cured it. When standing I would frequently have a lot of perineum pain/aching but that seems to have gone away now...I only get that pain when I have my period. I have tried the whole woman posture which helps with the pain when standing. Oh and I can't use tampons anymore without a lot of pain...not fun in the summer time :( or when I want to wear yoga pants.


So I have two questions:

1. I am considering having another child but I am terrified of making my current situation worse - thoughts?

2. Any suggestions on how I can have a better quality of life? I am assuming there is nothing that will make this go away permanently.


Thank you

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Originally Posted by acuamazon View Post

the adjustment that he did really helped for about 4 to 5 days, so I know there's something to it. I really wish that it was a quick and easy fix though. It is really frustrating to feel better and then feel worse again.

I wish there was someone closer to you, so that you could try it. Where do you live? Are there any acupuncturists near you?

Whoah...I don't know for sure, but I think it is the tissue of the vaginal wall that separates the bladder and the vagina that you are seeing protruding.


I am replying to all who have posted before me lately...

Thank you Acuamazon. I have been wanting to come back on here for a while, but just got busy and didn't.

I am not sure that I can visualize your exercises either. I had other exercises prescribed, but they all seemed to make things feel worse. I will keep them in mind if I start feeling better with other strategies and see if they might help more at that time. If they don't I will quit them again.

I am in Western MB. There are some acupuncturists, but I am not comfortable going to see them. I did go to someone who did accupressure (for carpal tunnel) and have wondered if that might help, but the practitioner that I did see is far away, starting to forget what he did in the last treatments, and from what I have heard, the prices have gone up too, so that is out. I also wondered about it being so harsh when it comes to treatments. This problem I think requires careful, gentle treatment.

To the lady who mentioned herbs: I know of some that are supposed to help, but I am still nursing (going on 1 1/2 yrs. soon...13 months since recognizing my POP for what it was), and cannot use the herbs that I read about while nursing. What are you using?

Treatments, Stress, Belly Dancing, Walking, Squatty potty, WW program:

I ordered the Whole Woman program and will be checking to see if it is in my mailbox today. After viewing the sample clips of it and also trying some belly dance (I got a free video on how to lose weight using belly dance from a used clothing store), I can sure see a lot of similarities. To that and also to some warm up exercises in Judo too. Also, after trying to show my girls some of the belly dance moves that I had learned in the past, I found that it did help me some. Interesting...I will be combining the two, I think. Did you know that belly dance was developed to help prepare a woman's body for childbirth, not what most think that it is for? I think that there is a lot of wisdom in old cultures that is often ignored or forgotten. It is fun to do and makes me feel very feminine. I should add that I have read that the hip drop is too harsh for the pelvic region if anyone is wanting to try this approach. It certainly gives you an awareness of your body and its finer muscle structure.

I haven't been able to walk outside for a while (min. of 2 months). Temps have been outrageously cold here or other things have got in the way. I have been on hands and knees cleaning up after kids (food on floor, toys), as well as watching my posture, doing crawling and lunges. The squatty potty idea helps too. I just use a folding step stool for myself and have everyone else in my household using it too. Yay, family! I do also watch what I lift (although that seems to be improving too, and I can lift a tad more now), and where I sit. Not everything feels good to sit on. I also have cut a pool noodle in half to give my back a reminder for posture when I sit in a vehicle. I only sit on a stool with a footstool and on an ottoman at home. When I am out, I only sit on the edge of couches, etc. to keep my posture correct. It is quite something, and I miss the lazy days of being comfy in those things, but if it is one cause of it all, I will avoid it.

I have been thinking on how stress causes a tight rectal area. I was wondering if this could be the cause of a tight perineum as well, that I think you had mentioned? I bet that there is a connection. Reducing stress is not an option here. It seems that others pile it on, and I cannot block it or change it. Walking will help relieve some, I imagine, but that is all that I can think of for that. I have also been thinking of sleep and how the body regenerates/heals during sleep. If I could only get a full night's I did feel better at one point for 5 days after I was so sick that I hardly ate, was running to the bathroom all the time (for everything), and sleeping most of the day. That was over 2 days. Interesting...

I also read that someone did the mayan technique on others and taught them how to do it themselves. I would certainly be interested in learning how to do this myself. The info is out there...I just need to find it.

