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June 2009 > Fane Ianto has arrived! Updated with pictures in last post
beachcomber's Avatar beachcomber 01:36 AM 05-29-2009
Fane Ianto was born at 3:28am this morning. Weighing in at 8 lbs even, he was very mellow as he entered the world. Mama and baby are both home again now and very happy to be here.

Labor was intense and fast and almost more than I could deal with but my midwife, an amazing woman, read my body perfectly and gave me all the supports and resources I needed exactly when I needed them. DH was absolutely amazing. He got me through the early stages of labor at home, giving me strength and courage I desperately needed at exactly the right time. He was amazing, as usual.

happyhippimama's Avatar happyhippimama 02:04 AM 05-29-2009
YAY!! How exciting! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!:
maxwill129's Avatar maxwill129 04:47 AM 05-29-2009
That's awesome!!! Congrats on your new little one!!! Post pics as soon as you can!!! :::
sarahwg's Avatar sarahwg 06:41 AM 05-29-2009
woo-hoo! Welcome Fane! :
goin' green's Avatar goin' green 06:48 AM 05-29-2009
That is wonderful news! Congrats mama and welcome Fane!!! Cool name!

sonuptosondown's Avatar sonuptosondown 08:31 AM 05-29-2009
congrats!! Hoping for some pics!!!:
nerin's Avatar nerin 09:18 AM 05-29-2009
congrats on the arrival of your LO! Welcome Fane!
tangozulu's Avatar tangozulu 09:46 AM 05-29-2009
Congratulations! Glad to hear you had such great support during labor. My DH is a perfect support to me as well during that time.
kamane18's Avatar kamane18 09:47 AM 05-29-2009
Fantastic! Congrats and can't wait to see pics!
nyakanyasko's Avatar nyakanyasko 10:12 AM 05-29-2009
groovynaturemama's Avatar groovynaturemama 12:08 PM 05-29-2009
congrats mama!!!! : welcome fane!!!!
wildnewmamma's Avatar wildnewmamma 12:58 PM 05-29-2009
Congrats!! Welcome to the world Fane.

I am SO looking forward to seeing how DH supports me during labor. He surprised the heck out of me at our session with my massage therapist (who teaches techniques to use to help during labor) and when I went in for a ECV he was right there with a hand on me.
SeattlePisces's Avatar SeattlePisces 01:36 PM 05-29-2009
Welcome Fane! Congrats Mama!
rivkah's Avatar rivkah 02:20 PM 05-29-2009

Sounds like a good birth!
stanleymama's Avatar stanleymama 05:16 PM 05-29-2009
pearl2's Avatar pearl2 05:29 PM 05-29-2009
How wonderful!!!!
dmariev's Avatar dmariev 06:14 PM 05-29-2009
Fane! And congrats mama!!
Alohamelly's Avatar Alohamelly 08:55 PM 05-29-2009
simplykate's Avatar simplykate 09:56 PM 05-29-2009
Welcome to the world Fane!
Beachcomber, you beat me....not fair!!
Erinz's Avatar Erinz 11:51 PM 05-29-2009
Congratulations! I LOVE FANE'S NAME!
musiclady's Avatar musiclady 03:00 AM 05-30-2009
congratulations!!! welcome, baby fane!!!

beachcomber's Avatar beachcomber 03:26 PM 05-30-2009
Thanks everyone! We are doing well.

I forgot how newborns tend to be up all night and down all day. I wish my preschooler was like that. I'm totally tired out from it but very happy with how well he's nursing. He had his first home visit with our midwife yesterday and she was impressed with how well he's looking. No sign of jaundice and he's nursing well, with encouragement from me to get his latch right. He tends to want to pop off right after he latches and then relatch with a not-so-good latch. Since he's my #2, I know the importance of having a good latch. Last time, with DD, I would let her latch poorly and then paid a big price. Glad I can put that learning to use now!
RachaelsMommy's Avatar RachaelsMommy 07:06 PM 05-30-2009
beachcomber's Avatar beachcomber 12:07 AM 06-07-2009
Critty's Avatar Critty 01:56 AM 06-07-2009
Awww, he is such a little cutie!! Hope the family is enjoying falling in love with the newest member
groovynaturemama's Avatar groovynaturemama 03:16 AM 06-07-2009
what a perfect little man and an adorable big sister!!!
channelofpeace's Avatar channelofpeace 10:56 AM 06-07-2009
I love that last picture, that is adorable

How is your PUPPS now, beachcomber? I hope that you are finally having relief now that he is out!
WeasleyMum's Avatar WeasleyMum 08:23 PM 06-07-2009
Congratulations!!! Welcome, Fane! :