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pottermamma's Avatar pottermamma 08:13 PM 05-03-2003
Hi, I'm looking into Waldorf School for my 2 1/2 yr old, and/or homeschooling in a Waldorf style. What books would you recommend by Mr Steiner???? When I looked on Amazon there were SOOOOO many. And I'd like to read some that aren't just about schooling children either, some of his more philosophical.religious books also. I originally posted this over in the books, music etc forum, but haven't gotten a response yet. Can you all help?????? TIA

BathrobeGoddess's Avatar BathrobeGoddess 09:10 PM 05-03-2003
Many of Steiner's books are translated talks he gave to anthroposifical (sp?) groups. Recoving man in childhood is required reading fro waldorf teachers in training right off the bat. I also have The Essential Steiner. If you are wondering about waldorf education please read Torin Finser's School as a Journey. It is about taking a class from 1st-8th. Fantastic!
khrisday's Avatar khrisday 09:48 PM 05-03-2003
I would recommend You Are Your Child's First Teacher rather than starting with Steiner's works.
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge and Waldorf Education: A Guide for the Family are also good.
Queen Gwen's Avatar Queen Gwen 10:17 PM 05-03-2003
Check out for consumer reviews of various and sundry books on Waldorf, etc. If you look around on the waldorfresources site you'll also find lists of bookstores such as the Steiner College Bookstore...if you're a book-a-holic you'll get all swoony at the selection (Amazon will look like slim-pickins indeed!). Also, somewhere in there at Waldorf Resources is the info for a Steiner library you can join and use to check out books. It was $25 per year. I've never used it, but it would be well worth it if you're looking for a variety of books -- apparently the librarians will do subject searches for you.
pottermamma's Avatar pottermamma 12:26 PM 05-06-2003
Thanks for the recommendations guys!!!!

Krisday ~ that book is on my list, you recommended it to me in another thread, and it wounds wonderful!!!! I am really wanting to get a feel for Rudolf Steiner and why he began the schools and what his philosophy is about children

Queen Gwen ~ I'll definately check out that site, but can I handle even more options ~ I'm already horrible at making decisions!!!!!!!

Bathrobe Goddess ~ I'll check out those books too ~ and I see you are getting married this Saturday ~ Happy Wedding!!!!!!

Some of the ones that struck me are
Rhythms of Learning: What Waldorf Ed offers Children
The essentials of Education
The Edcuation of the Child
Goddess from Natura to the Divin Sophia
Christianity as mystical fact and the mysteries of Antiquity
The 5th Gospel from the Akashic Relm

Anyone ever read any of these????? What did you think???? Thanks again for the help everyone