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Originally Posted by Fillyjonk View Post

I suppose the problem I have with girls choosing to wear, say, mini skirts is that I cannot honestly see how that could be a truly free choice. Mini skirts, heels, even make up are not actually generally that comfortable to wear. I am really skeptical that a child would make these clothing choices independently of a desire for social approval, or at least some desire to make believe based on their understanding of what would give them social approval. I'd really rather work on my girls' sense of self worth so that they didn't feel they needed to show their legs to get people to like and respect them. I really do want them to think-as in generally in fact the case in real life-that if you are clever and funny and kind people will like you, respect you, and give you a job if you need one, pretty much irrespective of what you look like




DD 15 sees her body as functional and she's extremely active. She dances, long distance runs, rock climbs. She finds longer skirts restrictive in movement where she can stick a pair of dance shorts under a twirly mini-skirt, throw on some vans and run, jump, dance, climb to her hearts content. Mini-skirts offer more flexibility and freedom of movement than jeans (though she wears those too) and far more freedom than longer skirts and yet, feels more coverage than shorts or leggings alone. I suppose if she were wearing those tight 80's minis popular when we were young and nothing but undies, it could be restrictive but it's not the case for her. Dance shorts are a girls best friend lol. DD isn't dating. She doesn't dress different to impress boys (she finds teen boys pretty clueless and uninteresting.) She learned how to apply it and to apply it correctly to look natural. As it turns out, she pretty much ONLY wears it on stage to this day. Make-up is functional even though she started training on it at 8. 


Isn't telling a girl she can't wear a mini-skirt pretty much telling her that her legs are sexual items instead of limbs that help us get where we want to go? Aren't we doing the same thing as mothers did 200 years ago when ankles were scandalous? I am actually thrilled my DD hit her teens NOW when there is actually some variety in clothing for them as opposed to when my nieces were teens and there was nothing but crop tops and low-cut jeans to choose from.


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 in fact the case in real life-that if you are clever and funny and kind people will like you, respect you, and give you a job if you need one, pretty much irrespective of what you look like

sorry but that is not the real world nor will it ever be no matter how much one want to hope it away


certain positions will always require certain attire 




teaching respect for oneself coupled with self expression is the key and that self expression most times is vastly different from the parents 


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