I have a relative who just experienced the re-visiting of her prolapse after feeling good after many, many babies, and many, many years. She went to a lady who did something (the name of her technique was unknown by this lady), but she claimed that it helped a lot and made her feel normal. I will be going to her and asking questions, then having her work on me if I feel comfortable...hopefully soon. I will let you all know what the result is for me and if this technique has a name.

I am cutting down on processed dairy to see if I can lose weight this way. So far, it is helping. I am still getting one large glass a day and eating unpasteurized cheese (check SuperStore), and plain, high-fat yogurt for live cultures. When our cow milks again, it will be full raw dairy. Drinking full-fat raw milk helps me lose weight due to the enzymes and lack of homogenization and pasteurization. I lose 6 lbs. in 7 days each time I switch back, and it helps me lose more easily after that initial loss.

Kitteh: You will find that walking is much, much easier on all parts of your body (pelvic floor, feet, knees, hips, spine, etc.) and you will see great results from walking. It is less jarring, which you want to avoid. I can go at a very fast clip now that I am used to walking, just about as fast as most people seem to jog. My dh walks very quickly and I have very short legs, so I learned how to keep up. lol You will do yourself a favor changing your exercise strategy to walking, although I have heard that some women do return to running after POP.


When I had my last two babies (18 mo. apart), I chose a semi-reclining position for pushing. I think that was BAD. Birthing position is very important. I would recommend hands and knees to all ladies out there. It gets the bladder out of the way so you can birth well. Also, birthing in the water will relax you somewhat and make the birth more gentle on the body (I had that part right). It also helps keep your bladder empty. I only wish that I continued hands and knees in the water. I think that if I had done that instead of semi-sitting, that I would not be on this thread. I had had 2 other babies after my initial very mild prolapse (first birth...bladder too full...being in water flushed it out) and had no further injury. It was not until I did semi-sitting that I had real issues. I also wonder in my case if my legs being spread apart (like splitting a chicken to prepare to eat) while birthing the 2 times previous might have contributed to stretching some inner support muscles and ligaments. I corrected this the next couple of times by using a doorway for support, but the damage may have already been done. Still researching...

If you look up cyctocele and rectocele and prolapse on, you will find further information on prolapse and birth. I have yet to read there further.

Radiant1: Yes, "splinting." I have done that on occasion. I have to remember to always have whole grains each day and drink plenty of fluids. This helps too. Also, when emptying the bladder, wipe down the front (down your hairy area) to help empty the urethra. This might help your constant urge.

I am considering having another baby. I am feeling a bit better about it, but not fully yet. I have been very anxious about it since my last one. I kept reading that it does get worse with each one, but
I really have to wonder if it has to do with the birthing choices (whether hospital/home birth...I homebirth...and choice of postitioning, etc.). I am most concerned about the pregnancy period, rather than the birth. I feel like I am finding good information on that part, so I will keep reading to see if I can find more out.

Anyway, lately I have been feeling quite a bit better. I know a down time is yet to come, but in the meantime, it is nice to have a break. I have had times of 4-5 days of feeling almost normal here and there, but have yet to connect it to something that I may have done differently.

Whew! Sorry that this got long. I had a lot on my mind, I guess. I want you all to know that I appreciate you all. This is a good place to get support.

Let's keep troubleshooting!
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hatchling, Acupuncture should not be harsh, however it depends on the practitioner and their style and personality! Many acupuncturists have quite gentle needling techniques that are barely felt by the patient. Acupressure is also wonderful, using the same points and theory as acupuncture. From a Chinese medicine perspective, organ prolapse involves the Spleen and often Kidney organ networks and strengthening those systems ideally can help the body heal.

I am curious about the possible correlation with birthing in a semi-reclined position. This was how I was positioned through my entire labor and delivery as well. Glad you brought that up!
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I do get acupuncture and take herbs for mine. I've been doing that for almost a year now. It helps. But it hasn't cured my problems. I guess that is because there is no cure?


Can anyone share their experiences with having children after having prolapses? I am so worried that pregnancy and childbirth will make my current condition worse. I delivered naturally the first time. But had such an awful experience I will probably get an epidural next time. I was also considering a c-section if that would help prevent making my prolapses worse. My OBGYN said I am a candidate for one.

