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Merek was born June 11 at about 11 AM. 19 inches and our scale was broken the day he was born but we've since weighed him at put his birth weight at about 6 pounds 12 ounces. He has three teeth breaking through his gums!

I tried writing a birth story but it was so uncomplicated and simple, that it's just kind of like, "I gave birth. The end!" Of course there was a lot more going on mentally, especially since I felt that this was sort of a continuation (maybe a healing?) of my first son's, er, unpleasant birth.

Well, I spent most of my time laboring (at least once it got intense) in the bathroom alone with the lights off and one candle lit. I groaned, moaned, screamed when I lost control, and laughed through contractions. The laughing was actually started by my 2 year old when I heard him laughing in another room. I thought, "Hmm I wonder..!" and it worked! At least for a bit, haha. I wanted my older son to be there, but things were just too much for either of us to deal with the other's reaction, I think. He wanted to go outside when he heard me being loud and my contractions hurt worse when I heard that he was upset. So my mom picked him up and it was just my husband and I. My husband was great. He made sure I knew he was there if I needed help, but otherwise stayed the hell out of my way, haha. I was NOT in the mood to be around anyone at all until pushing really picked up. My husband joined me in the bathroom and massaged my back as I knelt on the bathroom floor (my knees still hurt!) with my body leaning on the tub.
I blacked out (mentally anyway! apparently I was still there working physically) during most of the pushing stage with my oldest son, only to come to to the most incredibly horrible pain. I've learned that it was my midwife being "helpful" by trying to stretch me or whatever, except it was helpful like getting a perineal massage from Freddy Krueger would be helpful. That plus a nuchal hand, bad pushing position, directed pushing, blahblah led to a lot of tearing and I wasn't able to walk without pain for well over three months. SO! I was a little terrified of this stage this time around but I was also sososo ready to be done, see my baby, eat something, and SLEEP. I was still in the mindset of transition--where I wanted to call an ambulance BUT would only go if they could offer me strong enough pain medication to basically knock me out, haha--so I was being a little doubtful of my ability to do this on my own. I was formulating all kinds of plans for my husband to get a knife from the kitchen just so we could get the baby out. I just wanted to be DONE, no matter what damage was done to me. I never got around to asking my husband to do that (or to call that ambulance!), haha, not that he would have! I was losing it a little bit, heh.
FINALLY I pushed what I thought was the entire head out (I heard what sounded like a tiny kitten gurgling!), only to be informed that I was "almost there!" I think that was supposed to be encouraging but all I could think was, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I have to do more?!" Then came the shoulders! Done, right?! "OK, now one more push for the hips!" I couldn't believe it, haha. I thought surely the baby could just fall out or something at that point, but I gave it a few annoyed pushes anyway and out he came! My husband was bawling from the time he saw the head emerge, but I was still thinking business, honestly, haha. Next I just wanted the placenta out so I could be done. Luckily, I felt the urge to push it out a few minutes later and was able to sit down and nurse (! had SUCH a hard time with my first that this was just pure joy for me) my little one after that, enjoying the emotional mushiness of it all.
Everything's been so great. Last time immediately after birth, I was sososo depressed, lonely, and in horrible physical pain while people CONSTANTLY visited. This time we've all been so happy, cuddling together as a family and allowing visitors when we want. My in-laws did actually get mad at us for this though. They got angry we didn't call them back immediately after I gave birth (and I mean like before my husband finished cleaning up the blood!)!!! And let them come over and see the baby! Never mind us resting or bonding... It was all about them. My husband did talk to them and everything seems OK now. Maybe they just truly didn't get it? I'd much prefer that than the other option. OK OK, now I'm getting negative!
Everything is amazing and has been amazing. I feel sore but otherwise terrific physically. Oh yeah, I forgot to say--I'm pretty positive I had NO tears. All right, I should go nurse the little one. Nursing a newborn with teeth is a little bit, uh, painful but I guess we'll figure something out, haha.

(guess this was pretty long for a "I gave birth. The end!" story! sorry :P)
I'll add pictures when I get around to it!

I'm glad to be a part of this DDC. It's been really helpful to read about other's experiences and laugh at some of the sillier things. I haven't been super active/friendly because I am so shy even online, but it's still been so nice! Aw, I'm feeling all emotional!
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Ahhh, congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!!! :::
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Amanda , mama to my two boys: N (10/06) and : A (7/09)
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Congrats!! :

Erin~ Mommy to 3 curly-headed children and expecting #4 in December. ***4***8***12**16***20***24***28***32***36***40**
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How great!! I am sure your ILs just have no clue, so definitely don't worry about it because they'll get over it!!

Mama to 2 little darling squooshy faces
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Congrats!!! Welcome Merek!!

How crazy that he was born with teeth!

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YAY! congrats, mama, and welcome to your little guy!

busy mama to four
: : : :
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Congrats! I am happy for you that this time was a much better experience! A big to your little boy!
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hooray! congratulations!!!!!

Married to my best friend, expecting #1 6/09. Little angel came early- 4/10/09, 2lbs 5oz. Lilah Grace:
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I love the name Merek!

Mama to Amelia (9.8.06) and Jonah (6.19.09)
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Yay! Congrats mama!!

SAHM (32)  Married to a bearded hunk (28) , DS  11/00, DD  06/09, two  in 2013,the final piece to our puzzle   is due 12/14
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DDC CRASH! Great birth story, very real.
Also, I LOVE your name choice. It has been on the top of my list but with a different spelling, and for a girl. hee hee.
Anyway, congrats mama! You are amazing!

mama to Journey (1/07) Sequoia (1/07) and Camellia (7/09)
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Welcome to the other side, little guy!

Weary SuperMama superhero.gifto my  amazing neurodiverse 6 y.o. DD hearts.gif and to my on-the-go neurotypical 3 y.o. DS wild.gif

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: Mom to a wonderful teen girl, a happy little boy and a cute baby girl
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:: Welcome baby Merek! Congrats to mama and babe and it is very cool about the three teeth!
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congrats mama!! : i read this story yest. but couldn't post. what a great birth! that is cool about the teeth!
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