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My DS is in 3rd grade(Ohio)
We get homework on Fridays and it is due back the following Friday. There are a couple pages of math to do. He is also 'supposed' to read every day at home for 20 minutes. This can include me reading to him as well. Just this past week he had to do a worksheet on synonems(oops cant spell that one!)and acronyms. He aso had a list of 20 states that he had to put in alphabetical order. This whole sheet took about 40 minutes. We occasionally get a "project" to do over a couple weeks that ties into the current theme or lesson unit the class is working on. So far this has been manageable despite soccer practice 3x/week and breaking homework down into chunks to minimize his adhd symptoms.

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I have 2 kids in 2 different local public schools, one is in kindergarten and one is in first. The teachers/schools vary even locally. My son was in kindy last year and had homework every night, even fridays. He normally had 2 writing/spelling worksheets and 2 math each night, and a short book to read, and a spelling test each friday. My dd is in kindy this year at the other school and has not had any homework yet this year other then a reading log.

This year, my son is in first grade, and is happy to not have homework on fridays. M-th he has one spelling work sheet, one math, friday spelling tests study, and a book to read. It doesn't take very long, and is actually easier then what he had for homework last year in kindergarten. I imagine they will recieve more homework as the year goes on.

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Last year my son had what seemed like tons of homework that sometimes took hours. This year, unless it's a project, he has only had 10 minutes worth. He usually finishes it on the bus. I figured that less homework was getting assigned from a new teacher this year.

Well I went to a parent night last night and in talking to other parents of kids in the same class as my son and they were complaining of a homework load similar to what I experienced last year. I did notice that it seemed to be parents of kids new to the school (3rd grade at a gifted school). We quickly figured out that the new kids were having trouble while the veterans weren't.

It turns out it's not the different teacher. My son has actually learned better time management skills in the classroom so he doesn't have much homework. Wow.

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My second grader had to alphabetize 15 spelling words, which took her about 30 minutes last night and she only got through 10 of them. Also about 60 short addition/subtraction problems that took her another 30 minutes and I had to coax her to finish it. In my mind 1-hour is WAY to much. I expect about 20 minutes (10 minutes/grade). This is on top of the 20 minutes of expected reading which we do - we read to her.

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We're in California

DS is in 5th grade
His teacher says to expect the occasional unfinished classwork and that research projects will be done half at school and half at home.

DD is a Freshman
She has about an hour of homework a night.

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We're in northern California. I have an 11 y.o. sixth grader. I don't know how to quantify his homework. I could say it takes 2 hours every night but that's because he has a very hard time staying focused.

Spelling, grammar and math, probably about an hour's worth, total.

Plus 30 minutes of reading which he'd do anyway.


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Originally Posted by amma_mama View Post
DD is in first grade in Virginia. She gets a homework packet on Fridays that is due the following Friday. Right now it takes her 5-10 minutes per page (one per night but you can spread them out however you like). She is also expected to read for 20 minutes each night which she does anyway, if not more (and me begging her to stop as it is sleepy time). She really likes doing worksheets and stuff (she is begging for a new math workbook for her birthday next week), though, so I just go with the flow - it is mostly reinforcing the lessons that week.
I thought the above was OK (1 worksheet per night plus reading) until I got her packet last Friday and it included a 21-word study list, with a list of different activities to choose from (some of them are games, so they do try to make it fun). They get tested on both spelling and categorization (e.g. long vs short vowel sounds)...so we went from what I thought was a reasonable amount of homework to a whole lot. It just seems like an awful lot for a first grader, especially after a full day at school... Right now it is a breeze for DD to get through, and she actually enjoys it, but I worry that it will get harder and much more time-consuming at some point.

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We're in Quebec.

My dd is in first grade and has homework M-Th nights. It's always one sheet of French homework (she's at a French school) that sometimes takes less than 5 mins, usually 10-15 and occasionally up to an hour (usually a combo of her not focusing and it being boring repetitive writing of the same word or syllable over and over again... lame!). Then every couple of weeks or so she has some math homework to catch up on that she didn't get finished in class (the girl is definitely a bit of a dreamer!).

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We're in WA State

3rd grader: averages about 30-40 minutes a night with a low of 0 and a high of 90 (~2 times in the first month he had over an hour of homework). Tonight he had a couple math problems, some grammar worksheets he hadn't finished in class and novel study: read one chapter of Mrs. Frisby & The Rats of Nymh and answer three question. He should be reading in addition to this. Projects and book reports will be added in the future.

7th grader (jr high here): generally 60-90 minutes with a low of 0 and a high of 2.5 hours. She generally has math homework, some reading for science, a few social studies questions... She is also supposed to be reading and reporting on on "AP" book each four weeks and she should be practicing her violin for orchestra. Plus cooking homework



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We're in New England.
dd is in 2nd grade and gets one worksheet per night, M-Thurs. It takes her about 5 min. So far they have been math sheets or an open-ended question about her nightly reading. (i.e. Who is the main character and how do you know?) She's also expected to log reading each day.

At the open house this year, the packet from the 2nd grade teachers stated that since students would have more formal work time during the day, compared with 1st grade, homework assignments would be kept short.

ds is in pre-K and loves when he gets an optional "homework" page to bring home on the weekend. He insists on doing it the minute we get home.
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Son in K, 10 minutes of "homework" + 10 minutes of reading every night. The bedtime reading is something we've always done anyway, and way more than 10 minutes each night. We now have a reading log where we write down the books read each night, and record any new words he has learned. Very simple stuff.

The "homework" is really easy & designed to be fun. My child loves it! He feels very important to have this work to do. One night he had to find as many numbers in the house as possible, and draw a few of the items he found; my job was to explain what the numbers do. Another night he was to fill up different sized containers in the bathtub & notice differences in volume; he observed that the same volume of water can fill containers at different levels & take on different shapes, etc... A third night he put together a "book" from worksheets provided by the teacher, colored them, and then "read" them (they only had pictures); he spent about 30 minutes coloring w/ his markers, his choice, b/c he loved doing it. A fourth night he filled out a worksheet about letters; his favorite thing is to write his name at the top of the worksheet, and the date. Other things he had to do were count the steps from the car to the front door, and guess how many groceries were in our grocery bag (& then count them).

So you can see, it's engaging stuff for a 5 year old & not really homework as known by older kids. And kids really do learn this way, it creates a parent-school-child connection, and the K child develops discipline to focus on "work" at home for a given period of time each night.

.... edited to include our location, Seattle.
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My 2nd grader has quite a bit but it is assigned on Friday and due the following Friday. This week he has 4 pages of math, 5 pages reading/writing (one is "science"), and has to write his spelling words 3x. His reading comprehension is pretty bad but the math is really easy so on average it takes 15 minutes a night. He's also supposed to read for 20 minutes (which he does anyway several times over).
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7th grader--30-75 min per night, plus 2 hours of violin practice
5th grader-- supposed to be 45-60 min per night, which includes 20 min reading. She reads about 2 hours a day.

1st grader--supposed to be no more than 30 min, which includes 10 min of reading. He usually reads about 30 min a day. The "word study" and "math sheet" often take more than the 20 remaining minutes, but he chats and interacts with his sisters doing their homework, etc.
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