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Hi all,


I am 34 years old and just diagnosed with rectocele at four weeks postpartum from having my first child. I'm going nuts with all of the mixed information I'm finding online of what I can expect from having this condition.


My main concern is to be able to maintain (what was) a great sex life, and to exercise normally... that is a BIG quality of life issue for me.


Regarding exercise, it's a very big deal to me to be able to do higher impact exercising - running (I'd wanted to do a 10k postpartum as part of getting back into shape!), weight training with weight machines and free weights, plus plyometrics, Jillian Michaels, etc.. I see posts on various boards from women who say you can just do low impact now, but the idea of giving up the degree of exercise I'd maintained before is killing me... it would feel like I'm not really working out! :(  Are there women who are able to maintain serious exercise without much worsening of their prolapse condition?


Regarding sex... sorry for the TMI, but I did have a fantastic, creative, spicy sex life with my husband before the baby and I hate to think our intimacy would be affected. i.e how is oral sex going to work with this thing at the entrance to my vagina (gross!).. and not a question I'm comfortable asking my doctor, but can you still have anal sex with rectocele?

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One more thing... I'm an RN, and I work as a floor nurse doing three 12 hour shifts per week which includes being on my feet pretty much the entire shift, and frequently moving heavy patients around in bed. I just started working as an RN after making a big career change and going back to school, and have yet to even finish my first year as a nurse. How is my career going to affect my prolapse? I can't make another career change at this point in my life, nor do I want to...

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Originally Posted by Peanuts View Post

Hi all,


I am 34 years old and just diagnosed with rectocele at four weeks postpartum from having my first child. I'm going nuts with all of the mixed information I'm finding online of what I can expect from having this condition.


My main concern is to be able to maintain (what was) a great sex life, and to exercise normally... that is a BIG quality of life issue for me.


Regarding exercise, it's a very big deal to me to be able to do higher impact exercising - running (I'd wanted to do a 10k postpartum as part of getting back into shape!), weight training with weight machines and free weights, plus plyometrics, Jillian Michaels, etc.. I see posts on various boards from women who say you can just do low impact now, but the idea of giving up the degree of exercise I'd maintained before is killing me... it would feel like I'm not really working out! :(  Are there women who are able to maintain serious exercise without much worsening of their prolapse condition?


Regarding sex... sorry for the TMI, but I did have a fantastic, creative, spicy sex life with my husband before the baby and I hate to think our intimacy would be affected. i.e how is oral sex going to work with this thing at the entrance to my vagina (gross!).. and not a question I'm comfortable asking my doctor, but can you still have anal sex with rectocele?

I would like to know the answers to all of these questions too.... I am 8 weeks postpartum with a grade 1/2 cystocele and have only done low impact exercise and the thought of sex is repulsive to me at the moment.... I did go on a pretty intense hike and felt like my organs were falling out of my body.

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I won the prolapse lottery after the natural birth of my second.  I suffered a third degree tear.  Shortly after her birth I decided to check out the situation down there and that is when I discovered that something was not quite right.  I could not actually see into my vagina.  My OB blew it off and told me I might have a minor prolapse.  Of course he examined me laying down so he did not get the full effect.  It's funny how both my doctor and my husband told me that I may be over reacting.  My response was that if they looked down at their penis and saw that something that use to be inside their body was trying to make it's way out they might be a little upset too. 


Anyway I digress.  I did go on to have another child.  I was terrified of making the situation worse.  I even suffered another third degree tear!  I haven't found that having another has really changed anything for the worse for me.  With that said I never had many symptoms other than no longer having an open vaginal canal and some achiness.  When I start my period my pelvic floor gets achy as well as when I stand all day (and I mean all day).  When that happens I rest.  Otherwise I live a normal life.  Something I was terrified I would never do again for fear of things falling out.  I run, I jump, so on and so forth.  I did start the Hab-it DVD after my second birth and still do some of the exercises as well as practice the posture.    I found it immensely helpful along with her site.  I find when my pelvic floor does get achy if I pay attention to my posture I get immediate relief (and also feel taller:wink).  Probably what helped me going into my third birth was educating myself on what I could do or not do to help and speed my recovery.  Also after torturing myself with worry and fear I have found with time that my prolapse has gotten much better (position wise) and I hardly think about it any more. 

