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sora's Avatar sora 01:10 AM 10-24-2010
I'm thinking of putting my 4yr old (born in July 06) into a full time junior kindergarten. I have a 5mo old baby and he is a terrible sleeper so I'm extremely exhausted. I tried 2.5hour preschools for my 4yr old and it was too hard for me with a baby. My 4yr old is very active and won't play by herself. She ends up watching a lot of Tvs if I stay at home. The problem is that this full time kindergarten is not public and 5 day a week program costs $1200/mo with $200 registration fees and $150 for uniforms. They have core classes such as math, reading, writing and fine arts such as drama, visual arts, music, and yoga and physical education, etc. They have a chef on site who prepares breakfast, lunch and snack. The school runs from 7:45 to 5:00. It is a essentially day care but has more structured programs. I can choose to send my kids 2 or three times or 5 times a week. It's called cefa. Its developed by a former school teacher in Canada.
Would you spend this much money for 4yrs old? I think my daughter will like it if she goes 2 to 3 times a week. I don't know if she can handle all day 5 days a week though. I'm also concerned if she might get bored in a public kindergarten next year if she learns so much ahead.

But then there is a 10-4pm all day montessori program as well, which is $800/mo, which is more affordable. Any advice? Thanks.

TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 01:28 AM 10-24-2010
I would not do it, but not because of money. That school just sounds basically the exact opposite of what I would be looking for in a preschool. I would want limited hours, play-based. If it sounds like what you are looking for and can afford it, though, you can go with it.
eepster's Avatar eepster 02:45 AM 10-24-2010
That sounds pretty depressing.

What else do you know about the Montessori school? A good Montessori program is great for preschoolers. DS goes to one and always comes home happy. It being cheap would just be icing on the cake.
meemee's Avatar meemee 03:35 AM 10-24-2010
two questions.

1. with the academic stuff how much of it is worksheets? if they are not worksheets but manipulatives, do they have a variety of manipulatives?

2. what happens if your child doesnt want to join them and say do math? what happens then?

3. how much outdoor time is there? do they get an hours play outside in the morning and then in the afternoon?

4. how much down time is there - if they are not expected to nap. how much choice time is there?

5. how is the day broken up? how much of the day is 'academics'? an hour at the most?

6. how much sensory activity is there?

this place could work if it is set up correctly. if it takes in the child rather than forcing themselves on your dd.

it seems like you are desperate for a break. if so that would be my first priority. you need to take care of yourself so you can truly take care of your children rather than react to them.

however i personally do not like ANY academics before K.

if you are concerned at how far she would be academically so k would be boring, then this is not the school for any 4 year old with so much academics.

i would check out the montessori.

when you go to check out both places take her dd with you and see what she does. where she enjoys more.
ollyoxenfree's Avatar ollyoxenfree 11:17 AM 10-24-2010
Do you think it's a good fit for her personality and emotional development?

If yes, and you can afford it, then it may be a good choice.

Personally, we were very happy with an excellent Montessori program for our dc at that age.

If neither really suits her or appeals to you, then I'd probably take that cash and hire a mother's helper for part of the day.
littlemizflava's Avatar littlemizflava 12:33 PM 10-24-2010
what about a home daycare? there is alot out there that has preschool set up with lots of fun and play. i was thinking this way to go so one she is not borred when she gets to school and it will give you a break. if you pay for full time you would be able to use the days you wanted. if you found the right one she would be willing to have a drop off option.