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lauren's Avatar lauren 11:53 AM 09-19-2012


Has anyone else totally stressed about the right choices for their kids?

IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 12:39 PM 09-20-2012

Great article! Yes, we have stressed over school and have a long list of schools that our DC has attended (though not nearly as long as Beth Berry!).  Our 11 year old has attended: 


  • A German Waldorf pre-K 
  • An co-op pre-K 
  • A traditional neighborhood public elementary 
  • A public charter parent co-op elementary 


and currently 


  • A inner city charter elementary 


We begin the search for middle schools for her this fall. dizzy.gif  It really has been a journey for me. I went from feeling like I could never send my child to school to feeling like public schools are not idealistic enough for my child. I am always my child's school's strongest critic at first. But now, I am a huge fan of public education and of my child's school. 

lauren's Avatar lauren 08:42 PM 09-20-2012

I have to admit, we don't have much in the way of choice where I am and I guess that can be a blessing!! When my oldest was little we did entertain ideas about both homeschooling and the one little funky private school that existed at the time. I guess we listened to him and our gut and went we public school and we haven't regretted it!

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