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I am wondering if anyone can give me some help with prolapse information, I would appreciate any insight.

My thread is:

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As I said, I would keep reading and researching and report my findings here. Remember, I believe that there in an answer  in all of the information out there, and that I think that it is a mix. Not everyone is 100% correct as they all like to claim, as in all things internet and selling, and everyone has something to contribute to a solution.


My review on the WW DVD: I was not impressed with  the WW DVD (1st Aid for Prolapse). I was expecting yoga, and got a video on ballet. I felt deceived. I did contact them to voice a complaint, but got no response back at all. It was not like the clips I saw online. Those were only some of the "warm up" exercises, not the main program. They are good...the ballet....well... There was also advice on making your own clothing (not happening here...and those were very 70's clothing styles, although I do understand not wanting anything restrictive around the waist), diet "suggestions" including dried food storage and instructions on "hovering."


I have known for a long time that hovering is bad. Your bladder does not clean out when you hover...and it cannot be healthy when you eliminate otherwise, either. You are not working with gravity and I cannot see how you could stay clean where you need to. As for picking up a baby in the posture, it looked like a recipe for trouble for the whole back. Ouch! There was more, but the bottom line is that I would not recommend this DVD to anyone and I wish that I had not wasted my money. Maybe some feel that it has helped them, but it is certainly not my thing. If I had known it was ballet and hovering, etc, I would not have ordered it in the first place. It did not mention that it was ballet in the description (in the online store), only on the forum. One positive is that is was delivered quickly, even across international lines.


I also checked out the WW website recently and read a thread where someone got blasted for recommending squatting. She had squatted on the floor or in the tub (cannot remember) until she felt the urge to go. From there, she used the toilet. I dont' remember if she used anything to help her squat. There was a bit more to the post, but she claimed that her rectocele (don't remember if she suffered from more) was virtually gone now after doing so. She was not selling any contraption. The poster had recommended a site that has all sorts of information on why squatting is best. Here is the link that she had: Now they are selling a product. The blasters said not to squat anymore, that her internal organs would come flying out, and that no other methods were to be posted on that forum as they only supported the WW way...nothing else. That did a lot for my confidence in that site and products as well.


I do agree with WW about not doing Kegels. This is also supported by many other unaffiliated sites that I've visited as well. I believe that they are not beneficial when dealing with prolapse, lending to tightening of the wrong things.


The PT I went to highly discouraged squatting. I will say that I disagree with her (see below for more on that). On the other hand, I did teach her some things, like the possibility of birthing on hands and knees is most likely one of the best birthing positions, especially when you already have prolapse. I did not have huge problems with mine until I didn't use that position for birth. That got her attention. She had never considered that before.


I have found that squatting actually helps support by building muscles, and this also agrees with a lot of other reading that I have done. I have seen this as well mentioned on The woman who owns that claims that butt building is part of what is necessary to correct or maintain support. Flat butts are to be transformed by exercise. This makes more sense to me than sticking your butt out with the WW posture (which seems to hurt the lower back more and I feel gives a shallow "bandaid effect")...however, I still do believe that lifting the bust with your muscles is great! It hurts at first if you are not used to it, but it certainly helps posture and upper back pain to go away. I think that a lot of it has to do with building the correct muscles for support, and using squatting (building butt muscles here as well) to eliminate.


I will be checking out Fem Fusion more to read their advice. They have recently launched a build your butt campaign of sorts. Looks interesting. Here is a video that came to my inbox not all that long ago:


On a diet note, I find that even eating a little white bread or store-bought whole wheat or whole grains is like eating glue, which plugs. It does nothing to help elimination. The only breads that I feel are worth eating are those you make that are very close to or are 100% real whole grain. Adequate intake of fluids (like drinking when you are thirsty) is helpful too.

