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thoughts on the right lunch box for our situation

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i need ideas and thoughts regarding dd's food containers for middle school.


so here is our situation. 


i need to send her with basically 3 meals. 


bfast, lunch and big snack. dd is gone from 5:30 to 4 and twice a week 5:30 to 6 pm.


once dd gets out of school she is ravenous. has always been so. around 2:30. 


i dont have a problem of what to send her. she is a very picky eater - in the sense that she prefers off the cuff 'good' nutritious food. so no sandwiches for her (not saying that is not nutritious). instead omlettes, veggie sushi, pho, pasta, burrito etc. 


what this does is it makes it tough to have typical lunch containers. 


somedays she is willing to take a giant pot of something and eat that for bfast, lunch and dinner. 


her backpack is heavy already with her full 4 inch zipper binder.


ideally really i want to avoid plastic because somedays the food goes in HOT. it would be nice to have thermos so it stays hot, but that's not necessary. 


no glass. 


so i am limited by steel. which i dont mind but its so tough to find something with twist top leak proof. we did see this one at target but its only 8 to 10 oz which is not enough for pho as dd likes a lot of liquid in her pho. we'd love one like this say in 16 oz size that is not a water container so not tall but squat. 


any thoughts? ideas?

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Have you looked at the planet lunchbox metal trays? They hold quite a bit of food. The Asian food store here also sells compact food containers, good for rice/sushi, etc... They're relatively inexpensive and hold quite a bit. Some are plastic, others are metal.
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Thermos has food jars that have variable sizes.

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