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Things seem to have changed soo much since we left ps.
I have seen things on parenting boards and things some of our hs group deals with regarding their ps or stepkids.
When did all these rules come into play?
Why do preschools and some lower grades insist on throwaway stuff? Why no tupperware containers?
Why no things that can come home and be washed?
We used to re-use our brown lunch bags when we could and it was feasible. Ok that wasn't just save the earth that was flat broke too lol
but how can you teach re-use recycle if they won't let you ?
I know why the peanut bans in most places but why things like if you send cheese and crackers it can only be two of each??
and for the private schoolers why such limitations if you are paying for the privilege of the school and when did all this start?
one of our friends teens school doesn't even allow them to bring lunches in they must buy what is there.
I mean what if they are allergic to something in the school meal?
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I have a friends who's daughter is in pre K and they are not allowed to bring lunches either. Her DD is a very picky eater, but it doesn't matter to the school. They claim the state won't allow them to because they can't insure a meal brought from home is healthy
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Yikes! This is the strangest thing I have ever read. At my daughter's school about 90% of the 700 children stay at school for lunch. They have to bring their own lunches because there is no cafeteria. Their parents can buy milk for an entire term or they can bring their own beverages. There are children in the school who are severely allergic to nuts, peanuts, and kiwi fruit so those foods are not allowed. (If they are brought to school, the child who brings them can eat in the office and then the very motherly secretary cleans up the table thoroughly, and sends home a note to the parents reminding them of the ban and the reason for the ban.) Every other Wednesday there is an optional "Pizza Lunch" served by volunteers as a fundraiser for the school council.

The school has a policy of "garbage-free" lunches. That means that if there is something disposable in the lunch, it goes back into the kid's backpack and home. Even apple cores come home. Ewww... Reusable containers are the absolute norm. I think it is great because I know what has been eaten from the lunch (usually everything) and what hasn't been eaten (hmm... maybe she's getting sick).
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what I want to know is how my mom knew I was throwing away my bologna sandwiches everyday at lunch in elementary school?

I still don't know!
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Wow, I've never encountered a policy that forbade reusable containers or packed lunches. At our school, reusable containers are fairly common, although not in the majority.

Forbidding packed lunches is a direct attack on parents' rights. They're saying that only the *school* has the right to determine what your child eats. If my kids' school had a policy like that, I would defy it and fight it at every turn. Over my dead body would my children eat the school lunch.
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We are in a part-day program in a preschool where parents take turns bringing the snack. Our preschool only allows prepackaged foods in line with state DCFS regulations, so that's a state (IL) issue, not a school issue for us. Luckily, they do encourage healthy stuff, so we have brought in unsweetened applesauce, crackers, that sort of thing.

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I also have never heard of these policies Cerridwenlorelei. Our school encourages food from home, and has a microwave in the cafeteria if kids want to heat something up.

I wonder if it is a trend in a certain part of the country or somehting.

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After making my initial post, I thought about my son's nursery school, which provides a healthy (but very small) snack to the children at the end of each session. Children with allergies bring their own snacks if necessary, but for the most part children aren't allowed to bring their own foods. If the child doesn't like the snack, he can have plain saltines and water. Since it is just a 2.5 hour program, that is quite reasonable, I think. It saves the staff having to help with alternate snacks and it ensures that everbody does have a chance to have a healthy snack. One thing that is new this year is that foods prepared in private homes can't be used for snack. That means at birthday time, we can't send cupcakes, for example. That is a health department regulation, though, and it was definitely not the idea of the school.
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I've also never heard of these kinds of regulations. Is this a public school? Our daughter's school encourages the use of some reusable items. The encourage parents to use water bottles rather than buy disposable juice boxes, they prefer reusable lunch boxes or bags over disposable ones, but they certainly don't tell you that you must use them.

The one thing they are strict on is a ban on peanuts in the class my daughter is in because they have a child with a peanut allergy in her class. Personally, I disagree with the way it is handled. All the families are given a very specific list of foods (with brand names) they can bring. Acceptable foods must not only not contain foods, they must be manufactured in peanut free environments.
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I told my Mom about The fiasco regarding lunch and DD's school and Grandma bought DD some junk to bring in (ugh!). So I allowed her doritos, a yogurt ( a big yofarm crunch, not very sweet at all odd for a kids taste!), and 2 juice boxes. Well, I had begun sending the stupid boxes when the same teacher nad Aide complained the reusables leaked. I said "don't store them upside down and it won't happen, but gave in!) So after the fiasco DD comes home with school bag drenched, notebook and new folder covered in soggy doritos and juice. The ywatch things so well that she put 2 OPEN juice boxes in a paper bag (she broke her lunch box) next to her school books. I was MAD! More at these teachers, I sware it's a set up!
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Hmmm....I have never heard of that type of restricition. At my DD's private school they insist that kids use reusable containers except on days they have field trips.Those days it must be paper bags and juice/water bottles-their reason is so no one loses their lunch box. There is no restricition on what type of foods they bring unless there is an allergy issue.
She is going to public school next year,as the private school is also a daycare and is not doing just school anymore . I need to register her next week so I am now planning on asking if they have any strange restricitions like this.
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In a daycare or preschool situation it's easiest if everyone has the same food so there aren't any fights.

As far as regulations go only 3 states that i know of insist on prepackaged foods BUT that is only if the food is to be shared with other students, like for a birthday etc.


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That is just crazy for foods to have to be prepackaged! It's way more likely to contain bad stuff! At my son's preschool the parents take turns bringing in snack for the whole class. A lot of times it's good stuff like fresh fruit or cheese. But a lot of times it's not, it's SpongeBob crackers that contain MSG (doesn't everyone know MSG is bad by now?) and other horrors. I send my son with his own snack every day, largely because he has severe sugar sensitivities (he'll have seizures if he ingests any sweeteners) but even if he didn't I would not let him eat the crap they're bringing in. We have monthly parent meetings and sometimes have guest speakers, I am going to see if I can get a nutritionist to come and talk to these people.
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