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Ugh... I don't know what this new sensation means, but I'm having this new external burning combined with a spasming pain in the area of my urethra/vaginal opening. I'm certain its not yeast or uti, but it happens after I urinate or have sex and lasts for a few hours. Better when I sit. I think its related to my cystocele, but I can't physically see any changes and nothing seems to have "dropped". I did feel like I was getting a virus a couple of weeks ago, and noticed I was having a lot of urgency to urinate, in varying amounts. Wondering about urine scald, irritation of vaginal tissues? So far just drinking as much water as I can, taking epsom salt baths and applying coconut oil after I pee. Anyone experienced this?
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You can find a certified Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® practitioner at  


Here is my approach for working with prolapse:

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Originally Posted by AlignmentMonkey View Post

You can find a certified Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® practitioner at  

Here is my approach for working with prolapse:

Thanks for the links!
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Seems like this thread has slowed a bit, but I just wanted to join and say THANK YOU to everyone who has posted. Reading about other people's experiences has really made me feel better and not so freaked out.  I'm a first-time mum who had an awesome natural birth with a few second-degree tears but nothing terrible. Yet a few weeks later I suspected I had a cystocele and rectocele, but was advised that it was early, and they'd go away on their own. Six months and a pelvic exam (or two) later, things are much lower and I'm slowly leaving the denial phase and entering the depression/acceptance phase. (Well, I assume the acceptance phase will kick in soon....still mostly depressed!)  Seeing as this is my first baby and I'd hoped to have another, I'd love to hear any updates from mamas who've had another baby post-prolapse.


I'm new to Mothering and can't send PMs, but if the person who wrote about their amazing reiki therapist in SoCal happens to see this, please pass me their contact info!  I'd love to give that (or anything, really) a try.

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lv180, What I would suggest first of all is that you start walking, bust up (ribs not out), crawling (yes, getting down onto the floor and cleaning up after a little one helps!), doing lunges, squats when you are starting to feel a little better from walking and lunges, getting a squatty potty or doing something similar, and doing a cat stretch. When I don't have time for much, I will at least do some cat stretches, crawling and some lunges...just what I can fit in through my day. I usually feel some relief by the next day. lol, I was thinking...the grass is growing...that might be just the thing to do...start mowing the lawn with the reel mower (it is light) and with good posture.


Considering what I am seeing by doing lunges and the like, I am liking the advice of sites like the one mentioned above (Alignment Monkey, Fem Fusion Fitness) more and more. The programs based on stretches rather than exercises make sense. This means that you could fit them into your day whenever. The promotion of  building a bigger butt out of a flat one also makes sense. It will help hold everything where it should.


I do find that I still cannot lift very much at all. It affects me negatively. It is hard (very frustrating, actually) because there is so much that I would like to be able to do, but I have to accept that that is just the way it is. It also makes me feel lazy, but I realize that now I have new limits and this is just one of them. Sometimes, it is a sign that I also need to lie down...just as others have stated here. I find that laying on my back seems to work the best when it bothers me the most.
I still need to find a "safe" way to build my core muscles again. I think that that could help me to be able to lift things again...that and butt building. I just keep wondering if belly dancing will give me what I need as far as core strengthening. It is gentle. I just wish they were still offering it in my area. :(  I guess that I just need to start with what I have already learned. Do you know how to do a "hip circle"? That is what I am now trying to remember to do. They teach that as part of belly dancing and as a warm up in Judo too. You tube might have examples of the hip circle and other stretches for you if you are not sure how to do them.


I have both of the same things that you have, and some days are better than others. When I have a bad day, however, it is still far from pleasant, but I know that if I take some action, the next day/days will be better. If I have to go, I don't hold it. That is part of what got me here in the first place. That said, I am not running to go every few minutes either.


We got rid of our offending furniture. We had a couch that lended to always making a person slouch. It was awful. I generally now sit on a stool instead of our chairs. It is easier for my feet to touch the floor...I don't think that helped me. You cannot have good posture if your feet don't touch. I am also starting to try to sit on the floor more. A lot of different advice givers online seem to promote this as being good to support everything. I also watch my posture when sitting in chairs/furniture & in vehicles. I make sure that my posture is good, adjust the seat if possible, and that I have a bit of back support if needed (you can't sit on the edge of a vehicle seat). This helps me when we travel.


I would like to try some of the suggestions given on this thread, but unfortunately, I do not have the same options open to me in my area.


Be encouraged (if you can). You are not alone in this.

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