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Originally Posted by Linda on the move View Post


But I wonder if that means that the school valued one more than the other, or just that those teachers enjoyed planning and going on long trips more than the other teacher.




Could be...but I think the school should have stepped in with the attempt of making opportunities more equitable


As an adult I appreciate not every teacher can plan a trip - as I teen I just knew I was missing out.



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I would have preferred to be asked.We do private Montessori,and all the fees on top of the thousands for tuition is a pain. Still I would want the option. I think the kids should have gotten the museum AND the bowling trip! I have let the kids do most nearby fieldtrips,but I pass on the ones hours away,or that are for more than one day.

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Originally Posted by SuburbanHippie View Post

I found out today who the sponsor was.  It was the school!  I wish they could have used that money towards an educational field trip, but I guess that is pointless now since they've already gone on it. 


As far as the money goes, I get it.  $20 can be a lot for some families.  Trust me, we're not rich.  My other children do not go to this school because I can't afford to send them all there.  Our other school has a fund for families that can't afford field trips and as PTO president I am in charge of it.  The private school does not and I will suggest they come up with one in the future to avoid problems like this.


I think what bothers me more than anything is that the parents were kept in the dark until a few days before the bowling party.  We should have been asked for input.  At least we would know that she actually had planned out this museum trip.  My DD's school is going to this museum for a field trip on Friday and it wasn't nearly the same cost as DS's teacher had said it would have been.  So something just isn't adding up to me.  I think I'll just bring it up to the principal when I see her next.

I think you're right, something else is going on. Is there something different about the make up of this class than other classes? Maybe more kids on scholarships? Or sometimes museums offer discounts if you book a group and pay ahead, maybe she missed the deadline and it was a lot more $$$? Did your son say that she talked about the museum trip to him? By 6th grade, maybe she wanted the kids' opinion on what they wanted to do and they didn't want to go? 


At my kids' school, the parents aren't asked for input about the field trips. But they are always the same (1st grade always to zoo, 2nd to museum, etc) so maybe the teachers just assume everyone knows where the kids are going.


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At my son's HS, the classes don't go on field trips (except for band, but that's a different animal). Clubs do. So the drama club had a trip to the City for dinner and a show. The kids/parents paid. The Chorus went to the City for dinner and a concert. Ditto on paying. I'm sure other clubs went other places. Kids/parents paying. None of it is a secret, and if you want to go? Join the club and pay what's required.


My daughter's HS has field trips. Some are equitable, some aren't. They vary year-to-year. But, for the most part, "big" trips are done by the various teams (academic, not sports - her HS has no sports). Paid for... by parents and/or fundraising.


As others have said, I've been on a lot of elementary/MS field trips. And as "educational" as they may be hoped to be? It's all about the day away from school, lunch (whether sack or other) and the gift shop. For the most part, few kids are all that interested in what they might be learning. To me? They're a waste of time. Take 'em to a park or a bowling alley for the day for a change of pace and call it good.

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Originally Posted by CatsCradle View Post

Okay, not trying to be argumentative but speaking as a person who has an MFA in visual arts and have worked in the arts for a number of years.  Visual art is tough to glamorize.  As a teen I had the opportunity to come to NYC and go to museums and galleries and my mind was blown in the process.  It is a hot bed for art, avant garde and otherwise.  I grew up in a very backwoods area of the country and the opportunity to see modern art and otherwise was a HUGE opportunity for me.  I don't think I would have been impacted as much if I had gone, say, to Washington DC (where while it has a good collection of stuff, at the time it wasn't a place where a youth could be impressed beyond the historical).  Not saying that historical is a bad thing (I value it greatly) but to feel visual art in a modern context (in my opinion and on the same level as live music and live drama), one has to feel the vibrancy of what is being created in addition to the historical.  


If I were an art teacher (and I've been so on the college level), I'd find it a challenge to create an event that would appeal to all and provide excitement.  I get excited about stuff, but I'm weird and I usually go looking for stuff that interests me.  I think music and performance is more equitable.  It appeals to a wide range of people and interests and I just think it is easier to make those venues exciting.  As an artist myself, viewing art is most enjoyable as a loner type of thing because I seek what I like.  



To me, that seems to support the notion that the visual art students would have benefited from a field trip somewhere further away.  By high school, I'd imagine most art students will have already exhausted any major collections that are within a comfortable commute of their home or high school. I don't think the art students could be faulted for expecting a trip that would give them greater exposure to their field of interest. Especially since the other students were getting such fabulous experiences in drama and music. (Well, I don't know about Edmonton, but theatre savvy people in North American know that Stratford consistently offers wonderful theatre experiences.)


If the art teacher wasn't willing to make the effort, I don't think there's much that parents or students could do about it. I can understand why they would be underwhelmed and disappointed though.  





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I would let it go. My 8 year old would love a day of bowling with her friends. She'd love the museum too, but if it didn't happen I'd just let it go. You don't know the exact circumstances of why the class didn't go. I would be happy that they were going on any field trip at all. 

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was your dd upset that they didnt get to go to the museum? was she happy with the bowling?


i am a docent at our local museum. i see lots and lots of school groups - mainly 4th graders and a few other graders including high schoolers. most of the hsers dont care. i can get a few interested but most of them get into their groups and have much to talk about. the teacher and parents try their best to get the kids interested but only a few do. actually most of the students dont care. 

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Wouldn't be okay by me. I'd want something special and educational for my son. Bowling is something we do all the time and thus it's not something new and exciting like I feel a field trip should be.

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