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Jane's Avatar Jane 02:49 PM 06-17-2002
Hi everyone,
My mother is moving to Boulder, CO at the end of July. She is a special education teacher. Right now, she still doesn't have a job, and it's weighing on her. I'm also worried about her little ones. Xander and Bitsy are 4 and 6, he'll be in kindergarten next year, after 2 years in preschool. She's was in pre-school last year, and won't be ready for kindergarten until the year after next. So, I guess I have two questions...

Where is a good place for the kids? Both have special needs for schooling. Food allergies are a problem, so there need to be health food stores in reasonable distance, but the school district is most important.

Where is a good place to work? My mom is looking at Boulder Valley. Does anyone have experience with special education in this district, good or bad? Experience with administrators? A job opening?


bzmom's Avatar bzmom 02:59 PM 06-17-2002
Boulder has AWESOME Health Food Stores. Whole Foods Market is one of my favorites!

I don't know about special education in Boulder. But I know Longmont has a program/school called Tiny Tim's. My god daughter with Cri du Chat syndrome went there and they loved it.
bzmom's Avatar bzmom 03:01 PM 06-17-2002
Also, St. Vrain Valley School district is a good school district.
Jane's Avatar Jane 09:10 PM 06-17-2002
Thanks for the information, I'll pass it along. I just knew Boulder would be good for natural foods, seems to go with the terratory.