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onthemove's Avatar onthemove 02:48 AM 09-07-2004
My dd attends an arts preschool and it's 2.5 hrs, 2 days a week and it's $90/mth. ( that's cdn).

USAmma's Avatar USAmma 03:15 AM 09-07-2004
Abi's is 3 hours a day, 2 days a week, and $170. This is more than I'd normally be willing to pay, but it's a high quality program for bright/gifted kids. She fits right in. They believe in hands-on learning, they are learning Spanish, music, art, they have about 45 min. of free play time, and lots more stuff. Last week they were studying pond life and the teacher brought in live tadpoles so they can watch them grow into frogs!

Next year it's 3 days a week because she'll be older, and it will be $230/month. If she likes the school and we continue the charter program it will be free K-6 grades.

My only big complaint is that because they are a grade school they have three 2-week intersessions for holidays. And I still have to pay the same amt. of money those months that they have intersessions. Summers are off, too. I'll probably enroll dd in YMCA summer camp or something. She loves to be around other kids and would be climbing the walls at home.

annab's Avatar annab 12:08 AM 09-08-2004
I really liked the idea that I was so involved in his schooling, but that he had a broader exposure to things than he would being at home everyday. It is all learning through play, and there is no way we could provide him with all of the play opportunities they have there.

He is only two. He goes two days a week for two hours. We pay $50/month.
KermitMissesJim's Avatar KermitMissesJim 06:25 PM 09-09-2004
DS goes to trad preschool/playschool/daycare 12 hours a week, at $2.50 an hour. So $120 a month. It has the highest national accreditation and he really loves it there.
mama ganoush's Avatar mama ganoush 07:56 PM 09-09-2004
dd goes to an awesome school-very ap and crunchy-they do yoga, can play outside whenever they want,gentle discipline, bilingual immersion, but it is pricey. $650 a month for 5 days 8:30-2:30.
maatmama's Avatar maatmama 03:11 PM 09-13-2004
My ds goes to a nonaffiliated preschool I love it. The building is just for 3yo (4s have a separate building). They swim twice a week, have structured gym (as well as free play) and music (the same lady that does the pricey music and me class in this area). I like that for one price I am getting swim lessons(mini indoor heated pool), music and gym without having to pay for all of those activities separately. Plus they have pick up and drop off service which is great for me as I am a working mom. This school is 720 a month and pick up is at 8 and drop off at 4.
NaturalMamma's Avatar NaturalMamma 12:39 AM 09-14-2004
$136/mo Tues and Thurs from 9a-1p at a Christian Preschool in Colorado.

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