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Originally Posted by rubyhatespets View Post
If it was putting my child off reading then I just wouldn't do it. What are they going to do?
Just be certain to communicate to your child's teacher that this a decision that you made, it's not that your dc didn't get around to filling out the log. What's happened to my son is that his teacher called him on it for not finishing his homework and he felt embarrassed and sad about it. And he felt wronged, because his mom was the one who told him not to bother with the reading log.


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Why tell the teacher anything?

My DD used to stress over her reading logs. And, she's an avid reader. But, she'd worry that she didn't read enough one day although the previous day, she read 5x the required amount.

So, I took the log from her and I fill it out and send it in with them at the end of the month.

I do not keep track of how much they read. If they're reading regularly, I call it good. I just fill out the log with what I think they read and send it in.

It makes DD relieved to not have to stress about it. She doesn't even think about it until I fill it out and send it in at the end of the month.

And, I don't worry about being accurate on the log. The goal is to get kids reading. My kids are reading. They read a lot. Some days, not at all, other days they'll read for hours. So, I fill out the log with whatever I think and call it good.
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Originally Posted by rhiandmoi View Post
Have you asked your son what he thinks about the reading log? As a kid I loved to complete my reading logs. LOVED them. Dialectical journals, on the other hand, blechola.
That's what happened to us. We were asked to do a reading log over the summer and kind of rolled our eyes about it. We did it every few days and there were certainly some estimates. Turns out our son is incredibly proud of his reading log! He loves seeing how many minutes he read over the summer! So, there you go. Never expected that.
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As a kid I loved to complete my reading logs. LOVED them.
Heck, I STILL keep a reading log, except now it's called a account! So satisfying, to look back and see what I've read and what I thought of it ...

However, the log was a hassle for my kid and she read a lot, so I asked her teacher if she really needed to do the log. The answer was "Nah, I know she reads a lot voluntarily." If the answer had been yes, I would have made her suck up and do it, though -- that's part of being a student, you comply with the requirements of your class.
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Originally Posted by Thalia the Muse View Post
Heck, I STILL keep a reading log, except now it's called a account! So satisfying, to look back and see what I've read and what I thought of it ...
Funny, as I read this thread I was thinking that I wished I was in the habit of keeping a reading log. I read a lot and find I often can't recall books I've finished. Recently, I've been debating about joining GoodReads or Librarything....

Reading logs, music practice logs, daily journals - for my kids, it's all been part and parcel of the school experience. My DD told me that many kids fake their music practice logs. I was always vaguely horrified at the dishonesty, but hey, my kids played without (too much) protest. Maybe I'd feel differently if they didn't and it was a huge hassle at home. I'm sure the music teachers can tell which kids have really been rehearsing and which ones haven't. The log is supposed to be a communication tool between home and school, so parents are aware of the importance of practicing and how much time their children are spending on their instruments, and the school knows that the parents are reinforcing lessons at home.

I've always thought that it would be helpful if there was MORE of this sort of communication between parents and teachers. If teachers knew what kind of learning their students were doing at home outside of assigned homework, it would help them assess and instruct in the classroom.

Anyway, to the OP's issue. It's a daily log, correct, and you think recording makes reading a chore, but he is reading almost daily? Perhaps the teacher will consider tweaking the system a little. A weekly report might suit her need to track independent reading and be less onerous at home. As long as it averages to 20 minutes per day, it shouldn't matter for fluent readers whether it's daily reading or not.
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Confession. I've always lied about it. It ended up being too complicated to explain, rationalize, etc. But at the end of the year I gave a description of what my sd had read and fessed up to faking the logs. I was already a black sheep, however, because I opted her out of the state accountability testing every year. Her scores would very likely have looked great, but the whole idea of it made me as it bordered on child abuse (all the anxiety surrounding it). Thinking back, a couple of her teachers were actually my students (at the u
) at some point so I suppose my refusal to cooperate was understandable. They knew where I stood. I know many of them agreed with me on the logs, but were forced by curriculum.

SMC to dd 4/07.
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Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness View Post
I wouldn't "tell" the teacher we weren't going to do it, I would talk with her about it.
My DS1 is an advanced reader, and has been since he started kindergarten. Every grade has had some version of a reading chart. And every year we go into it with me saying, "OK, we'll do this, but I just want you to know that the format won't really fit the way he reads." And they say that's fine, let's just get an idea.
And every time it takes about two weeks before the teacher tells me to not even worry about it, because it becomes clear to them very quickly that DS1 is reading a lot, and he's reading well above his grade level, and that trying to encourage him to read at all is not an issue.
I agree. My one son reads everything that's not moving! He reads well above any alloted time any teacher has given on his own. His father also reads to him too.

Last year my second son, the reader, had the same teacher as my previous son and after getting the calendar, I pretty much ignored it and she never said a word.

In his case, it didn't count for a grade, they just wanted the kids to read.

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