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CathMac's Avatar CathMac 11:06 AM 06-10-2012
Can anyone recommend an inexpensive, reliable online source for this item?  
Or has anyone here bought anything from an online company called "Shoplet"? If so, have you had a good or bad experience with them?

I am interested in the grade school composition journal below.

Mead Primary Journal Creative Story Tablet

They are $1.60 each at Shoplet, with free shipping on orders of (over?) $45.00. I discovered it at a local store for teachers where it costs $5.00. I want DD1 to practice her writing over the summer and she likes the unlined area for drawing at the top of each page. 

I did found it first on Ebay where the cheapest vendor is selling a bundle of 7 for $21.00 with free shipping (which comes out to appx'ly $3.00 each). I then scoured the internet and found Shoplet, with the above listing. For the fun of it I went back to Ebay to see if I'd missed a listing from them there. It looks like they are the vendor with the $21.00 price for the 7 item bundle. The fact that it works out to cost appx'ly twice as much probably says a lot about Ebay fees.
Anyhow, I would like to buy 10 or 15 so I need the cheapest price possible but not at the risk of paying for something I'll never get.

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elus0814's Avatar elus0814 07:53 PM 06-19-2012

We found them in military exchange stores (all year) and target (during back to school sales) for somewhere in the $2.50-4. Amazon sells them for $5.43, free prime shipping (or free shipping with a $25 purchase). Check out ****** pads and paper, they sell something similar. Maybe there's a website that will let you print your own or you could try and type something similar to print?

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Thanks for the suggestion.



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