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harrietsmama's Avatar harrietsmama 08:50 PM 11-09-2009
So I have spent over an hour online trying to help my daughter find an article she likes. The assignment is typical and brief. I sorted through some old threads here, but didn't find what I was looking for in the suggested sites. DD is often very specific about her interests, and she isn't one to just look at an existing paper or page and pick something out, she wants to do an article on Alzheimer's since my grandpa has it. I have found not one thing. She found a drug advertisement with lots of info and was all excited, but it has no 'date' and it isn't really a current event. Is there some sort of in between resource that is not in college lingo, but isn't about animals or rivers or other common interest topics for kids? Google wasn't much help.

tm2840's Avatar tm2840 09:18 PM 11-09-2009
Okay, I'm a science geek and so while some parts of this article would need deeper clarification from me it looked interesting and like the majority of it could be understood by my 4th grade son without too much explanation:

I went to google news and entered "alzheimers breakthrough" and this was the second or third item that popped up.
Thalia the Muse's Avatar Thalia the Muse 09:26 PM 11-09-2009
Here's a section on the Alzheimer's Organization web site just for kids, with a ton of links:

Maybe something here would fit the bill? the Why File link about the "brain bank" looks really interesting!
imagine21's Avatar imagine21 10:17 PM 11-09-2009
You should try "google news"
Evan&Anna's_Mom's Avatar Evan&Anna's_Mom 02:49 PM 11-10-2009
I tend to steer my kids to the ask kids search engine -- It generally comes up with what they need but filters out the harder stuff. My 6 YO just finished a project on Europe and we used this as our primary search engine.
mammastar2's Avatar mammastar2 04:59 PM 11-10-2009
Try some of these articles from US News & World Report about Alzheimer's:

Or these from CNN:
harrietsmama's Avatar harrietsmama 08:19 PM 11-10-2009
Thank you so much mamas!!! I was just about going bananas because I was sure there was something out there, but I couldn't seem to find the right direction! dd will be thrilled!