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MamaSoleil's Avatar MamaSoleil 11:00 AM 08-13-2004
This is dd's second year at school. This summer, we've been travelling a lot, and camping, and have had no routine at all. We've just been going with the flow, and enjoying our summer.
I'm now wondering, when should I start introducing a routine again, is one wk before school enough? Or more?
Routine ie: regular meal times, early bed time, early rising...ect.
Seems trivial, but I really need imput here.


lauren's Avatar lauren 08:53 AM 08-14-2004
Our kids go back to school on Aug 25 and we are starting to re-introduce the routine now (though this will be tmporarily interrrupted by a short vacation!) I just try to start getting them to bed on time, helping them remember the morning routine. Last year I made them signs with the morning routine listed on it, and this helped them a lot. My ds needs the most help with this even though he is older, he has a hard time in the a.m. I think it depends how flexible your child is...some kids have a harder time with transitions than others. For those kids I'd start the routine sooner rather than later. For very flexible kids, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I have one of each so I go with the routine!
Kari_mom's Avatar Kari_mom 04:06 AM 08-18-2004
I find it most valuable to focus on morning wake-up times and routines than evening bedtimes, and I do start this the week before school starts. This works for us because I can encourage kids to wake up and plan activities to keep them awake, but I can't make them sleep any earlier than they need to, KWIM? So getting up earlier naturally leads to earlier bedtimes. I need this as much as the kids, since I have to get up with them. I am, of course, typing this at 1:58 am, :LOL.

I agree with Lauren, signs and checklists are great in the morning, especially for remembering things like library books and gym day.

I am worried about how to convince my 'can't sleep without mama' 6 yo to go to bed when he needs to, instead of three hours later when I do. He will probably just fall asleep on the couch every night.