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Rain's Avatar Rain 03:22 AM 01-31-2002
I'm thinking of joining a Waldorf playgroup with ds, as well as considering a Waldorf education. I have a few questions...

Has anyone attended, or is attending the Waldorf Playgroup, if so, how is it and would you recommend it?

Is it hard to get into a Waldorf School? I see a lot of posts from parents who either have had their children in a Waldorf school or still do, but there are so few Waldorf schools, I was wondering what the admission process is like.

How are they about vax's? I thought I read somewhere they don't require them.


lilybug's Avatar lilybug 07:37 PM 01-31-2002
Our local co-op hosted a playgroup put on by the local Waldorf school. It was for babies 2 and under. We enjoyed it immensly.
It was light, fun, great for meeting other moms and babes, learning experience and it was free!
We came at 9:30... there was free play for the babies with assorted natural toys lying about and mats for them to crawl on.
The moms chatted.... at about 10 the craft table was set up and was open to whomever wanted to craft.
At 10:30 we cleaned up the crafts and toys. We got our our little pillows and arranged them in a circle for circle time. We sang, danced and just had fun. Then we put our pillows away and brought out a little floor table. It was set with a real tablecloth, cloth napkins and small wood bowls. A fruit salad and a sweet bread was laid out and we snacked. ( Every week a mom brings a sweet bread.....muffins, fruit bread, strudel........ and everyone brings one piece of fruit that is cut up into a fruit salad). Then we cleaned up and sang a good bye song.
heartlight's Avatar heartlight 03:39 AM 02-02-2002
If the school has a choice in the matter, I suspect they will not require vaccinations. Waldorf theory does not push vaccines. If it is up to the State, they probably make you sign something saying you are opposed to vaccination. In Washington state, if your child is not vaccinated, the parent must sign a certificate and I believe it says that in the event of an outbreak of something that you need to keep your kid home that week. I don't know what other states require.

We attended a parent tot class when my daughter was two. I'm not sure if it differs from a playgroup. If you want to know more about that, let me know!
organicmama's Avatar organicmama 07:10 AM 02-03-2002
I took my sons to a parent/tot group last year & we loved it! I learned SO much & met some really neat mamas. I would highly recommend checking it out. We found it to be very...nourishing.