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K&JsMaMa's Avatar K&JsMaMa 12:32 PM 01-11-2003
Hi. My name is Suzie. I just started reading this board as we stopped homeschooling my 2nd grade son this year and are putting him in school.

I am having a problem finding decent school clothes. The school he is going to does not require a uniform but they do have a "dress code". It's a Christian school so it's fairly strict (i.e., no "evil" looking logo's, etc).

I, myself, have issues with logo's in general. I would like to find some really nice boys clothes that don't cost a fortune. I went to Mervyns the other day and amost everything had a hideous logo on it. I left with a Sideout, longsleve shirt and a vest.


So, does anyone have any inexpensive, online sources of boy's clothes that they regularly purchase from?


Moon's Avatar Moon 04:37 PM 01-11-2003
I love to go to the thrift shop in a super-pricey area about an hour away. I've found things there that cost beaucoup bucks for pennies. It's half way between my Mum and I and we shop and have lunch.

I also buy a lot of stuff on line, and I've found Lands End and LLBean have fairly reasonably priced stuff that's great quality, I think it's Lands End that has an actual "uniform" section. (Standard issue, khakis, navy sweaters, button down cotton shirts, etc.)
Indigomama's Avatar Indigomama 06:54 PM 01-11-2003
I buy almost all of ds's (as well as my own and dh's) clothes at lands end. They last for absolutely ever.... almost impossible to wear out (and if they actually do wear out, lands end will let you return it!, and they are generally very standard issue stuff. If you buy right out of the catalog, it can be kind of expensive, but I'm a hawk for the overstock stuff which means I have to be diligent about buying stuff out of season ahead of time. My parents also live in Wisconsin (where lands end is located), so they're constantly scavenging the outlets.

You can also buy their stuff now at Sears.

Wow... I sound like a commercial
3boysmom's Avatar 3boysmom 08:27 PM 01-11-2003
I love LL Bean - their stuff wears like iron! The vast majority of my kids' clothes comes from them.

I sometimes buy plain tees, sweats, etc. at Target - can't beat their prices but the quality kinda sucks. If you don't need to hand things down to siblings, Target might work for you.
K&JsMaMa's Avatar K&JsMaMa 12:13 AM 01-12-2003

Yeah!!! Dh and I went shopping today at a store called The Children's Place. They were having a tremendous sale!!! I was able to purchase everything, logo free, for about $100.00. Their clothes remind me of Gymboree quality. Very nice and sturdy.

Thanks for all of the input. If you are interested in checking them out, their website is www.childrensplace.com.

lauren's Avatar lauren 01:50 AM 01-12-2003
We go to consignment shops, and have had really good luck. We have also lucked out so much with hand me downs. My niece works as a nanny for a very wealthy family that buys mucho expensive clothes for their children, wear them once, and get rid of them. We are the happy recipients!

I am eager to check out the other suggestions here as well!
~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 06:02 PM 01-12-2003
We have a store near us called The Children's Outlet. They are a chain, but I am not sure if they are national. They sell brand name clothes at discount prices. I have found a lot of great deals there. Their sister store is Catalog Fashion Outlet, which carries women's and men's clothing. I also shop there frequently.
Kirsten's Avatar Kirsten 12:03 AM 01-13-2003
I get most of dd1's school clothes at Gymboree. A little pricy but worth it. Wash up really well, comfy, cute (look like they actually belong on children not street walkers - tried to think of a PC way to say that but you know how so many of the clothes supposedly for kids are so suggestive these days). I like Lands End a lot but I like to see/touch the stuff before I buy and hold it up to gauge the size, etc.
If you wait til the newer lines come out, the older lines (now a whopping three months old at most) get marked down anywhere from 25 to 40 to 70% off. I buy ahead a year a lot. When the warm weather stuff comes out, you can buy winter stuff for a great price. After a while you get good at figuring out how much they will grow in a year.
Dd1 and dd2 (who is wearing dd1's Gymboree clothes from years ago - everything looks just like new) both wear mostly Gymboree but I can't remember the last time I bought anything there for full price. Ask what day their markdowns are (it is Tuesdays where I live) and go in on that day to check.
I also have found some good stuff at Hanna Anderson's outlet store near where I live. Again, I wouldn't pay full price but on sale it is doable.
K&JsMaMa's Avatar K&JsMaMa 12:16 PM 01-14-2003
Kirsten-I totally agree with you on Gymboree's clothes. Their clothes absolutely last for ever and they have great sales. And their clothes are CUTE!!!
Moon's Avatar Moon 12:51 PM 01-14-2003
I just thought I'd put this out, too.....

My daughter's school has a Use it up Wear it out Closet.

We all put in stuff that doesn't work for us, (too small, too big, whatever) and take out what will. One year, I didn't have to buy Maeve any jeans for school, cause someone turnt in all their size 8's. Whoooohoooooo. I turnt in all her size 6's, though, so it all evens out, you know, and even if it doesn't, who cares? The idea is that we are helping each other out.

The kids in her school are super, too, "Hey, I remember when I wore that, I loved it."

I our community.
Gendenwitha's Avatar Gendenwitha 04:39 AM 02-07-2003
thrift shops, I would never dream of buying new for my kid's wardrobe, to me it's a total waste of money. If I shop well and often at the thrift stores I can find good quality clothes for less money than the cheap clothes at the discount stores. It's even better than buying new for the oldest, then letting the youngest grow into it because they each have their own styles. Oldest likes jeans, warm shirts and sweaters, youngest likes sweat pants and T-shirts.

There's also a small store here, in a nearby small town, that's sort of like Jayhawks? It's called Sunbird, but I'm pretty sure there's only one of them. It's locally owned, but it's got REI type outdoor sporting goods, a hardware section and a fairly large Carhartt's type blue collar clothes like work boots and overalls. What I love about it is it also has basic sweats, jeans, and T-shirts in all (adult & kids) sizes with nothing on them but cute pictures... no logos, no Blues Clues or Scooby-Doos. I don't suppose you'd ever be in Yelm, but small towns tend to have those only-place-in-town / little-bit-of-everything stores, maybe there's something similar near you?
Mama Lori's Avatar Mama Lori 07:19 AM 02-16-2003
I've had some success buying close for my preschooler at Target. It's hit and miss. But I have found solid color pullovers, jeans, etc., without any logos on them, for really cheap. Consignment stores are also a good inexpensive way to go if you can find some Gymboree or other good sturdy brand. We've bought a lot of my son's clothes that way. We are also members of REI (it's free to be a memeber) and we shop the clearance sales and get really good deals on excellent quality clothing for both our kids (4 and 9). It's that time again for us where my son is running out of in-season clothes that fit him so I must start looking again too.

As a side note, I've been finding great cotton pajamas for my son at Target. They are labeled as "long underwear" but are perfect as jammies. They come packaged near the underwear rack; 95% cotton, 5% spandex. Prints of racecars, lizards, etc. $5.98 a set!
member234098's Avatar member234098 01:51 PM 02-16-2003
These are all good ideas. If I had to do it all over again, I would go to the consignment stores or there are uniform stores here, too.
yellowboot's Avatar yellowboot 06:51 PM 02-16-2003
Another great store is Hanna Anderson.com. They have great 100% cotton clothes that wash up real well and last FOREVER! We have one outfit that is on it's fourth cousin. It's a bit pricey, but worth it (esp. if you buy it on sale)

Hope this helps