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lalemma's Avatar lalemma 12:18 AM 02-17-2011

Do we have any founding families of either charter schools or pre-school co-ops here? I'd love to hear anything you have to say, and be pointed to any resources you would recommend.



carmel23's Avatar carmel23 08:46 PM 02-17-2011

While not part of the design team for our school, we have been involved with a public charter school in our city since its first year.  A great deal of the specifics of a charter will depend on your local district and state laws.  It is a crazy ride, but totally worth it.  It takes a lot of work.  Co-ops do as well, and work or don't for similar reasons. 


Feel free to pm me with more particulars, but I would recommend finding out what the process is in your state. 


We've had to really struggle to initially be established but we have 100s of people applying for spots going into our 3rd year.  Our school is an urban Montessori school.