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cam's mama's Avatar cam's mama 12:59 AM 12-06-2006

We just moved to the metrowest area outside of Boston. We moved from San Francisco. We are trying to decide where to settle around here and schools are a huge issue for us. Our oldest will start kindergarten next fall. We love the Waldorf philosophy but have decided not to send our children to private school. So we are interested in public schools that have some social conciousness and (possibly, we hope) some alternative teaching methods with room for exploration. I would love to hear peoples experiences if you have any to share.

Thanks! Deb

GearGirl's Avatar GearGirl 10:30 PM 12-06-2006
Hi. I can't really answer your question, but I just wanted to encourage you to also post in finding your tribe - massachusetts, you will probably get lots of people who know about this there! Good luck, we moved from Boston to SF Bay area, so we did your move in reverse. I hope to be back in Boston one day.
karen ann's Avatar karen ann 12:21 PM 12-07-2006
Here is a listing (with links) of charter schools in Massachusetts. Some of them are better than others so you really need to research.

I have DS just in the regular town public schools because the local charter school here doesn't have a very good record. I don't think test scores are the end-all-be-all (not by a long shot), but some of the scores in mathematics and sciences are just so abysmally low that it gives me pause (especially since DS is interested in sciences and at 6 has already decided he wants to get into meteorology. If I can send him to an alternative school, I think he'd do better in one with a stronger math/science leaning. I wish there was one closer by that did offer these things. I can not afford private school unfortunately.).